The Only Hope For The Constitutional Republic


OKAY . . . So Professional Black Basketball Players Earning Many Millions of Dollars Each, for Playing a Child’s Game are Teaching the White People of the United States of America & Canada a Lesson by NOT Fulfilling their Contract to “Play Ball”.

And That’s Supposed To Bother Me How?


I was Watching the Kenosha Police Chief, Sherriff & Major General of the Wisconsin National Guard Thank the People for Not Rioting Yesterday.

So Maybe The LEFT Has Something There . . . ?

If we Want to End the Black-On-Black Shootings, Murders, Beatings, Rapes, Thefts, Lootings & Arson, which has Swept-Up White Owned Business & Homes throughout so Many of the Democrat Controlled Cities & States, All The Authorities Have To Do Is Say Please & That Will Be That.

If I’m So Smart . . . Why Didn’t I Think Of It?

My Response To Rioters Would Be A Bit More Draconian – Including Police Ammunition (Live), Truncheons, Cuffs, Arrests & Prison.


It’s Easy . . . Put all Your Support Behind the Re-Election of Donald Trump, Primary-Out the RINOS, Do Whatever you Can to Elect as Many Conservative Republicans to the House & Senate . . . AND THEN DRAIN THE SWAMP!

As Long as Academia, the Politicians, Bureaucrats & Media are Not SEVERELY Held to Account for their Lies, Misdeeds & Incompetence . . . The Constitutional Republic Cannot Survive.


The Answer To Bad News-Overload . . . Is Stop Watching Most Of The News. Don’t Watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS or ABC Unless you Want to be Aggravated. And Stop Watching Fox News . . . After Fox & Friends, Perhaps Watch the Bret Baier News Program & Start Watching Fox Again for the Tucker Carlson Show, Sean Hannity & Laura Ingraham. Otherwise The Weekly Programming is BS.

I Watched The Republican Convention Speeches on Fox News Last Night (August 26, 2020), since I Unsubscribed from all the Other Networks & I Didn’t want to Watch over the Internet. And After Vice President Pence’s Acceptance Speech and the Surprise Visit of President Donald Trump with the First Lady, I Watched the Fox Election-Team Round-Up.

Fox & The RINOS Are No Friend Of “Trump’s” . . . Including Karl Rove.

What I Saw . . . Was a Group of People who Did all they Could from Not Puking on Live Television, because the Entire Republican “Trump” Presentation was so Fabulous.


I Apologize for Veering Away from the Purpose of Yesterday’s Editorial – to Veer-Off to my Rant About the Insulting Black Lives Matter Sign at Smoked Meat Pete’s.

The Owner/Manager of Smoked Meat Pete Emailed me Profusely Yesterday Evening, Wanting me to Call them or Have them Call me to Speak This Thing Through. For What Purpose Would I Want To Speak With Them?

They Did What They Did . . . I Wrote What I Wrote – Now Let Them Do What They Want.

Four Points Of Interest.

1 – Whether Smoked Meat Pete Removes that Sign or Not . . . His Self-Inflicted Damage has been Done. I & None of the People I Reach who Live within Driving Distance of Smoked Meat Pete will Ever Eat there Again.

1 – Anne & I Didn’t Want to Eat at Smoked Meat Pete After Seeing the Black Lives Matter Sign, but our Lunch Guest was Really Looking forward to Having our Traditional Smoked Meat Meal Together, where She, Her Late Husband, Anne & I Always Enjoyed Each Other’s Company.

2 – The Restaurant Industry in Quebec & Ontario is such, that there are very Few Alternative Choices.  So We Stayed In Honor Of Our Guest & Her Late Husband.

3 – I also just Read in a National Canadian Newspaper (National Post), that the Restaurant Industry in Canada, because of the China Virus is Three Months Away from Mass Bankruptcies, Which I Believe Is Only Partially True.


What I Believe . . . Is that Before the China Virus, Restaurant Meals In Canada had Become so Outlandishly Expensive, that Anne, I and all of our Friends Came to Individual Decisions NOT to Eat out that Much.

In Essence . . . Our Friends, Including Anne & I Started Eating Far More at Home than Going-Out to get Ripped-Off, where What we Cooked at Home was Really Good at a Fraction the Cost of What we Had to Pay, for Restaurant Meals.


I Had More Than Enough of Paying STUPID PRICES for Food that I Could just as Easily Cook at Home, which was Fresher, Healthier & Literally a Fraction the Price to Feed as Many as 6-People at my Dining Table, Than it Cost just Anne & Myself to Eat in a Restaurant. No Gas to Get to the Restaurant, No Bill, No Tax, No Tip. And Even if I Say-So Myself . . . I’m A Really Good Cook.

With The Money Anne & I Are Saving From Not Eating-Out Much . . . I Was Able To Buy A 22” Blackstone Griddle.

As I See It . . . The Writing was Already on the Wall for the Restaurant Industry; the China Virus Only Sped-Up the Inevitable. I Believe that Many Restaurants will Fail, but it will Also be Because their Infrastructure Costs Were & Are Too High (Rent, Raw Costs of Food, Food Preparation, Insurances, Light, Heat, Electricity, Employees – Etc. Too Many People are Trying to Make Too Much Money at all Ends of the Meal, Which Translates Into The Ridiculous Costs Charged To The Diners.

But Not All Restaurants Will Fail.

Specialty Restaurants & Restaurants that Provide Good-Tasting Affordable Meals Will Hang-In. New Restaurants will Spring-Up as Old Restaurants Fail. And the Companies & People Responsible for the Outlandish Infrastructure Costs Listed Above, will Either Go-Out of Business themselves, or Finally Realize . . . That Their Greed is Killing The Goose Laying The Golden Eggs.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, can you view the One America News Network where you live? We’re watching the RNC on that channel and it’s wonderful. No interruptions. I love your editorials and appreciate the truth you speak. Emma

  2. Shopping, even moreso today than during the pandemic, FOOD prices rising dramatically. I shop for myself & estimate my grocery spending has close to doubled since the pandemic started. Seems to me there is an attempt to make up for the losses suffered by stores by increasing prices substantially. Lockdown, 6ft & masks has done times more damage to people & business than the virus. The remarkable thing is the population is so submissive, unbelievable, obedience. Big Brother is winning 1984/2020

  3. Liberals, big corps, and politicians have been ‘destroying the goose that lays the golden egg’ for some time. Like you said, covid has brought out that fact, esp as the Dems are high on control, until those golden eggs are not produced anymore. I don’t doubt Dem states up north and out west will see a high number of their citizens escaping for states where common sense is practiced (conservative, Repub). Just hope they don’t bring their liberal mindset with them as those from CA did to CO & TX.

  4. The NBA is doubling down on stupid. Those rich players have forgotten from where they come. By their actions the up and comming players are screwed. Just shows that just like the BLM mantra, they are only in it for themselves.

  5. Just announced that the NHL has followed the NBA and their players will not play tonight’s scheduled games. This is ridiculous. These idiots get payed millions of dollars to play games, they don’t get it, they’re entertainers, the role of sports is to give us a break from the day to day crap, a distraction from the grind. The China Flu lockdown clearly illustrated just how unimportant pro athletes and other entertainers really are. Short answer, they’re NOT!

  6. The costs of meals in many restaurants are astronomical. We visited the famous hotel yesterday in Waterton International Peace park planning on high tea and crumpets. That was cancelled abruptly when the price per adult was noted: $32.00. On the other hand the cost of pro sports tickets, snacks and drinks, make restaurant meal costs pale into insignificance. On top of outrageous prices, the pro sports people are also good at offending their fan base with stupid actions and remarks.

  7. 99% of the people supporting the NBA and NFL are the white’ evil’ people that the black players are protesting against, it’s time to rebel and stop supporting those unskilled prima-donnas, I know I did.

  8. Thanks again My thoughts exactly! You are the only sane Person I know that has the Left in the right place Drain the swamp is Right! Trump 2020 ! and lets do it here in Canada. Trudeau has been a disaster! Please Tell Little Justin Trudeau to please Clean himself up, He is starting to look like a Street Person!

  9. So, now Major League Baseball and NHL Hockey have bought into this BLM hype. Why don’t we ever hear about the Black on Black crime. That is the real problem. How many Blacks were killed by other Blacks this past weekend in Chicago for example? Not a word from BLM. Those involved, plus so called sports celebrities, like Evander Kane, are total hypocrites and clueless as to reality. I have no respect for any of them! Go Trump Go!

  10. As you and Anne do not go out to eat we have come to that ourselves. One to costly and food not all that great as it is at home when you get it fresh and stem and bake it in the oven or Crock Pot I thought Vice President spech was wonderful last night & when Trump is no longer President would not mind seeing him run for it himself. But that is getting ahead of myself, take each day as we are blessed to have. Hope you and Anne & kitty have a nice evening and day tomorrow. Gods blessings to you.

  11. I read all of your mail. Unfortunately I have only been able to send you $50 once a long time ago. My comment today is to let you know what is happening to your emails to me….they have been ending up in my trash folder all of a sudden a week ago. I empty or delete my Junk folder without looking them over. I do go through my trash folder to make sure before I delete all. I found your blogs in my trash folder and had to retrieve each one. Another example of the left media trying to stop you.

  12. One America News Network is my news go-to. They are serious journalists going for the truth without bias. You can find them online too at OANN and then the rest of the standard internet code. Do a search, I can’t post the link.

  13. I live in California and we have some of the highest taxes in the U.S.A. Several years ago my employer sent me to the Toronto area for training. The first night there a group of us employees went out to dinner. I was a little shocked to see my bill had two different taxes on it and the amount they totalled up to. I enjoyed my visit to Canada, but the taxes are crazy there.

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