A Referendum On America


I Didn’t Write Yesterday (August 20, 2020), because I was Really Under the Weather. As Many of you Probably Know, I’m a Type II Diabetic – But I’m also Somewhat Overweight, and about 7-Years Ago I had a Small Stroke with a 99% Recovery and as a Result I am on Several Different Types of Medication Including Plavix, which is a Blood Thinner.

I was Scheduled to have some Dental Work Done Late Yesterday Afternoon. And to have it Done, I had to be Off the Blood Thinner (Plavix) for 5-Days Prior to the Dental Work.

SO HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED . . . In my Last Blood Test – More than a Month Ago – My Blood Sugars were Precipitously High, Mostly because I Gained Considerable Weight, because like Almost all of Us, the China Virus Restricted Many Types of Activities. And Because of it All – I felt the Increase in my Blood Sugars through my Body – Sluggishness, Weight Over My Eyes, Fatigue – Etc.

I Also Have To Confess That I Was Eating Poorly On Top Of It All.

SO – I Decided to Get Serious, and for one Month (Still Ongoing) I Cut-Out all Carbohydrates (Bread) and all Forms of Junk & Comfort Food. And Lo & Behold, in the Space of Just One Month, I Lost 15-Pounds. And as I Checked Today, my Blood Sugars were Normal.


Because I Lost so Much Weight so Quickly, and Because I went off the Plavix & Because I Stress Non-Stop over Politics (American, Canadian, Israeli – Etc), and Because of the Violence throughout Democrat-Led American Cities (Also Leaking Into Canada), and Because I Put so Much into Research & Writing, and Because Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Most Probably will Not be Able to spend this Winter in the United States . . . And Because this BLOG  (Galganov.com) has been Dealing with a Torrent of Hacker Assaults . . . The Stress Got To Me.


I Needed To Know What To Do Medically . . . I Was Too Dizzy & Nauseous to go to the Dentist. And I wanted to Know what to Do about Not Taking The Plavix, and if Not Taking the Plavix was the Reason for the Way I Felt . . . Simple Enough For A Family Doctor To Answer?

It would be Simple Enough for a Doctor to Answer, if There Was an Available Doctor who Knew my History to Answer it. But in the Era of Free Medicine, which Isn’t all that Free, there are Not enough Doctors who are Readily Available to offer Help & Advice . . . And I’m Not Certain If Tele-Medicine Isn’t Just One Step Down From Internet Medicine.


There Was No Way I Felt Good Enough To Be Driven To The Local Hospital. And there was No Way that I Wanted to Sit for Hours Waiting My Turn in the Emergency Ward. What Anne & I Finally Did . . . was to Contact our Pharmacist, Not For Advice, but Rather for Information on Certain Deleterious Effects of Not Taking Plavix.

And if my Pharmacist Knew if Taking Gravol (Over-The-Counter Dizziness & Nauseous Pill) would be a Problem with my Other Medications. Thank God For My Pharmacist – But That’s Not The Way It’s Supposed To Work.

I Rested Yesterday . . . Watched some News, Read some Websites, and by Late Afternoon I Started to Come Around. Sitting on a Recliner, I Napped until Biden’s Acceptance Speech, so that when I Watched-It, I would be Fully Awake & Aware of Everything Biden had to Say.


1 – Like Just About Everyone Else . . . I was Waiting for Biden to Screw Something-Up. And Except for One Time, as Biden Stared at the TelePrompter like a Deer Caught Staring at the Headlights of an Oncoming Car, Biden Read What Others Wrote For Him.

2 – As Expected, the LEFTIST Media, Including the Fox News Pundits Were-All-A-Gaga over Biden’s Great Words & His Delivery.

3 – But I Wasn’t Impressed . . . How Could I be Impressed with about 30-Minutes of Bafflegab, when the Greatest Expectation for Biden Wasn’t what Biden Had to Say, but Rather, that Biden was Able to Say it Without a Major Screw-Up, In Biden’s Heavily Rehearsed – Phony Soft Obama-Type Voice.

4 – What I Heard In Biden’s Acceptance Speech Was Platitudinal . . . A Lecture on How Bad America Is – How Bad Trump Is – How Evil All The People Must Be Who Voted For Trump – But Biden Was Going To Fix It All . . . How? Biden Didn’t Say.

I Don’t Remember If Biden Said This Last Night . . . But I Heard Biden say it Recently, How Exceptional America Is – But I also Clearly Remember Biden’s Boss (Obama) Telling the Entire World on One or More of his Apology Tours . . . That America Is Not An Exceptional Country, yet Biden Kisses the Ground Obama Walks-On.

I Fear that Enough Americans have Become so Dumbed-Down by Academia and the Media . . . that Many of them will Buy this LEFTIST Claptrap without Understanding that Platitudes are Nothing More than Words with Empty Value.


Biden and the LEFT can use Whatever Amount of Empty Slogans (Verbiage) & Words to Try & Convince the Voters that America has Become a Dystopian Society Bereft of a Decent Future & Values Under the Presidency of Donald Trump, when in Reality, No Matter How Hard the Mainstream Media & Social Media Try to Shield the People from the Truth . . . The Truth Always Shines Through.

And I Also Believe . . . that Enough Americans are so Frightened at the Possibility that the United States of America Might Go Down in Defeat to the Forces of Communism, that the Conservative & Independent Turnout for Conservative Republican Candidates will be Massive.

And As Poorly As I Felt Yesterday . . . Is How Reinvigorated I Feel Today, After Watching The Biden Fairy-Tale Last Night.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bless you Howard and Godspeed to recovery. I am a Trumper and stand watch daily to correct the lies presented. I’ll fight the fight as you do, Brother. Although…in California…the fight seems as desperate as Canada and free rights….maybe worst. Hang tough friend…WE NEED YOU AND YOUR VOICE.

  2. And then, there is the communist twerp up here, north of the border who, has just suspended the government so that he can cover up his political fecal droppings. Canada is indeed, in BIG trouble and, there is nowhere to turn..

  3. Thank you Howard. You nailed it again. Canada’s vaunted socialist healthcare system drains 50% of every province’s budget. It is clearly unsustainable, especially as boomers retire and place ever greater demands upon it. If the Demorrhoid healthcare plan is implemented, it will bankrupt the nation. Add the lunatic Green New Deal and America will become Venezuela North. If you look deeply into Joke Biden’s eyes you realize that there is nothing behind them. He is a pathetic, aging loon. How sad.

  4. Glad you’re taking care of yourself and that you feel better. Mr. Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s much better than the available alternatives.

  5. Joe also trotted out the old “fine people” Charlottesville lie/hoax. Truly despicable. I hope you feel better and are able to get your health issues resolved. We appreciate your voice and opinions.

  6. All meds have side effects, including Plavix , but you are aware of this. The answer is Always : Get the Best Professional Advise you can get from a variety of somewhat skilled or capable Physicians AND then proceed to do whatever , ignoring what you were just told ! works for me, sort of, somedays . Re the Dr shortage in numbers and talent : have all the Good Jewish Dr’s all gone to greener pastures in the US , leaving Canada at the mercy of the less skilled and caring ? seems so .

  7. I am sorry that you have been feeling bad. I would encourage you to keep eating better as that’s the best medicine. Then try to find a holistic doctor. I found the best one in Cheyenne Wyoming of all places. If you can get a good one you will be amazed at how good you can feel. I’m 87and off all but a natural thyroid I pray for you to not be so stressed remember God is in control and you are doing great by putting the important news out God bless you as you were made 4a time such as this.

  8. Sorry to hear about your health, I’m 58 and I suffer from meralgia paresthetica which means I take lots of medication for the pain and it makes me very sleepy. Hope you stay better for the near future because we need your blog because it is a very good source of information. I hope you enjoyed that 1 minute YouTube video I sent you, “Joe Biden says “I’M GOING TO BEAT JOE BIDEN.” Now we know for sure that sleepy joe is in the starting stage of dementia or alzeimer. “1984” dystopia is Trump loses!

  9. Hope that you continue to feel much better. We need you! Am believing with all my heart…The Almighty…will again…make a way for us to keep OUR President working for this country. Without him….America is gone! We vote….and we pray! Thank you for all you do. Appreciate your voice of reason. Warm hugs to you, and your sweetheart, and of course…your fur babies.

  10. I would like to offer few words of wisdom regarding your health vs. aggravation, but I am sure that whatever I have to say you already know and for sure Ann told you so more than once. As to my Democratic ‘friends’, I do believe in aggravation, but believe in giving it not getting it. Do take care of yourself, your voice is an important one to so many of u. Shabbat Shalom.

  11. Hello Howard, I am type 2 diabetic also. That’s what killed my father at 66. He didn’t care. I do. I will not go on medication. I love rice & pasta but I WANT TO LIVE. So, no simple carbs. Very little to no sugar. I eat a few cherries (seasons over now) and blackberries. I’m 72 and that’s life now. I dropped about 15 pounds. Put on two due to the Pandemic. Stay well & healthy.

  12. In my County of about 23,000 people there are more Republicans than Democrats and many of these Democrats will vote for Trump. Of those who have the internet they know what is going on but a few crazzies will vote Democrat and some older people will vote Democrat because they have always voted Democrat. I am running for County Commissioner in my County, I won the primary and everyone says I will win. I have been a County Commissioner before 1997 thru 2001.

  13. Most important thing I read was that you were not feeling good. Losing weight that fast is not good, you start behaving yourself and do what your body tells you to do not what your smart brain is telling you to eat wrong things. Remember you are very important as well as any other people on this planet. You are admired by a loving wife and your furr babies. Just take care please… For the rest of all of this editorial as always it is great. We can only pray the mighty Lord will hear our prayers

  14. Howard, thank you for your excellent observations as always. Hope you are feeling much better, take care!

  15. Biden said he is going to fight for the light against the darkness – whatever that means. Reminds me of a great movie, The Ghost and the Darkness, a true story, named after the lions that were killing the railroad workers in Africa. Analogy: Biden is the Ghost and KH is the Darkness

  16. I too, had a mild stroke 7 years ago, same day as the Boston Bombing, so that date is easy to remember. I’;m pretty much OK, but have lost a ,lot of the feeling/dexterity in my right hand and for a Welding business owner and a Custom Car Builder that has been miserable.BUT, BUT, BUT Everytime I see Galganov pop up on my screen, I can’t wait to see what you are thinking or hear the positive attitude you have on a variety of subjects. Gotta push Trump over the finish line. Whatever it takes!!!

  17. Yes Biden can read but how well will he be able to think on his feet when those tuff questions and actions are needed. I thought last night’s speech might have been recorded? He also spoke of the darkness- they are causing much of this country’s darkness!

  18. Glad your health is improving. Please find an holistic physician who is DO, NOT MD. Basic difference is DO’s treat the WHOLE person; not just the one issue. They also do not push pharmaceuticals.

  19. Weight loss is good–but too sudden is not. Your diet should adjust your weight at no more than 1 pound per week and should be achievable with increases in protein and fiber–fresh fruits and vegy’s will do this. Take care of you first silly rabbit!

  20. HG, sorry to learn about your health challenges and relieved to know you’re feeling better.

  21. Bummed you’re having health issues! Please take care! I believe You are correct about Conservatives and Independents turning out in huge numbers! I pray to God we’re correct! Thank you for all you do!

  22. Your pharmacist advised you well. Rest, attempt to relax. I wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless. This November election will be the turning point of our country. It is scarring the heck out of me.

  23. HG good to hear your on the road to recovery, keep up the good work in that department as you yourself are the only one to best do this of course with the assistance of Ann. We here in Canada need Trump to win as that is our only hope as well. As far as Canada we now have one of the most experienced Finance Minister ever (burnout editor/journalist) and I guess the name says it all “Freeland”. What a farce this Liberal/Trudeau government the most corrupt ever.

  24. So sorry to hear of your recent health issues and trust you are feeling better. I shall be thinking of you. I enjoy your posts and insight on the political theatre of our great countries.

  25. I guess that I am blessed to be living in Alberta vs. Ontario. I have my doctors cell phone number for after hours emergencies like what you had. Today, most appointments are via Medeo or by phone but he feequently will have an office call if it is for more than a med check. However, the ERs are just as bad and if you are not in a life and death situation you can be sitting around in a germ filled waiting room for what seems like forever. I don’t get the idea of paying to park for the ER.

  26. Your plavix med Howard. I was on it and had to be taken off because of spitting up blood. Sometimes in chunks. Since stopping taking it no problem. It comes with some serious side effects that hopefully you are aware of. Love your articles and pass them to many many friends. First time posting. May chime in more often. GUAM IS GOOD!!! Just had to make a note of that for your readership.

  27. HG, sorry for what you’ve been through healthwise lately! The best thing you could have done is to consult with your PHARMACIST regarding your MEDS, as they are the ones who are MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE & AWARE of its side effects—no offense to physicians, however. I agree w/you re: Biden’s “FAIRY TALE”. It was said that his video-speech was done “piece-meal” with its different portions added together for his appearance. Yes, ‘The TRUTH will SHINE soon’ regarding the RADICAL LEFT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  28. Happy to read that your feeling better. Re Canada’s Free Health care system – are you aware that for Canada to be comparable to other OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ber countries in terms of doctors per capita – Canada would require about fifty thousand (50,000) more doctors. Service if FREE but be ‘patient’ and just wait.

  29. So sorry to learn of your health issues, Howard. Will pray for our Lord’s blessings on your return to full vitality. We share this concern: “I Fear that Enough Americans have Become so Dumbed-Down by Academia and the Media . . . that Many of them will Buy this LEFTIST Claptrap without Understanding that Platitudes are Nothing More than Words with Empty Value.” So many (I fear) only get their concept of reality from all the wrong places, that they may hurt conservatism.

  30. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Howard! We need your voice, so please take care of yourself.

  31. Glad you’re feeling better Howard. If you can’t write and de-stress at the same time, take some time off. It’s too important to all of your readers to maintain your health–even if we don’t get to hear from you as often. Also, it is not worth stressing over what we see and cannot control directly. You need to understand that you have done more than any other to fight the fight. Stressing is not going to help you fight. It’s time to simply laugh at the fools, not stress.

  32. I pulled up to the blue mail box outside the post office to deposit my Trump Survey and there was a guy there in front of me who approached me and told me he was good friends with creepy Joe Biden. So, while I was waiting for him to put his mail in the box, I told him “Lefties are a bunch of lunatics”. Then, he proceeded to tell me about Beau Biden, what a great guy he was. I said “Unlike his father, huh”?

  33. You need to take care of yourself, heal and be ready to get on the 2024 ballot for President of the US You do the dynamics and paperwork in the next 4 years because I believe this country needs you !

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