The Dumb LEFT Have No Idea


Does The Left Really Think They Can Disrespect, Cheat & Piss Off MORE Than 74-Million Patriots Without Consequence?

Do The Punks Of Antifa & Black Lives Matter Really Think They’re Impervious To Retribution? And Do the Something-For-Nothing Bunch Believe They’ll Really Get What is Not Theirs from the People who’ve Earned what they Have . . . And What The Scroungers Want For Free?

How Long do these Miscreants think they can Get Away with Smashing, Looting, Burning and Intimidating Before their Number’s-Up?


The Proud Boys Aren’t My Cup Of Tea . . . But They’re Nothing Like The Media Describes.

The Proud Boys Aren’t Racist, since they are Open to Men of All Color with Many Black Supporters. They are Not Anti-Semites, since there are Plenty of Jews who are Members. And they are not Homophobic, since they have No Issues with Gays & Lesbians as long as Everyone keeps their Sexuality to themselves, knowing that if you were Born with a Male Appendage . . . You’re A Man – Otherwise You’re A Woman & There’s Nothing In-Between Worth Promoting.

While It Is True . . . That Proud Boys Is A 100% Proud Male-Only Club, it is Equally True that Proud Boys have Female Groups as Well . . . Besides – What’s So Wrong With Either Men Or Women Wanting To Have Their Own Gender Clubs?

The Reason the LEFTIST Media Puppets Hate the Proud Boys & Smear them with the Stain of White Supremacy & Neo Nazism, is Solely to Delegitimize a Group which is Diametrically Opposed to their LEFTIST Philosophy Towards their One World Socialist Government, where Proud Boys Stand For Old Time American Values & America First, Who Also Want To Physically Kick The Living Crap Out-Of Antifa & Black Lives Matter.


I Truly Think The LEFT Believe . . . They can Disparage More than Half the American People (Conservatives All) Without any Backlash, because for Generations, the LEFT Have had it their Own Way, because Conservatives Played-Nice, While Taking Kick After Kick To The Proverbial Groin.

The LEFT Learned in School Over Multiple Generations, Beginning from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade-School & University, that there are No Consequences for their Actions. They Learned about SAFE SPACES . . . Even though – In the Real World, Safe Spaces are Nothing More than an Illusion.

They Learned That America Is A Socialist “Democracy” Opposed To A Constitutional Republican Meritocracy.


The LEFT Spent Decades Packing The Courts . . . to the Point where there is No Fairness in the Courts. There’s No such thing as Blind Lady Justice. And the Supreme Court Views the Constitution as a Document of Suggestions . . . to be Twisted Anyway a Supreme Court Justice Desires.

The More Gray A Society Introduces Into Its Laws . . . The More Lawless A Society Becomes.

At One Point . . . Justice Becomes Injustice For The Masses, where the Average Man & Woman Face Different Laws & Penalties than Do the Privileged . . . the Wealthy, the Well Connected, the Politicians & Friends of the Politicians.

How Long Do You Think The People Will Take This Before The People Will Take It No More?


If The LEFT Knew Some History . . . They Would Know That It Will Eventually Be Their Heads Beneath “Madame” Guillotine.

The Stupid LEFT . . . Think They’re the Proletariat in a Romanticized Cultural/Class-War Against the Bourgeoisie . . . When in all Reality, the LEFTIST Fools Don’t Realize They’re the Tools of The New World Bourgeoisie . . . The Political Ruling Masters, the Internationalist Bankers, Investors, Corporations, Big Tech & the Mainstream/Social Media.


The LEFT Would Know . . . That the Father of the French Revolution – Robespierre, who was Most Responsible for the 10-Year French Reign Of Terror in the Name of Social Justice, Wound-Up Under the Guillotine, Which was Robespierre’s own Tool of Mass Murder.


The Stupid Fools Of Antifa, Black Lives Matter . . . And the Useful Idiots who Cheer these Creeps-On from Academia & LEFTIST Politicians . . . Don’t Yet Realize that the Rumbling is About to Turn into a Political Earthquake, that will Consume all the Swamp Creatures, Including “Republican Sell-Outs” – Who Better Start Running for Cover, Because, Once this “Busts-Open” . . . They’ll Be Able to Run – But They’ll Have Nowhere To Hide.


Maybe The Left Think Conservatives Will Demonstrate Themselves Into Some Form Of Political Fatigue . . . They Should Rethink.


This Will NOT Be The First Time In History . . . When an Arrogant Government and a Privileged Class of Limousine Liberals – Seriously Misjudged the Mood of the People and Had No Plan or Vision for the Unintended Consequences.

For The LEFT Who Think They Won Something Through Cheating . . . What They’ve Won, Was More Than 74-Million Very Angry Enemies.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Assuming Biden is confirmed, do you think the working class Trump supporters are going to idly sit by and accept his appointments? Now talking Cuomo for AG, Rice for some important role, Kerry (worse than Hanoi Jane in my opinion), as Climate Czar, and many more leftist loons! Unbelievable! I think a Great Awakening is coming, and it won’t be pretty. But the just will prevail against evil.

  2. If nothing else can get the left to stop and admit that they think they won by voter fraud. The good people of America are not going to put up with these crooked Democrats much longer, there could be a civil war which the Republicans will win. I think lots of Democrats will going prison and that is where they should be. I’m a firm believer that we need Martial Law till we get some rules on voting in an election. If Martial Law is declared the military will be in charge.

  3. Great article, Howard. Years ago I read a fantastic book titled ‘America’s Emerging Fascist Majority’. Foreboding and prescient. Today’s Demorrhoids are seizing power in Washington much like Hitler did in Berlin: Take control of the mass media, infiltrate and dominate a major political party, corrupt the youth and pretend to be the ultimate benefactors of the people. Today it would be appropriate to re-name the party the Fascicrats.

  4. Very good editorial. Am totally with you. Retired LtCol West suggests all conservative states form a new union. That would literally separate the west coast states & their sister states in east coast US, minus one or two in the south. The “reset” talked about started with Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He’s a different kind of Soros. Soros uses his wealth to manipulate internal systems of nations toward openness (OWO). Schwab likely figures he’ll be head of all.

  5. Would it be a different world if Only the self reliant Workers could Vote?– Workers meaning – those that Don’t get pay from government in any way whatsoever— Including private companies that rely only on the government for their revenues.

    That Would Be A Perfect World – HG:

  6. The Left don’t realize that Trump was actually on their side. Trump was not on the side of the elites so they disparaged him and turned the Left against him. The Left also don’t understand that censorship of views and information affects them as much or more than it does the Right. This is because conservatives understand they are being censored and know their info is being withheld. The Left do not understand this and they trust Google and CNN so they are more easily fooled and manipulated.

  7. I hope you are right, Howard but I fear you are not. I look at Canada and the twit we have as a PM – and yet the french in Quebec keep voting for him solely because he is french. They don’t seem to realize that he will destroy them as well as the rest of Canada. So I despair that the democrats in the US will ever figure out that, if they get what they think they want, they will end up with a whole lot of nothing-and a country that is no more.

  8. The managed to steal an election, take over and intimidate law enforcement and have amassed millions of dollar while keeping out of jail I don’t think they’re dumb. They’re DANGEROUS.

    The Nazis Were Dangerous Too . . . But Too Dumb To Win – HG:

  9. No truer words were ever spoken. Let those commie punks try their crap in upstate N.Y., There will be a lot of body bags needed, so we can send them back to the big sewer and De Blasio can bury them.

  10. The question Howard is when? When will the right get enough fed-up to rise up and fight? You told me not to lose hope in a private email but I am still in fear. How do we get to kick the butts of those crooked politicians to the curb when they will cheat at every election like the massive fraud we just had with the courts doing nothing? The way it looks now to me is the “right” bending over, take a swift kick in the ass by the left and after asking “Thank-you sir may I have another”. Please, NO!

  11. Excellent Editorial Howard !!! (as always) Besides “The Left” let us not forget that The UNITED STATES + CANADA and the so-called “Free World” have a vital enemy: CHINA !!! The best person to handle this “enemy” is none other than PRESIDENT TRUMP. Too bad we are in the situation we’re in right now. As for Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, the only thing this idiot can be counted on is to go to the U.N. and vote against ISRAEL. This crazy world of ours has gone “Egg-Roll” (moo-goo-guy-crap) !!!

  12. Howard we Jews are celebrating Chanukah a holiday prescient to events happening today. The Maccabees had to fight a more powerful nation and the RINOS of their day and, there were many. However, they prevailed. We modern Maccabees in both the US and Canada must not waver and have the faith that our patriotism is true and founded in the founding works of our nations. We will prevail. God is on the side of righteousness..

  13. Howard, another home run, but IMHO, most conservative Christians have been brainwashed by the Christian clergy to be complete pacifists who are willing to accept any politician if they publicly advocate submission to avoid conflict. What has happened? I have read the Bible from cover to cover eight times. Nowhere does it tell us Christians to cower in our basements instead of standing up to evil.

  14. There is more than enough evidence of foreign interference in this election that President Trump could use his September 12, 2018 executive order to deal with foreign interference in a US election. This would give him the power to seize assets, freeze accounts and other things, impound the Dominion Voting machines. He can even appoint a special prosecutor (just not Durham) to look into this. I have nothing against BLM & Antifa members getting their heads pounded in, but let’s try this 1st.

  15. I agree with Teri Newman from Belleville ILL they are not dumb HG none of them are in jail as they long ago should be. They are all bad evil people and the devil himself is with them. As he said the Nazi were Dangerous, this group of them are dangerous but yet still dumb enough not to win yet. Go President Trump Go!!!! Them that our Lord is stronger and more mighty than they will ever be and that He will keep Trump as President. We all best pray. Take care Howard and Anne God be with you

  16. Folks of the Left be careful of what you wish for, The BS of Biden will effect us all. I was at a local Stop The Steal Rally on Sat. their was about 350+ weapon carrying Conservatives of all walks of life. They were Pissed but no destruction happened, the few Libs that showed up to counter us left quickly after a few FUs were shared. This is Atlas Shrugged and 1984 rolled into one. Civil War will happen when Biden brings in the UN to take our weapons, Sorry from my Cold Dead Hands. Defend free

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