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I’m Reading on LEFTIST News Media & Hearing & Seeing on Television News Media, Including Fox News, How The Far Right & Far LEFT Are Equally To Blame For The Riots & Looting.

Not Only Is This A Lie . . . It’s A Damned Lie! And The Media Who Perpetuate It Are Fools & Useful Idiots.

I Can’t Listen to or Watch the Media Self-Analysis Anymore. It’s Making me Sick to my Stomach to See & Hear the Stupid Media Psychoanalysis of the Issue, Trying to Find some Blame to Attribute to Everyone.

It’s Like Trying To Affix Blame Onto The Pretty Girl Who Was Raped . . . Because She Was A Pretty Girl.

Black American – George Floyd Is Dead . . . Murdered by Bad White Cops in Minneapolis – Virtually all America (White & Black) Have Been Sickened by the Murder of George Floyd . . . People Protested to Punish the Bad Cops . . . The People’s Voices Were Heard.

It’s One Thing . . .To Legitimately Protest – But it’s Entirely a Different Matter when the Purpose of the Protest has been Heard, Acknowledged & Succeeded . . . And the People are Too Stupid to Know that they’ve Won & it’s Time to Accept the Win & Enjoy the Victory.


The Problem With The Black Community . . . Is The Black Community.

And No Amount of Punishment to the few Police Bad Actors is going to Fix it. And No Amount of Disgraceful Anti-White Rhetoric is going to Fix it Either.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for Black Gang-Bangers.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for Endemic Black-On-Black Murders throughout America.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for the American Black Pandemic of Unwanted Teenage Husbandless Pregnancies within the Black Community.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for the Vulgar Self-Deprecating Language used by the Black Community within the Black Music World, as the Rappers Refer to themselves as Niggers – And to Black Girls & Black Women as Whores.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for the Huge Black Incarceration Rate, since White People & the Police are Not Responsible for the Obscene Amount of Crime Committed by Black People.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for the Utter Lack of Education within the Black Community, and the Black Communities’ Inability to Speak Proper English, or to Read & Write. Especially since White People Created the Anti-White Policy Of Affirmative Action, which Gave (Gives) an Unfair Advantage to Black People for Education, Jobs – Etc over White People.

White People & the Police are Not Responsible for such a Huge Number of Black Super Athletes who use their Fame & Fortune to Embarrass their own Black Community through their Use of Drugs, Guns, Horrible Language, Despicable Treatment of Women and the Ostentatiousness of how they Comport themselves.

And How Are White People & The Police Responsible For Black Riots, Destruction & Looting?

Black People Ask . . . Why am I Stopped by the Police while Jogging, Walking or Driving through White Communities? If the Black Community Really Wants to Know Why, All they Need Do is Look at the News Videos of the Black Caused, Violence, Carnage & Looting.

Do You Want To Know . . . Who Besides the Black People are Responsible for this Irreparable Disaster of the Black Community – LIBERALS! Especially Liberals who Live in their Expensive Gated-Communities, who Lecture all of us on How to Get Along.

I Just Saw a Piece on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” . . . The Opening Theme Was . . . What do we Have to Do to Get Along? What An Asinine, Supercilious, Self-Indulgent Question.

To The Black Community . . . Stop Acting Like Savages . . .  And We’ll All Get Along.


Jews were Driven out of Israel by the Romans in 70-AD. We Scattered Throughout the World. Jews were Murdered, Raped, Disenfranchised & Driven out of Nearly Every Country in Europe . . . Name One Jewish Caused Riot As A Result?

Even In Canada & The USA, Right Up To The 1960’s . . . Jews Weren’t Allowed in many Public Places. Jews Had to Have Special Higher Marks than Non-Jews to get into Certain Universities (Harvard & McGill). We Were Not Permitted to sit on School Boards – Etc – Etc – Etc. Yet . . . I Don’t Remember Any Jewish Riots.

Europe’s Nazis Murdered 6-Million Jews & Stole Everything They Could From Us – Everything But Our Humanity.

Violent Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise Worldwide . . . Where Are The Jewish Riots?

When Jewish Men Or Women Do Great Things . . . I’m Filled With Jewish Pride. And when Jewish Men or Women Do or Say things that are Reprehensible . . . I am Overwhelmed With Shame For The Jewish Community.

And I Promise You, I Am Not Unique About This In The Worldwide Jewish Community.

I am so Terribly Ashamed of Jacob Frey – the Jewish Socialist Mayor of Minneapolis, who so Screwed-Up his Obligation to Protect the City which Entrusted him with the Well-Being & Safety of the People who Elected him, that I could Bury my Head in Shame.

I Am No Less Ashamed . . . of Jewish People like Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff – Etc, who are Destroying the Fabric of Decency & Morality in America, and all my Jewish Co-Religionists who Vote Them-In.

Where Are The Voices In The Black Community Saying How Ashamed They Are Of How So Many Black People Conduct Themselves?


This Insurrection Was (Is) Caused By The LEFT . . . And It Was An Inevitable Long Time In-The-Coming.

For The Longest Time . . . The LEFT, Led by Democrats, Academics, Hollywood and the Media Have Poisoned Race Relations for their Socio/Political Agenda, Creating the Super Powerful Self-Racial Grief Industry, by Creating a Huge Problem where no Huge Problem Existed.

And Now the LEFT is somehow Going to Fix this Massive Problem of their own Making by Bringing in a Vile Anti-Semite . . . Keith Ellison, who’s a Friend to the Moslem Race-Baiter & Jew-Hater Louis Farrakhan – To Oversee The Prosecution Of the Murderer(s) of George Floyd.

We Can’t Begin To Fix What Is Broken . . . Until The LEFT Is Totally Defeated In Shame.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I HAVE NO COMMENT!! You said it all, I understand it, and many there’s do as well, of that I’m sure,……then please tell me why we don’t have the “chutzpah” (sorry Howard I’m Roman Catholic and I like the Jewish expression far more for the ONLY solution necessary in this and other cases,….think about it,…..think about it,…..and think about it again! It is only US (meaning US, you and I ) that can ultimately be involved in fixing it!!! Tom

  2. Right on Howard, but you could have added were are the Native American Riots.

  3. There were no Jewish riots ever Howard because had there been we’d have been put down, shot in the streets and that you can take to the bank.

  4. Shops are looted, a precinct is set ablaze, police cars are burned, businesses destroyed, hopes and dreams trashed, and all New York Mayor De Blasio can say is that he’s proud of the police for their “restraint.” Typical Democrat: In response to the covid contagion they release criminals into society and place law-abiding citizens under house arrest. Lord, deliver us from these idiots. By the way, George Floyd has an interesting history that will be explosive when it is revealed.

  5. Mr. Galganov, Sir! This Observer highly commends your fine and excellent editorial of today. Bravo! AEN

  6. Great Editorial, Howard! The “average individuals” are questioning as to WHY the so-called LEADERS of the various STATES/COMMUNITIES ALLOWED the RIOTS to OCCUR. COMMON SENSE would tell us that they would have been SMART enough to POLICE this situation IMMEDIATELY, i. e., when they FIRST BEGAN. SOROS, a Trump-Hater, is noted to be FUNDING those RIOTS because he supports the Radical Left and wants to DESTROY AMERICA. Thus far, he’s been quite SUCCESSFUL at doing so. Will he ever be stopped? AMEN!

  7. Howard I agree with you, but, you said it better than I can!!

  8. It is an election year and the Democrats need a race war. So where do you start a race war? In a Democrat controlled city in a Democrat controlled city. Democrats have controlled Minnesota for decades. If the “system” is racist, it is the Democrat system that is racist and the Democrats have had decades to change it but didn’t. But why would they change anything? They couldn’t accuse Republicans of racism.

  9. Is your rear end white ? then you are the problem. Even if you are unaware of your racists tendencies ( then you are White and Stupid ) My Prime Minister just advised me of same . Racism not only exits in the US it has permeated Canada the Pure as well AND WE NEED TO FIX IT . Thank the Lord for leadership of this Caliber . Beyond the Mouth Music addressing the Newest Canadian Threat will probably require a Racism Tax. What to Hell Carbon Tax was the cure Climate Change why not Racism Tax ?

  10. IMHO any nation that refuses to enforce its laws is doomed. It seems to me that laws in the USA are not being enforced, particularly against rioters and looters who are thugs and criminals. Don’t get me wrong; I do not favor mass shootings of protesters, but those breaking the law, (rioters, looters and destroyers need to understand that justice will be rapidly served and then we should do it. As it now stands, mobs can loot and destroy with impunity, knowing that arrest is unlikely and bail are readily provided for those domestic terrorists allowing their lackeys to continue rioting and looting or inciting others to do so. Effective law enforcement must be taken quickly and forcefully in order to prevent escalation of the terrorists and their activities. As it now stands, it is politically unacceptable to punish lawbreakers if they are black. The courts, (judges), are far too lenient letting criminals out on bond. Those who commit serious crimes should be denied bond until they are tried.

  11. My country is being torn apart by evil. There are SO many good people here, yet it’s the FEW that are tearing the fabric of this great country down.This brings tears to my eyes and I disparingly think the Left will NOT be brought to shame BECAUSE they KNOW NO SHAME. PRAYERS!! For the strength to fight for what is RIGHT and to uphold the righteous!

  12. Wow! BRAVO!!!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more’ Excellent article. Thank you for telling it like it is.

  13. Where… where were the daddy’s of these rioters …in their formative years.Only crazed animals dare to loot.. torch and pillage with senses of entitlement. There must be consequences..ONCE and FOR ALL !

  14. Howard, the only thing that will stop the destruction of the USA are real bullets! The US is at war with idiots that can’t get off their collective asses to do something useful but expect the hard working people to donate and donate ad infinitem! You won’t want to add my comments but at nearly 88 yrs. I’m fed up with the soft touch that is used by jealous do-nothings! Anyway, I always enjoy your editorials. Madelene

  15. This all orchestrated to defeat Trump! Pressing him to solve the problem and no matter what he does it will be wrong! Well said Howard.

  16. I love what I saw Hon Kong do to rioting they use water that is blue and full force spary everyone a lot of water from fire trucks on them this way later they can arrest who is blue and they do not get out of jail. That are shoot them what the devil they are being terroist. I know that is not nice to say but when you come to destroy you are bad What the officer did was wrong but G.F. was no angel read up on him I once again had no idea about how many letters I get to use, so seems I know now

  17. My Son is a Firefighter in CA. As he and his team goes on call they have to have an officer go with them to protect them from those who want to steal from the Squad. I say allow them to be armed, protect themselves. Any person making a false 911 call puts them in danger and should be arrested. Any person trying to steal, rob or injure a Protector of life and property should be shot on sight. Hate to say it but this is happening in primarily in Minority areas, looking for drugs. But they scream

  18. It also deserves note that race relations got worse under Obama.

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