A Tale Of Two Protests


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Explain This To Me . . . Tens Upon Tens Of Thousands Of LEFTISTS, Representing Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa – Etc . . . Protest . . . and in their Wake, there is Always a Misery of Mass Destruction, Graffiti, Litter, Looting, Violence & Filth.

I’m Sure You Remember Occupy Wall Street, which Effectively Setup a Camp of Protestors on Wall Street & Environ in New York City, where the Filth was Extremely Unpalatable, with Human Excrement on the Sidewalks and in the Parks, coupled to used Condoms, Barf, Used Needles, Drugs & Litter of all Kind.

And That Is Not To Mention Gratuitous Public Sex & Confirmed Rapes.

Here’s The Juxtaposition . . . Thousand Upon Thousands of Conservatives Attend Tea Party & MAGA Rallies, and There’s Never as Much as a Broken Window or Litter to be Found or Seen Anywhere.

At Conservative Rallies . . . I Get To See No Shortage Of American Flags Held Proudly High. At Socialist Rallies, I see the American Flag Carried Upside-Down, which is the International Symbol of Surrender. Or the US Flag is Burnt and/or Stomped-On – as if the Stars & Stripes are Somehow a Symbol to be Defamed.

Something Just Dawned-On Me Watching The News . . . The Medias’ Lead Protest Stories of the LEFT seems to Always Start with . . . “How Peaceful The Protesters Are”, Which is Never Heard about Conservative Protesters, since they’re Always Peaceful. Isn’t That A Significant Statement In Itself?

Also . . . Every Television News Media (Fox News As Well) – is Repeatedly Showing the Elderly Protester in Buffalo New York, who (Aggressively) got into the Face of Oncoming Police, who Fell Backwards because of a “Mild” Nudge by one of the Police Officers, which Caused the Protestor to Hit his Head on the Sidewalk & Bleed.

Why Keep Showing this Video of a Spry Elderly man who Brought his Injury Upon Himself, Ad Infinitum on the Part of the Media, but Not the Videos of Innocent White People, who were Being Brutally Beaten to a Pulp by Black “Protestors”?


Do You Believe Protestors In Every Major City In Every Country Just “Happened” To Have The Same Rhetoric On Their Signs & Shirts?

Yesterday . . . I Scanned the Internet to see all the Black-Lives Matter Demonstrations Worldwide, Against the Killing of Black American George Floyd. Why Would Major Cities Throughout England Care About The Killing Of George Floyd?

Why would Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, South Korea, Tokyo, Belgium, Kosovo, Bulgaria . . . Etc-Etc-Etc, Give A Rat’s Ass About The Killing Of A Questionable Black-Man Thousands Of Miles Away?

AND WHY . . . Amidst these Hundreds of Thousands of “Protestors” Worldwide, were there so Many Signs that Promoted Socialism?


These Protests Were Not Protests . . . They Were Massive Assaults On The Streets Of America . . . Which Were Carried-Over Worldwide.

Who Organized these Pan American Acts of Extreme Violence & Destruction, Later to be Followed by Similar Anti-American “Protests” Worldwide?

Demonstrations Of This Magnitude Don’t Just Happen Out Of Thin Air.

Who Financed This Military-Type Operation Against America? Something of this Global Scale isn’t Cheap, let alone Free. Someone had to Pay for the Enormous Logistics to Do what was Done . . . WHO?


The Purveyors Of The Socialist One World Government . . . will Not Stop until they Overthrow the Presidency of Donald Trump, even if it Means Burning-Down the United States of America.

So Why Did This George Floyd Lie Go Global?

The Fact that this George Floyd Excuse to “Protest” went Global, Says all that Needs to be Said about the Truth Behind the Marches, Slogans, Hype, Violence, Arson, Looting and the Demand to Neutralize the Police & American Military . . . Shouts how Desperate all the Socialists (Communist) are . . . that Donald Trump will Destroy their Dystopian Dream of a One World Government.

In My Humble Opinion . . . None of What we Have Been Witnessing over the Last Weeks has Anything to do with the Death of A Black Thug (George Floyd) Caused By A Dirty Cop.

The Killing Of Floyd Was Only The Spark The Globalists Were Waiting For To Ignite Their Powder-Keg.

Had It Not Been For The Killing Of George Floyd, I assure you, the LEFT would have Either Found or Created Something Else. But – Whatever it was Going To Be, it would Have Ended in the Same Result we are Seeing Now.

The Good News . . . Is that President Trump will Not Succumb to this Type of Intimidation. The Better News, is that the Vast Majority of the American People who Claim Not to be Decided for the Coming November Election, Are Pretty-Much Decided Now.

1 – Americans Do Not Want To Live In A Lawless Society.

2 – Americans Still Believe In American Exceptionalism & Want To Salute The Flag.

3 – Americans Want Jobs & A Paycheck At The End Of The Day.

4 – Americans Do Not Want To Live In A Communist Society – Whatever The LEFT Chooses To Call It.

5 – Americans Have Tasted The Deregulations Caused By President Trump & Like It.

6 – Americans Don’t Want To Be Taxed To Death.

7 – Americans Have No Trust In Their Media Or Politicians.

And In Addition To Much More . . . Americans Have No Use For A Useless Joe Biden.

Let Me End With This . . . What is Happening in the United States of America is Happening Because there is a Global War Against American Exceptionalism in Favor of a Communist One World Government.

And As Complicated As That Might Look In The Big Picture . . . It Is As Simple As That.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You’ve nailed it, as usual. One would have to be insane to believe that BLM is a spontaneous protest movement. It is obviously well organized and financed. Obama’s ORGANIZING FOR ACTION is likely a driving force behind BLM.

  2. You observed these outrageous protests (that most were actual riots being reported as “peaceful”: intuitively thought about your observations; made insightful decisions about those observations; and then wrote them out well. You continue your excellence at providing us with your commentary. And we thank you for that.

  3. To reiterate what you say Howard about who, outside of America would really care a Rat’s Arse about Floyd. That goes for Canada too because it seems the general population is figuratively speaking down on its knees thanks to WHO, Tam, Fauci, and Gates and some literally along with Trudeau on Friday. You have the sequence of events right on. Does anyone remember what happened 76 years ago yesterday 6th June and juxta pose it to today? Trump MUST win in November.

  4. SOROS $$. AG Barr spoke to Epoch Times about the organized riots, mentioning pallets of bricks in areas where there is no construction, piles of rocks & even plastic bottles of gasoline hidden among bushes all in the planned riot area amid the protesters. A diff Epoch article by Trevor London named multiple communist organizations (along w/locations) in USA. They are well organized, well supplied, use encrypted comm, ear buds & radio receivers. Even solicited donations while setting up riots.

  5. Flying your Flag Upside Down is the International Distress Signal not surrender . Though the fools doing it at protests have no idea of the meaning.

  6. Oh, Howard, once again I applaud you. Your last sentence really hit the nail on the head: What is Happening in the United States of America is Happening Because there is a Global War Against American Exceptionalism in Favor of a Communist One World Government. And As Complicated As That Might Look In The Big Picture . . . It Is As Simple As That. BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!

  7. Our traitorous PM Trudeau, is an avowed Globalist and Socialist/Marxist. Handing out Covid $$ like candy. We need a Trump to save Canada, but I don’t see anyone stepping up.

  8. Oh my goodness – the person who posted before me, Sherrye E Schwarz, took the words right out of my mouth. Said everything that was on my mind. BRAVO to you, Howard, and BRAVO to Ms Schwarz. No wonder I always loved CALIFORNIA !!! (hahaha) Oh, and speaking of hitting the nail right on the head….”If I Had A Hammer” a lot of these leftist communist clowns better wear a helmet if they get near me !!! :>( – “handy man” Brucester

  9. “The Thug” died of a heart attack brought on by the horrendous amount of illicit drugs. He had severe coronary heart disease, a huge dilated heart and was a walking heart attack just waiting to happen. No bruising on back of neck or back but his wrists were chafed from the handcuffs. He did die while in police custody. For heavens sake read the 20 page autopsy report yourself. Huge huge heart multi illicit drugs Why do honest citizens fall for this media false news!!!!

  10. Great Editorial, HG! You said it all! The LEFT, including ANTIFA & SOROS, et al, want to DESTROY America. If they don’t like America, then why don’t they MOVE to a COMMUNIST COUNTRY where they wouldn’t have to PROTEST & could FIT right in! Although there is ‘more to come’ from the LEFTISTS, on a POSITIVE note, Trump doesn’t take any “bull”, so there will soon be an END to this INJUSTICE! You can BET on it because he is a WINNER! Bring back the Ten Commandments & the RULE OF LAW! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  11. I read that Michael Jordan just pledged $100,000,000.00 to the cause, spurred by Floyd George’s death. Had this highly questionable martyr remained alive and a nobody except to those he criminalized; including the pregnant woman whose stomach he pointed a loaded gun directly at, would the reputed best NBA player of all time made a similar very welcome gift?

  12. Why is it that I’m blamed for what my white ancestors did,when it was their black ancestors who rounded up entire tribal communities and sold them to slave traders?Am I to be outraged about? heaven forbid!

  13. You have hit the bull’s eye again. This murderous white cop kills a black man of questionable character (it is said they were once co-workers) and ‘voila’ the Communists have their “cause” to do their own killing and destroying in the name of bringing our government down. It is war indeed and definitely no question as to how the fools in Europe got roped in. Useful Idiots are creeping out from everywhere. God Bless Trump, the USA and you Mr. Galganov!

  14. Yes, why simultaneously nation >>AND<< world-wide?? Hopefully the "leaders"/"backers" of this well directed, funded and orchestrated insanity shot their wad prematurely: I believe/hope that they shot themselves in both feet. Too far from November. Unless their bank accounts are very large.

  15. The moment the first rock was thrown or the first person shoved during these protests they ceased to be about George Floyd. In any case, only white Liberals think these monstrosities of civil unrest are positive, worthy and productive. Anyone with more than half a brain and a shred of decency knows they are nothing but vile expressions by hateful, destructive, directionless, violent, empty people.

  16. years ago we where in St. Petersburg Russia I wanted to send my friend in Phoenix a letter with the russian postmark. Wrote the letter and guess what NO GLUE ON ANY OF THE ENVELOPES. I cut up a band-aid into 4 strips and glued it shut he did get the letter. Also they took our passport and kept them till we left. It is the only country we have been to where we had no contact with the people. We always bought something for the house. Nothing but the dolls that go into each other or Vodka.

  17. well said sir. I just hope that these dummies either learn the truth or stop their so called protests. I have never disparage a black person in my life but I will n ever have the need to kneel. Ray Moscato Calgary , Ab, Canada

  18. I too have watched the unending loop of the “elderly protester in Chicago. To use the term “shoved” or “pushed” is an exaggeration. Still, I am concerned the police did not immediately come to his aid. To “Protest and Serve” doesn’t have a racial or political bias. I am and have proudly been an independent voter. My decision for support for the 2020 Presidential election has been cast in stone.

  19. Something very personal I don’t usually talk about. My wonderful child….a businesseperson who started using after a surgery and was fully functioning. No one knew. Went out on a rare occasion and had a few drinks. He did not wake up the next morning….his brain shut down. These things are powerful All so sad.

  20. I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We said that in grade school every morning. If you’re not for your country, then what do you stand for? I simply cannot fathom the loud screaming to dismantle or destroy police departments – who do these fools think will rescue/save them when crime hit their neighborhood or home?

  21. I am a victim of Narcissism. YES it really exists, the mental , emotional and financial abuse along with manipulation and gaslighting. The more I look at the situation in our society with the fake media and dishonest politicians…I see Narcissism full blown. It is hard to get away from all the lies etc. It will take time for the USA to heal from this.

  22. 100% accurate. Now you would think the FBI would be able to track the main instigators here. However the word seems to be that antifa, as an example are a “philosophy” and not a specific group(s). What BS is that. Pick out a few “instigators” and track them. These people are paid rabble. Follow the money!

  23. It always amazes me that our government can track a cow to where it was born when investigating MAD COW disease, but they cannot seem to find the leaders of these riots or who is funding them. Our country will never be the same, black gangsters, sports names, media have moved us to a point that there will be no trust. Liberal Politicians are going to continue to push towards controlling every part of our lives. Never will I kneel or bow to them for what I am and have I worked hard for.

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