Death Threats To Jews – Too Bad We’re Not Black


I Need To Make This Point.

As A Proud Member of the Jewish Community – If I saw Jews Conducting themselves One-One-Hundredth Of A Percent as Reprehensibly as are so Many Black Americans, I would Hide my Face & Weep in Shame.

Half Black NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace, Found A Noose In His NASCAR Garage-Stall . . . Remember Jussie Smollett?

I’m Neither Suggesting Nor Accusing . . . I’m Just Wondering, because – Just Several Months Ago, the Whole of the United States of America & Much of the World Focused (With Outrage) on the Staged Racial (Anti-Black) Physical Attack on Gay Black Actor Jussie Smollett. It Was A Hideously Staged Hoax, Which In-Itself Was Reverse Racism Against White People – Especially Those Who Supported President Trump.

But – With Scant Evidence . . . All The Media Rushed To Support Smollett With Few Condemning Him Since.

Out Of The Clear Blue . . . After NASCAR Banned the Stars & Bars, which was the Civil War Battle Flag of the South, which has Always Been a Fixture on the Racetrack, from Being Anywhere on NASCAR Property, and after the Half Black Driver Bubba Wallace Tagged His Car With Black Lives Matter – Someone Planted A Noose In Wallace’s Garage Stall?

From Being A Second-Rate NASCAR Driver . . . Bubba Wallace Is All Of A Sudden – Elevated To Being Hero Worshipped On & Off The Track.

I’m Not Suggesting The Noose Didn’t Happen . . . I Just Want Proof That It Did, Before More White People Are Defamed.


Anne and I were at the Same Costco About Two Weeks Earlier, when Wearing a Mask was Optional, with Costco Offering Free Cheap Masks to whomever Wanted One. Very Few People Wore Masks.

Yesterday . . . It was the Same Deal, Except Yesterday, the Costco “Mask Handout Employee” tried Shaming Us into Wearing one of their Free Cheap Masks, giving us this Gibberish about how the Government says Masks Saves Lives.

Anne & I Thanked The Mask-Giver-Employee, Said No Thank You & Kept Walking.

Once In The Costco . . . I Felt Like we Entered into a Chapter of the Stepford Wives through the Twilight Zone, with just about Everyone (95%) Wearing these Ridiculous Masks that Hung Under their Noses, Loose on the Sides of their Faces and often on their Necks so they could Breathe. What A Travesty!


So . . . Now That The Trump Tulsa Rally Numbers Have Been Tabulated – Combining Fox News, YouTube and all other Forms of On-Line Visual Availability, it is very Likely that as many as 20-Million People Watched the Trump Tulsa Oklahoma Rally.

And if you Take the Numbers Recorded by the US Secret Service, it Seems that as Many as 10,000 People were in Attendance at the BOK Center, Opposed to the 6,000 Plus the Media Claimed were there. Not that 6,000 People Wouldn’t have Been a Super Impressive Number all on its Own.

But Think About This . . . The BOK Center Holds slightly More 19,000 Seats. That’s a Lot of Seats. Now how Many More could the Arena Hold on the Floor?

Did The BOK Center Look 2/3rds Empty To You? Because That’s What It Would Have Looked Like With Just 6,000 People . . . It Didn’t Even Look Half Empty To Me.

The LEFT is Doing all it Can by Every Means Possible . . . to Demoralize Trump Supporters, while Doing all the LEFT Can for the Democrats to Give some Reason for Hope to their Base, and Hopefully Lie with Success to Blue Dog Democrats, Fence Sitter-Voters & Independent Voters.

And As For The Phony Polls . . . What’s The Question & Who Gets Asked?


Is the History and the Historical Icons of the United States of America so Egregious and/or Unimportant to the Members of the House & Senate, that Destroying the Enormity of the United States of America is Acceptable?

Is Law & Order & Personal Safety & Safety of Property – Personal  & State So Inconsequential To The House & Senate, That It Deserves Their Silence? . . . Let Them Say So Before The November Election.


President Trump – With just a Few of his Stalwart Republican (Conservative) Supporters in the House & Senate, And I Do Mean Just A Few, is Taking-On the Entire Globalized, Socialized, Communist, Wannabe One World Government, which to me Likens President Trump to President Washington, who Took-On the Greatest Military Power at that Time (Great Britain), while Most Americans either Sat-It Out or Sided with the British, Leaving The Fight To A Brave Volunteer Number of Patriots.

If I Had to Bet The Farm (So To Speak) On The Outcome . . . Whether we Want to or Not, Because all of us are Betting 100% on the Outcome Between the Overthrow of the Constitution of the United States of America . . . or the Continuance of the America Of The 1776 Framers Of The Constitution . . .

. . . I’m Putting It All On The Line For President Trump & America.


There Is No Room In The Center . . . You’re Either With America – Or You’re With The Anarchists & The Enemy From Within.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Black Lies Murder. Along with NASCAR, even multinational corporations and such sports icons as Drew Brees and Brett Favre have caved to the mob. Rioting, looting and vandalism are tolerated in every Democrat jurisdiction. If the insurrection is not stopped by a sudden awakening of the Silent Majority, America is doomed. I’m with you all the way, Howard.

  2. You nailed it again, Howard. Agree 100% on everything you said. What a sad state of affairs we’re in!!!!!

  3. You are right, I had questions about the noose, where is the security footage from the garage area.

  4. Howard, as you wrote, “There Is No Room In The Center . . . You’re Either With America – Or You’re With The Anarchists & The Enemy Within.” Hence, one either CHOOSES to be BRAINWASHED into certain BELIEFS or STAND for the TRUTH! There is another existing VIRUS; it’s the TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS), and there is NO CURE for it, i. e., the Anarchists & the Enemy Within have NO HOPE because there IS an END to EVERYTHING, and the END is NEAR for them! GOD BLESS AMERICA! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. It’s lonely not just feeling, but knowing you are right & can’t convince people otherwise. Evil conspirators working toward One World Order – Big Bro. The Pandemic provided a great opportunity to very successfully try world wide population control. WHO, Fauci, Birx, Tam, Gates, and Trudeau to name a few. Google Larry Elders to see video of one brave black man with courage & integrity to tell it how it really is with Blacks. It is so easy to control the masses & Dems know it. Lockdown is wrong.

  6. These are polarizing times…yes means means yes… truth is shredded. Virtue is demeaned and every vice is elevated. Then we wonder why people act the way they do..

  7. Apparently there are cameras in the Nascar garages, I wonder if was disconnected and/or turned off. The same thought came to me re the Smollett case. How long does it take to look at a security camera, should have the evidence by now, one would think, if they have an honest investigation! Amazing how quickly we get on the band wagon and drink the press kool-aide! a

  8. Agreed ! The opposition in NA has tried everything they could do to get rid of a sitting Pres. and failed. They are now resorting to violence to ensure his re-election fails. Here’s the real question : When he does get re-elected do they all quiet down and wait 4 years for his term to end ? OR WHAT IS THE NEW PLAN TO UNSEAT HIM ?? Meanwhile in Ca. the Cons. cannot even put forth a viable candidate to unseat our Unofficial Despot . Sad days ahead.

  9. I have been wondering if the person who “found” the noose in Wallace’s garage was perhaps the one who also planted it there.

  10. I just wish all who had to wear a mask as forced in many places, would join me and purchase a Trump 2020 mask.

  11. It may be your best comment ever…”there is no room in the middle” I just wished more people got it!

  12. Just a couple of things, first of all the mask fiasco is really getting on people’s (mostly me) nerves. The people that I have to laugh at even though I know that’s not kind are those alone in their cars with a mask on. Secondly, I really liked what Diamond and Silk added to the rally, “remember vote RED, REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT.” That’s is definitely what need to happen in Novembner.

  13. All lives matter, Really Matter. God spoke all into existence. But when it came to creating man, it was lovingly personal to Him, for He took dirt of the earth, formed & shaped it with loving hands. Then he literally breathed life into His special creation & man became a living soul. ALL HUMAN LIFE IS SPECIAL, no matter the skin color. God sent Jesus to die for our sin. If we don’t believe it, we are a totally LOST people. Consequences will come if we refuse to honor life as our Creator does.

  14. The Seotoro Obama barbarians pretend to be raging against slavery and destroy monuments, remove portraits of long gone persons. Assault Churches and even Jesus is a target. Meanwhile … Slavery is alive and well in the Islamic world. The insurrection, coups, fraud, hoaxes, leader, Obama, made a special trip to bow before the Saudi King… Arabian Muslims are the largest slaves holders and traders NOW as they were suppliers of the original slaves to Americas. Obama barbarians are just criminal

  15. Just saw this afternoon that the “noose” was NOT a noose and had been hanging there since fall of 2019. It was a door pull, left there by another team, who notified NASCAR of the misunderstanding. I believe the FBI investigated, too. After all, this incident is much more important than actually going after anarchists, looters and murderers. My thoughts when it came out? Another Jussie Smollett faked incident? In this case, everyone jumping to conclusions.

  16. You are so right HG. Today we voted in the Republican primary. The districts have been split into stupid. We voted in Norfolk, Va. The rest of the same district is most of Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach voting machines could not take ballots. Supposedly, an IT person ran an update the night before & did not test it. This person(s), should be fired. I was a programmer & such a stunt would have gotten me fired. They were offering provisional ballots to be verified at the court house later.

  17. The hospital where I get chemo tried to make me wear a mandatory mask. 10 minutes of Arguing was futile so I grabbed the mask and held it to my face to get past her and tossed it in the trash by the elevator. If you don’t want to wear a mask tell them you have breathing issues. It’s an instant disqualify. Sort of like all those fake “service dogs”; breathing issues Get you out of wearing a mask. COPD are the magic letters if they as what the issues are.

  18. My wife and I were invited to a neighborhood July 4 th party. The folks holding it are resent transplants from CA and had the gall to ask me to be mindful of his dad being a Flaming LiB. They asked that I not talk politics at all as he will get all bent out of shape. I shared that July 4th is Independence Day and should we attend that I would be avoiding dear old dad unless he says something to me, he will not like my response You cant be vocal lib and not expect me to be quiet. Period

  19. What a mess.Have no idea WHY the President of the U. S. doesnot call in the Marimes and STOP all of this mess along with the Fire Deptments with their big water holes and between the two of them spray water on them get the peole out of there soaked dowm with blue water therefore they can arrest them make them who destroyed places to in and clean it all up put them in jail for months on in there stand police to arrest them painted in blue water charget parents 20.000.00I could go on but time is

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