Be Very Careful . . . For What you Wish

When It All Hits The Fan - Who Do You Call?

Over Many Years . . . I’ve had a Good Number of Friends & Acquaintances who were Police Officers. Some of Whom were More or Less Akin to Beat-Cops, and Several, who were High in the Command Structure. And I have Friends who have Children who’ve Gone into Policing.

So I Am Writing About What I Know.

Here’s A Fact . . . No one is Going to Get Rich Being a Cop. And as Easy as it Looks from the Outside-In, Being A Cop Is Not Easy At All.

When the 911 Call Comes-In for a Motor Vehicle Accident, it’s Usually the Cops who are the First on the Scene, who in Many Cases have to Deal with the Blood and the Gore before the EMT Crew or Coroner Shows-Up.

Do You Think Seeing People Bleeding, Trapped, Terrified or Dismembered at an Accident Scene is Easy to Look At? I Don’t think so. But Easy or Not, this Falls on the Police Officer(s) who’s First on the Scene.

How many Cop-Videos (YouTubes) have we all seen with Cops Puling People out of Burning Cars, Rescuing People from Raging Flood Waters, Delivering Babies, or Crawling on Thin Ice to Save a Dog?

When a Cop Pulls Over a Driver for any Reason, Especially in the Darkness of Night, Generally all Alone, Does that Cop have Any Idea what Awaits him or her as he or she Approaches the Car? Not A Clue.

When People Get Pissed-Off At Each Other . . . and the Fists Start to Fly, who’s Always Called to Break it up, very Often Getting Hit themselves in the Melee?

When The Call Comes-In For Domestic Violence . . . I’m Told by my Police Friends, that this is the Most Dangerous Call of all. And More than Once, I’ve been Told by the Police Directly, Domestic Violence Cases Often Lead to Child Abuse or Abandonment by One Parent Or the Other.

I’ve Known Police Officers Who’ve Answered the Call for Home Disturbances, who’ve shown-Up, where the Reason for the Domestic Violence Generally Involves Poverty, Usually Caused by a Derelict Father, Alcohol and/or Drugs . . .

. . . When & Where the Investigating Cop’s Heartstrings Compelled him or her to Leave the Home to Go Shopping for Milk, Bread and whatever Else, to Feed a Hungry Child or Children. Very Often If Not Mostly At Night.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . I Started A Program In The Late 1990’s . . .  with the Montreal Police Force through Station 25, Located in a Heavily Immigrant Part of Montreal, where I Supplied Money, Services & Coordination with Several Private Community Help Groups along with the Police, to Help People in this Type of Need when they Called 911.

When There’s Real Trouble . . . and Everyone is Running Away from the Danger, even if it’s Gunfire, it is Always the Police Who Are Running Into The Danger.

Cops Are Like You And Me . . . Some of them are Jerks, But Most Cops want to Make it through the Day & Come Home to their Family. Just like you and me, and Cops Care about Everything you and I Care about.

But Unlike You Or Me . . . It Takes a Special Kind of Person to Make the Decision to Become a Cop, to Go through the Rigorous Training, that’s Right – Rigorous Training before Wearing the Badge & Strapping-On the Gun. Then there’s the Period of On The Street Training & Probation.

And As I Previously Wrote . . . No One Is Going To Get Rich Being A Cop, with Perhaps the Biggest Benefit of all Besides the Satisfaction of Doing the Job – Is Earlier Retirement than one would Receive in the Private Sector, and a Comfortable Pension at the End of Service.

But That Said . . . Personally, I Couldn’t Deal With All The BS That Comes With Wearing A Badge & The Blue.


There are Not Enough Police Officers in Most North American Cities, because Being a Cop has Become Denigrated by Too Many Politicians & Academia, which Means that Most Major Cities are Begging for Good Police Candidates, which Means that much Sooner Rather Than Later – There Will Be A Huge Cop Shortage.

Which Also Means – that for Cities to Recruit Good Cop Prospects . . . Cities will have to Offer much Better Salaries & Perks to Keep-Up with the Private Sector.

Or More Likely . . . because the Cities, States or Provinces, which are Broke because of Stupid Socialized Spending, Incompetence, Unfunded Entitlements & Corruption . . . will Have to Settle for Men & Women who Aren’t the Best of the Best to Join their Police Force.

Montreal Was Always A Beautiful & Peaceful Law-Abiding City.

In Montreal, where I was Born & Lived Most of my Life . . . I Remember in 1969 (October 7), when I was just 19-Years Old, there was a Police Strike that Lasted Just 16-Hours. And in those 16-Hours . . . The Crime, Violence & Destruction Was Unimaginable. It Was Utter Pandemonium.

For The Fools Who Aren’t Thinking . . . A Society without Police, Not Social Workers, but Police with Truncheons, Mace, Handguns, AR-15’s & Handcuffs – Is A Society That Will Be Steeped In Extreme Violence, like the End of the World Movies, where the Dregs of Society Roam the Streets Unimpededly.

If You Watch Television Series . . . There is a Mythical Series Called Gotham, which Tells the Story of Batman as a Young Man, Maturing in a Dystopic Major American City (New York) where the Criminals Rule The Roost.

Weaken, Further Demean, Reduce, Make Cops More Culpable Or Remove The Police . . . & All That Will Be Left Will Be Gotham.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well said. Anyone who advocates for defunding the police is an irrational person, at least, or just stupid, or wishes to destroy their own society. I won’t even have a debate with someone who takes this position. You can not debate someone who has no common sense. Thank you for speaking up in support of the men and women in blue and behind the badge.

  2. The break down of civil society and the policing system in particular is all part a plan to create anarchy by the far left progressives

  3. Well said (as usual), Howard. I’ve heard a lot of foolishness from the mouths of liberals in my life. But, this defund/dismantle the police idiocy is the stupidest I’ve heard to date.

  4. There is already a HUGE cop shortage! If anything, cities should OFFER much better salaries & perks because of what is entailed and required to maintain SOCIAL CONTROL and the VARIOUS CRISES that they must face. They have FAMILIES too! The LEFTIST SOCIAL GROUPS now have made cops TARGETS of HATRED. Many of those who are demanding to “defund the police” are the DEMOCRAT ELITES who hire SPECIAL BODYGUARDS to protect them behind GATED communities, so they don’t NEED the cops! PRAY FOR COPS! AMEN!

  5. Nobody says what needs to be said better than Howard Galganov. I can only add that when the legitimate function of law enforcement is delegitimized by government edict, the private sector can be counted on to fill the breach. It’s called vigilantism, otherwise known as the Law of the Jungle. That’s what happens when power-hungry lunatics are elected to positions of authority.

  6. I find the Black Lives matter drive interesting and sad. ALL lives matter! Regardless of color or creed! The sooner all of us begin to have respect for each other instead of distrust or fear for those from a different background or culture the better we all can be. As you noted there are good, not so good and jerks in not just the police but many professions. To many of us have gotten away from seeking some guidence from God by thinking we have become so self enlightened. Humility is needed!

  7. I sometimes wonder if these Leftist progressives hear how ridiculous and off the wall they sound everytime they open their mouths. Dismantling Police forces has to be the most idiotic thing to come out of their mouths lately, and they have let out some doozies. So who are they going to call when 2 armed robbers break into their house in the middle of the night? A social worker? Brilliant!!!!!

  8. Hey Howard. Nobody calls the police to share a great day with them. Most of the time police officers are going on a call expecting to have to deal with an a*****e because they usually do. They will become desensitized and tend to think that everyone outside the force is like that. Us versus them eh. Some, like Chauvin become or are thugs and these few taint the others. Most police officers are fair and honest and very necessary and the looting protests showed us how much.

  9. Not the Best job out there for sure .Does pay very well, has a great pension . Part of the shortage is based on the “need” to filter for minorities, ethnic and sexual mix. They are asked to act as social workers when they are not trained to do so. Defunding the “crimefighting” aspect is not advisable. If the Police do not answer the call for help some other well meaning , but untrained individual just might . “Respect” for the career has diminished over time. As has civility in general.

  10. Thank you Howard. I very much enjoyed my 30 years on the job. It’s true, we see far too much. On the positive side however, we occasionally see pleasing results.These results come with hard work and determination. Knowing that you in fact did something beneficial and helpful to a crime victim makes it all worth while. There are no accolades. It is indeed a thankless job. You learn to focus on your own achievements and take solice in them.

  11. You are Spot on! My city is down 40 Police Officers. Other cities are experiencing the same. The Dems want to take away our guns, our police protection, let illegal immigrants in and before long….we will be so LAWLESS it will be like SOCIALISM. Exactly what Dems want. If residents of these cities ALLOW this to happen, who will THEY call for HELP. The Paid Thug Riots have shown this is what to expect with NO safety net. One World Order? Ain’t gonna happen if Trump is re-elected.

  12. My older brother was a cop in Maryland back during the MLK riots (I was in Vietnam at the time). Chaos was the rule for the day. That is what will happen if a Police Department is disbanded. Only those who are prepared (armed) for such chaos will survive. All others will be brutalized with no one coming to rescue them (i.e. Police).

  13. Sir, my son is a fire fighter, he leads a men’s christian group that deals with PTSD and other issues. The group is of police, firefighters and military. I have sat in Elk Camp with many of these fine people and have heard the stories. More than 50% of cadets wash out in training because of character flaws, another 15% because of physical abilities. So the ones that wear badges are mostly great people with a job that is extremely tough. They have to deal with it all, safe and unsafe.

  14. As I’ve stated here before, Liberalism is akin to serious mental disorder. The fight is very simple, it is between good and evil. And right now evil is winning!

  15. Right again Howard. Some idiots favor disinfranching the police departments. I too have known and respected a number of polce officers, all of whom were really great people. Two of them said that on domestic disturbance calls, they drove around the block before entering a volatile dangerous situation. Without cops we can only imagine the chaotic anarchist mess would ensue.

  16. It is totally unimaginable that a mayor would defund his police dept; yet that is what diBlasio of NYC says he will do, as well as Minneapolis mayor. Those decisions follow same mentality (or lack of) of gun-free cities; i.e., Chicago, which has higher than ever gun crimes/killings, the highest black-on-black killings. Yet BLM nor MSM, nor any politician (esp. black) mentions much less deals with that TRUTH/FACT. If unleashing violent crime equates to Socialism, then Yep, that’s what Dems want.

  17. Thank you for this one Howard, my grandson is a police officer in Atlanta Ga and it scares the living devil right out of me. I was a city dispatcher in Ga. but not Atla. There can be officers who can be bad apples in the cart but for the most part they are good men and women. All life matters not just black ALL matters the Lord did not put us here if we All did not matter. We did not make them slaves, Africa made their own people and sold them to the whites. They were not the only ones slaves.

  18. Howard I have to agree with you, the thing I hated the most was getting to an accident scene with little children injured and bleeding, that was hard since I had my own young children. The other thing was when a big warehouse was broken into and you have to check it out in the middle of the night. I had a son follow me into the police dept., just glad when he retired 10 years ago. Keep up the good work, I check for your editorial every day.

  19. This has got to be the most anti-poor, anti-black, anti-everything measure that a state, city, county could ever implement. Rich democrats in their ivory towers won’t be affected, middle class will leave. The poors can’t afford to move away. They will pay the price. Also, let the cops go away and watch the value of your house go to practically NOTHING (see Baltimore or Detroit in the no-go zones), the cost of your insurance will skyrocket. This is their evil plan.

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