Freedom Of Expression Or No Freedoms At All


The First Amendment . . . Is the First Amendment Because the Founders of the American Constitution Understood that all Freedoms Begin at the Door to Freedom of Expression, where the Open & Unfettered Exchange of Individual Religious Belief, Religious Practice, Thought, Opinion & Association Should Never Be Hindered Nor Forced-Upon by Government.


Throughout North America . . . We should have Seen & Heard the Challenge Years Ago, as our Institutions of Propaganda (Learning) from High School through University have Promoted the Philosophy of Safe Spaces & Violent Opposition to the Speech of Others, which were Different or Contrary to the Ideas of What Can Only be Described as those of the Mob.


PRO-NAZI PASTOR . . . Martin Niemoller Wrote After WWII – After Serving Detention in a Nazi Concentration Camp for Falling Out Of Favor with Adolf Hitler “. . . And There Was No-One Left To Speak For Me”.

We Should Have Heard The Warning Bells . . . As Governments & Businesses Embarked Upon a Course of Picking Winners & Losers – For Example; who will Get the Job, the Promotion, the Place in Education – Etc . . . NOT based on Quality & Merit, But Rather On Race & Gender.

I Won’t Go Into The Litany Of Things We Closed Our Eyes & Ears To . . .

What is Happening Around the World Today is Not Organic Or All-Of-A-Sudden, Nor is it Simply a Development by Happenstance. What we are Witnessing Today is an Intentional Overreach and the DEATH of our Most Treasured (Constitutional) Freedom, which is Freedom of Expression, Through Which All Of Our Other Treasured Freedoms Flow.

Where in the American Constitution or the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Does it Empower for Whatever Reason, the Right of Mayors, Governors, Provincial Premiers or the President of the United States of America or the Prime Minister of Canada to Arbitrarily Revoke (Take-Away) the Right of People to Peacefully Assemble at a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or Anywhere Else?

Yet . . . In Montreal, During the Closing Minutes of the Jewish High Holiday (Yom Kippur), while Montreal Jews were Atoning Before God for their Sins, the Montreal Police Entered a Synagogue (Chabad Cote St Luc) During Prayer . . . SHUT IT DOWN & DISPERSED THE PRAYING JEWS.

In New York State & New York City – Cuomo, the Governor of New York State Singled-Out Jews for Special Treatment if they Didn’t Follow Cuomo’s Orders. And in New York City, Mayor DeBlasio put a Kibosh on all Jewish Gatherings, to the Extent of Padlocking Playgrounds where Jewish Children Went to Play.

If This Isn’t Chilling . . . What Is?

But This Isn’t Just About Jews . . . Since these Draconian Edicts Take-Away Everyone’s Rights, which the Government in Power, Arbitrarily Decides who has the Right to Congregate and who Doesn’t have that Right, such as Who has the Right to Demonstrate & Riot, while Dictating that People of their Decision, Do Not have the Right to Pray in the House of Worship of their Choice. Let Alone Demonstrate Against The Government’s Abuse of Power.


What I Believe To Be More Terrifying Are The People Who Willingly Comply.

I Can’t Speak (Write) about other Cultures & Ethnicities, but I Can Speak about More than 6-Million Jews who Complied to Democratic Government Edicts, which Disenfranchised an Entire Subset of a Nation Because of their Religion.

I Can Speak (Write) about More than 6-Million Jews in Nazi Europe & Many More Million Non-Jews, who Closed their Eyes to Government Overreach, by Conceding their Rights in the Name of Following the Law . . .

In This Context . . . WHOSE LAW?

Dr Fauci’s Law? Pelosi’s Law? Schumer’s Law? Adam Schiff’s Law? Jerry Nadler’s Law? Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Law? Rashida Tlaib’s Law? Ilhan Omar’s Law? Biden’s Law, Kamala Harris’s Law? . . . WHOSE LAW?


WHOSE SCIENCE? . . . How is it that Some Scientists & Doctors who are Favored for their Opinions by the Government are More Factual & Believable than Scientists of Equal or Greater Repute who Have Competing Views & Arguments?


When We Hear Or Read The Polls Which Favor What The Government Wants Us To Believe . . . WHOSE POLLS?

Barack Hussein Obama Famously Said Over & Over Again About Global Warming . . . The Science Is Settled. Here’s a News Flash for all the People who Bought the Obama Propaganda . . . SCIENCE IS NEVER SETTLED. But the LEFT Wants Everyone to Believe in Spite of Tremendous Scientific Opposition, that the Science of the China Flu is Settled . . . Which It Is Not.

If The Science Is So Settled . . . Why Does Fauci, The CDC & WHO Keep Changing Their Opinions & Edicts?

For The First Time Ever . . . I See Doom & Gloom On The Horizon . . . Without an Off-Ramp, since the LEFT Seem to Believe that this is their Very Best Chance, they will Ever Have, to Create their Dystopic Socialist (Communist) One World Government Regardless of How Evil they Believe They Will Have To Stoop To Get What They So Desperately Want.


Hillary Clinton . . . Who Long After Assuming that Clinton was Just another Dishonest Person and Corrupt Politician – I Believe Now . . .That Hillary Clinton Is Amongst The Most Evil People On The Planet – Man Or Woman, which is a Glass Ceiling Clinton has Shattered . . . to the Point, where all of us Should Take the Advice Clinton Gave to Biden . . . But In Reverse.

Don’t Let Freedom Be Stolen By “Democratic” Tyranny . . . We Better Do All That Is Necessary To Win!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One areas of history I find staggering is just how a historically Judeo-Christian nation like Germany (where the Protestant Reformation started) could somehow be duped into the rampant, vicious, lethal anti-Semititic philosophies/policies of the Nazis. I’m an advocate that that era of history with all its disgusting and revolting ugliness must be studied continually forever so to avoid any kind of repeat of such a situation. And this kind of stuff is exactly how it starts – against ANYone.

  2. I am 61 years old and have NEVER been so afraid in my life. I worry for the future of democracy. Hate the media more than ever and distrust the politicians more than ever. I really do not understand the human race and I pray for the future generation. What more can I say.

  3. The mere fact that any normal person follows the present day Democrats or concurs on any level with the radical left, shows that they are completely misled and brainwashed. There is NOTHING of any value offered by the left or the Democrats today that is any real benefit to the common citizen. It is just a whole lot of hogwash that benefits only the leftist elite. Anything else they say is an outright lie..

  4. If the nuts in N.Y. close the Synagogues they are more insane that they can be, It is hard to believe and understand all that News station mostly Fox I watch only are telling the truth, I believe Sean Hannity & Tucker Carlson. I do like Glen Beck as well. As for as all of this going on all I can say is God please help us here we have not listened to you once again. For Hillary C. this woman needs more prayers than we can all give her. For she has the Devil riding her like mad. Prayers Howard .

  5. Me, what I can’t understand is why some sheeples are more easily brainwashed than others. It’s not only average sheeples that are in this category but also highly educated sheeples. All divisions right now seem to be 50% for the real truth and 50% for the fantasy truth that is being laid-out by most politicians and the fake news leftist lamestream media. The right is just to quiet while the left is making so much noise that they are awakening the dead. In the end, hopefully, truth wins the day.

  6. Howard, keep ring the warning bell. When I was in the 6th grade, the teacher taught that the Constitution was a living document. At the time, I was 11 and believed the pap. It was a few years and many life experiences later that I realized what she said was the progressive indoctrination. Be leave it or not, that was 70 years ago! The progressive have been infiltrating our schools for many years. May God bless you and your family. Jim Hornberger Lewisburg PA. USA

  7. We are watching the demise of America and our constitutional form of “gum-met.” We have been, very deliberately morphed, from a Republic into a democracy over the past 100 + years. By definition, democracy equates to MOB RULE. In conjunction, our very foundation —- our educational system —- has been teaching pro-socialism and anti-capitalism for decades. All thanks to John Dewy and Howard Zinn. Further, history teaches that all empires come to the end of their life-cycle. Are we there

  8. Great points Howard. We have an education system that has denigrated, and removed the history of WWII, Hitler. the Holocaust, North Korea, Mao Tse Tung and even the Cold war. The education system is now backed by an MSM whose under 30 Journalist’s have never heard the truth about evils of Nazi Fascism, Communism, and the Dictators of the 20th century. But all the forgoing have undergone indoctrination in school that somehow free speech is responsible for the worlds ills…ask any Imam.

  9. How many teachers served in the Military, very few. Many not all used education as a way to dodge the draft or military serve. I quit college to serve it was the best education I could have received. For a mass majority of people the only thing they have ever served is themselves in the food lines. Hitler was a bad person a hater, so is Hillary Clinton, she will never be brought to justice for her many crimes. Abortion is necessary in some cases, rape, not as population control as is now

  10. Authorities allow demonstrations/marches because the crowds are difficult to control & there is not jail space to arrest them all. Church folks generally abide by laws & directives so easier to ‘control’. Not to mention the battle s now a non-moralistic, non-ethical war against all who teach moral & ethical living – Christians. So that is where our society (and world) are now.

  11. My parents came here from England in 1948 with two sons, a 2yr and a 1yr old. The courage that took to leave everyone behind. My dad was a brick layer my mom, a mom. I have two other brothers. My dad worked days and went to school nights. I was knocked out twice in my life, both times for talking back. My dad took me to work at 13yrs old. I have three middle age children and three grandchildren. We love each other. I see Trump loving this country the way I do. Maybe we’ll meet one day. Keep goin

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