This Too Will Be Defeated


He Beat The 2016 Sexual Defamations. His Boys Beat the Unfounded Conspiracy Allegations Against them. Then He Beat the Russia Hoax. Then He Beat the Anti-Kavanaugh Mudslingers. Then He Beat the Phony Ukraine Impeachment Charges. He’s Made Minced-Meat out of the Media . . . AND NOW HE’LL BEST THIS CHINA VIRUS.

HL Mencken Famously Wrote . . . “Nobody Ever Went Broke Underestimating The Taste Of The American People”.

If Mencken Was Alive Today . . . He Would Probably Say – No One Ever Won Diddly-Squat Underestimating Donald Trump, Because, in the Final Analysis, that’s Exactly what the Media, the LEFT, and the Democrats have Been Doing – For The Past 5-Years.

1-Year Into The 2016 Election & 4-Years Doing All They Could To Bring About A “Trump” Coup D’état . . . What Did It Get Them?

TRUMP HAS THE CHINA VIRUS . . . as if that’s the End of Trump – Listening to the Mainstream Media, which after the Chris Wallace Debate Debacle more than Includes Fox News as Part of the Mainstream Media . . . I Heard Wallace on Fox News as Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I were Driving Across Manitoba today (October 2, 2020) – while Wallace Spoke like a Grade School Teacher Chastising President Trump for Not Wearing a Mask – while Biden Does – Whoop-De-Doo.

How’s That For A Reason For The LEFT To Crow & Chris Wallace Amongst Others To Gleefully Say – I Told You So.


In Quebec & Ontario, we were Doing Pretty Well with this Horrible Virus UNTIL Quebec & Ontario MANDATED (Forced) the Citizens of each Province to Wear Masks, and all of a Sudden, as People Complied –  There Emerged a Surge of China Virus Positive Cases in Both Provinces, while Both Provinces are Once Again Teetering on a Second Shutdown. And in the Case of Quebec, it’s already Happened.

Ask Yourself This . . . Before the Masks Quebec & Ontario were on the Mend – With the Mandatory Masks, Quebec & Ontario Are Going Back Into Lock-down . . . Go Figure That Out.


But If I Was Going To Lay Money On The Outcome Of This Situation, Here’s What I Would Bet.

I Would Bet . . . that Donald Trump will Emerge from his Treatments & Quarantine to the Euphoria of President Donald Trump’s Supporters (Base) and the People who Say They’re in the Middle, Non-Committal & Not Yet Decided, all of Whom will Vote “Trump” . . . And Show Once Again to President Trump’s Enemies that they can Throw Everything at Him Including the Kitchen Sink . . . And President Donald Trump Will Throw It All Back At His Enemies . . . BUT TWICE AS HARD!

If I were Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer – Etc . . . I wouldn’t be Too Quick to Spike the Football & Send in the Crew to Measure the Drapes in the White House.

In The Final Analysis . . . The Whole Democrat Team are Leading America to Socialist Ruination – And all the People are Not that Totally Stupid so as Not to See who & What The Democrats Are . . .

WHAT THE LEFT HOPE THE PEOPLE DON’T GET . . . Is that this Isn’t about “Trump” – This is about Saving America from the Communists who call Themselves Democratic Socialists – And The People Get It.

And As A True Conservative . . . I Don’t Give-Up & I Don’t Stop Fighting until I Hear & See the Fat Lady Sing . . . And I Haven’t Heard her Dulcet Tones Yet – Have You?

Once This New Challenge Is Done . . . If You Think You’ve Seen Something – Wait For It . . . Cause We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Greetings and safe driving, HG: My tidbit to the conversation is just how condescending Chris Mathews was towards the President… like a grammar school teacher chastising his student! And Sleepy Joe? He let slip the “SHUT UP MAN” and referred to the President as a CLOWN!!! His loose lips prove that JOE BIDEN cannot be trusted to act civil and respectful of the Office of the President and DOESN’T DESERVE TO OCCUPY IT!!!

  2. Spot on Howard. Trump like a true champion will beat the “china” virus. Thank you for your dedication, resilience. God bless you in your endeavors. RC&SunA

  3. I like the way you put things. I am a conservative as well as you, and I will respect liberals ( Democrats ) as long as they are respectful to conservations, which they are not. When they lose they tend moan, some even riot in the streets. Like I once said to a liberal, YOU BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY AS LONG AS I agree with you. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Canada

  4. G-d bless President Trump…please give him the strength to care-on and overcome the virus and the enemies of freedom!

  5. Trump will win but, the Democrats will go crazy that if any of them have enough brains to go crazy with. I can tell you that lots of Democrats will go to jail mostly for lining their pockets with the taxpayers money.

  6. My local station (East Texas) reported President Trump is being taken to Walter Reed “out of an abundance of caution.” They said he would be in the Presidential Suite and able to conduct all presidential business from there. VP Pence said he will continue with his schedule as posted and pelosi is angry that no one called her to discuss continuation of power. If there has been no change in power why would anyone call pelosi?

  7. Know what I’m going to do? I am going to tune in on November the fourth and subsequent days… This observer does NOT underestimate the ability if the left-wing and the Dems to produce huge numbers of illegal mail-in ballots and legal tom-foolery to seriously affect the legitimacy of the November 3rd Federal election. Wanna bet? I will hold my opinions until the rancid chickens fly home to roost. There is nothing to see here that we have not seen before, except on a much bigger scale. Bet Ya.

  8. First of all safe driving you and family. Wallace was a disgrace to our President by letting Joe Biden tell him to shut up. I almost went through our T.V. when he said that one, and Wallace did not say anything to Biden about it. You are right Howard this is a Warrior who is fighting them and he will win this election. Dale from Indiana I do hope and pray for those who did wrong still go to jail. Howard and Anne also the cat too have a great trip. Be safe be well Be happy God Speed.


  10. The choice is simple on November 3rd and we will see if the American people are smart and do their homework or are they stupid and believe what the leftist fake news lamestream media tells them. Do you want a democratic republic or do want a communist government. The young people are lost already if they vote because they haven’t been taught about the soviet union and are not taught about what’s happening in venezuela right now. The older generation knows history and will vote accordingly.

  11. We fully agree. Yesterday we perused Fox News after the disclosure by the President. Fox published dozens of death wishes in their comment section while blocking retorts. I suspect but have no evidence that just as poison was sent to him maybe…. More was sent. Nevertheless with the King of all help All will be fine for the US and all of us.

  12. I love the way you go for the throat Howard, which is well deserved by the Dems. You tell it the way it is. I pray for our Dear President Trump, Melania, their family, and all who have this China Virus. May all have a speedy recovery. Howard I wish you, Anne, & April the Cat a safe trip. Be well and God Bless…

  13. If you really want to know your enemy, tune in now and then to NBC evening “news.” Lester Holt and his cohorts make every effort every evening to spend at least half of that show bashing Trump. Pejorative terms are thrown about freely, disguised as facts. That Trump has withstood this incredible BS from nearly all the lamestream media is a credit to America’s public, most of whom recognize the stench for what it is. Just be sure to vote, and vote in person to be sure your vote counts in Nov.!

  14. When Trump is cleared from his bout with the virus,, they should play ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ as a prelude to playing it again on 4 November.

  15. Everyone forgets to mention Stryer in their well wishes, here goes, wishing safe travels for Stryker too. All kidding aside. God takes care of His servents, Trump serves Him, Pelosi does not, she will never take over the reins. God will see us through this yet another crisis. May God continue blessing and protecting you, dear Howard & your family. Mary Bemis

  16. An audio from Germany about virus and testing. Said that almost all tests are garbage, because they can detect cold you had over a month ago which can raise tests $$$$ and provide high fake numbers, plus a lot of $$ for testers. Another way for them to put a hand in your wallet.

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