Gearing-Up For More Than Debate


I Would Love To Wish Canada A Hearty Canada Day (July 1st), which is Akin to America’s July 4th, Problem is Though, I Can’t Think of Much to Celebrate.

Canada has Become a Socialist Country, where Conservative Parties are Simply Less Liberal, who are More or Less Liberals in Conservative Clothing. Our Debt has Become a National Horror Show. Our Taxes, Gas Costs & Entitlements for those who Don’t Want to Work, or Work for the Government are Obscene . . .

Also in Canada, it seems as though the Governments (Cities, Provinces & Country) are in Search of Something or Someone they Can Label Racist. And Far Too Many Politicians, Pundits, Academia and Poorly Informed Canadian People on the Street, think that the Most Racist Nation in the World is the United States of America.

Just Recently – The Mayor of Coquitlam British Columbia (Richard Stewart) Said “Go Back To Where You Came From Is Never Acceptable (Language) . . . Unless You’re Speaking To A Racist From The United States”.

In Canada . . . Using the China Virus as an Excuse – Justin Trudeau has Taken-It Upon Himself to More or Less Suspend Parliament Until he (Trudeau) Decides it will be “Safe” for Parliamentary Democracy to Resume, Preferring to Govern by what is Akin to Executive Orders (Orders in Council).

There is a Canadian Conservative Leadership Debate In Progress, with 4-Contenders . . . Two of which are as UN-Conservative as Imaginable (Peter MacKay & Erin O’Toole), the Third (Leslyn Lewis) is all over the Board, and there’s just One . . . WHO REALLY IS A CONSERVATIVE – DEREK SLOAN.

DEREK SLOAN HAS MY FULL SUPPORT . . . But He Won’t Win, because Derek Sloan Stands for the Same Commonsense Values that Built Canada, Which Saw Canada Fight & Win in Two World Wars – And Made Canada Free & Prosperous.

That Kind Of Conservatism . . . Home-Grown Values – Is Too Much For Canada.

I Rejoined The Federal Conservative Party, so I can have a Say and a Vote for the Leadership. But, when Sloan Doesn’t Win the Leadership of the Party, Which I’m Quite Certain he Won’t, I will Shift my Support to the Fledgling Conservative People’s Party of Canada, which Probably won’t even Win one Seat in the Next Parliament.

I Refuse To Surrender My Vote . . . Just To Vote For A Lesser Evil. And That’s What Canada Has Come Down-To.


If I Was A Cop In One Of These Cities/States . . . I would be Making an Application to Police Forces in Conservative Cities & States, where I Would Know that I Would be Appreciated & Backed-Up by the Administration.

By The Time All Of This Anti-Cop Hatred Hits The Fan . . . the Fools who Voted for the Mayors & Governors who are Allowing this Anti-Cop Insanity to Happen, will be Administering Dystopian Cities, where the People will be Begging for Protection.


Australia Is Gunning-Up Big Time . . . and Working as Hard as it Can to Coordinate Militarily with the United States of America, because the Aussies are Plenty Concerned over Chinese Militarism. So are India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and the Japanese. The EU Isn’t Too Happy Either.

Israel is on Tenterhooks Planning for the Annexation of the West Bank & the Jordan Valley, Very Concerned about the American LEFTIST House in Terms of Moral, National & Financial Support, since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Leader of the Now Powerful Congressional LEFT has Come Out Against Israel in Far More Ways than One.

Europe is Also Banging the “Drums” Against the Jewish State, and has No Idea where they Stand on Anything as a Real Group, since the EU (European Union) is a Basket Case of National Unreliability, where the Nations of the EU are Giving Hard Second Thoughts about the Surrender of their own Nationalities to France & Germany through Brussels.

Who Would Have Ever Thought . . . The Day would Come when the Enemy from Within the United States of America would be the Enemy to be Most Feared?

Who Would Have Ever Thought . . . Mount Rushmore Would Have To Be Guarded By Americans From Americans?

I’ve Written & Warned People . . . for as Long as I can Remember . . . that our Freedoms will be the Freedoms that Will Do Us-In. That our Educators, who NEVER Left School to be in the Real World . . . Would be Inculcating our Children to Become Socialists (Communists).

We Are At The Rubicon . . . Between the Attempted Coup D’état Against President Trump, the Republican Enemies From Within – Against President Trump, the China Virus, the Military Threat of China, the EU & Canadian Assaults on American Exceptionalism . . . And The Socialist One World Order – The Next Several Months Until November 3, 2020 Will Be Daunting.

Before It Gets Better – It Will Get Worse – But It Can’t Continue. And Once President Trump Re-Wins the White House, Keeps the Senate & Takes Back the House – I Promise You . . .

. . . There Will Be A Comeuppance, Or America & The Entire World Will Be Doomed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. All of these events makes me suspicious. I investigated incidents for years and these sequence of events are a little too much of a coincidence.

  2. Good One HG, Canada Day . sad to say , will come and go with no celebrating from me and mine My Canada is gone , never to return . Once my generation disappears ( Boomers ) there will not even be a memory of what once was . As to Conservative Light as a voting alternative to Liberals , not gonna happen .Next Election , if there is one , will be a Coronation of JT as the Boy King and Communist Leader of the New Canada . Win or lose Pres Trump will never be appreciated or Liked by most Canadians

  3. “Justin Trudeau has Taken-It Upon Himself to More or Less Suspend Parliament Until he (Trudeau) Decides it will be “Safe” for Parliamentary Democracy to Resume, Preferring to Govern by what is Akin to Executive Orders (Orders in Council).” That’s scary; Hitler suspended the German Parliament (Reichstag) after a very suspect fire there.

  4. Anyone who votes for Biden and the Demorrhoids has the mental acuity of a fish that doesn’t know what water is. As for Soviet Kanuckistan, like you I’m with Derek Sloan all the way, with Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party getting my vote if Sloan is not selected as the Conservative candidate. I would wish everyone Happy Canada Day, but in Trudeau’s Canada there is nothing to celebrate.

  5. All the characters that you mentioned are on a collision course. I pray that you are correct in projecting the re-election of DJT. He is our last best hope. And he truly is standing alone. The GOP is on their knees caving in, in hopes of maintaining their positions. It is all going to hit the fan.

  6. Have A Happy Canada ‘What’s Left Of It’ Day Howard. I too will vote for Sloan and the PPC if Sloan loses. The only problem I have with Bernier is when he was a minister in the government and left all those classified papers open in his private home for his then hell angel’s girlfriend to be able to look at them. As Bernier matured enough since that incident? Trump must win and for that to happen we need prosecutions and convictions after the Barr Durham criminal investigation report comes out !!

  7. Hope he is another Trump, Because this kid Trudeau has no idea what he is doing ! Obama’s Puppet!

  8. It’s hard to imagine, let alone actually see, what transpires in our country. We are at civil war, but small scale at present. I will vote for another term for President Trump. I can’t wait, but have to, to witness comeuppances you refer to. Thank you Howard for doing what you do.

  9. Brilliant articles I feel 100% the same way. I celebrate the 4th of July in Canada

  10. Received email from Sloan found him exactly what you said discussed it would he would be a lot stronger than what we have .however was told Peter Mackay getting $$$ from Bay St. Rue or not after discussing with my son he could get be there also Otoole thinking which way any thing will be a lot better.i have never seen USA in such a turmoil. Trump will win big

  11. A brain damaged sloth or a snake. Is Biden’s skin tone made up or is a permanent carapace prelude to his final transfer.? “Fix2” is, regardless of his carcass station, an Obamatoid front. They co located the dead weed stump as a scarecrow so we waste time on the dud. We must plow through and again secure the country away from violent Obama mobs. President Trump is the person for the job.

  12. Finally seeing some push back from folks who believe like I. In Boise, a “peaceful rally” had some leftist pushing a shoving folks that carried American Flags and Law enforcement support flags. A person pushed and shoved the wrong hombre biker who gave immediate feed back, 1 punch knockout. He slowly walked away from the idiot, was not charged as it was observed by many including Police, self defense. The rally ended with several such incidents with no arrests. Defund the Police, How ignorant.

  13. Howard, the truth is, pretty much everything you say is…. true !!! But there is a larger truth. This world has become a different time and a different place. Overpopulated + Over-entitled = Overkill !!! I don’t recognize Canada or the United States anymore. And to make matters even worse – most people are wearing MASKS !!! What an irony, eh? Anyhow, it is what it is, and I hope for the best. We need great leaders: Derek Sloan or Howard Galganov (should you enter the political arena) !!!

  14. One World government – Trudeau probably doesn’t know what he is doing, I don’t think he has the intelligence BUT, the people manipulating him know exactly what they are doing…Soros, Gates, Fauci, Tam, Tedros. Afro Blacks should reflect on and think about slave ancestors brought here otherwise they would be still living in Africa. VOTE TRUMP and SLOAN, would be a great team, it’s our only hope now.

  15. H.G. This sounds just like Me. I Rejoined The Federal Conservative Party, so I can have a Say and a Vote for the Leadership. But, when Sloan Doesn’t Win the Leadership of the Party, Which I’m Quite Certain he Won’t, I will Shift my Support to the Fledgling Conservative People’s Party of Canada, which Probably won’t even Win one Seat in the Next Parliament.

  16. The only thing the media will say about any of the Conservative candidates, is that they’re “Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Abortion and Anti-Environment.” Its the same bloody thing each time because it’s their go-to for brainwashing the liberal, mentally challenged voter. And the sheep of the country will believe it and follow this pattern blindly, thinking it’s the gospel, just because leftist media says it.

  17. Re: R. Daigneaux and the Bernier files…let it go please…was many years ago and if that is the worse thing he has done, compared to other politicians…its time to forgive!

    Roch – Thank you for Commenting, but Please do not Debate with any other Person who Comments on, which is not a Debating Forum – HG.

  18. I don’t remember what I said other than you getting into the areana thinking about it real hard. Sounds like Canada needs you real badly.I will be 79yrs old tomorrow the 4th and I never thought I would live to see my country doing what is happening to it now. Black people were not the only slaves many others were. And most of all we need to be shamedful what we did to the Inidans and still trying to do to them. Not just black people matter ALL PEOPLE MATTER I think they forget this. Happy Day

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