I Didn’t Know Better


JUST ASKING . . . If Restaurants & Other Small Businesses are to be Restricted by the Government – To No More Than 25% Clientele – Are the Politicians, Bureaucrats & ALL Public Sector Workers – Willing To Work For 25% Of Their Salaries?

And If Government Workers Aren’t Working Should They Still Get Paid?


When I Turned Sixteen on February 12, 1966, I got my Driver’s License. And by the Time Memorial Day Rolled Around in May Of 1966, I Took my Dad’s Car Loaded with Several Friends & Headed for Lake George NY (In The Adirondack Mountains), where we Understood there would be Lots of Pre-Summer Fun.

Being A Young Canadian . . . I Had No Idea What Memorial Day Represented.

As Years Progressed . . . It Became a Tradition for us (Canadians) to Celebrate Memorial Day at Lake George, where this Kick-Off to Summer was Full of Hot-Girls, Loud Music and no Shortage of Beer – Especially Canadian Beer, which we Brought with us, which was a Big Hit with the American Girls.


And For The Many Years . . . that I and my Canadian Friends Celebrated at Lake George . . . We Never Once Gave Thought or Questioned What Memorial Day Was All About, and what we were Celebrating or Why? . . . But Neither Did The Young American Party-Goers Who Were Also There For Nothing-More Than Having A Good Time.

There Never Was A Moment Of Silence, Contemplation Or The Singing Of The American Anthem.

I Always Paid Tremendous Tribute & Reverence To Remembrance Day (November 11), which in the USA is Called Veteran’s Day. Which to me, since from the Time that I could First Remember, it was a Solemn Day of Paying Tribute to all of Canada’s Warriors.

But For Me – Memorial Day . . . for the Longest Time was just a Day in the Calendar that Kicked-Off Summer in America.


As I Grew Older & Invested More Time in Wondering & Questioning all Manner of Things, which in my Youth I Took for Granted, I Soon Enough Realized that Memorial Day Represented Paying Tribute to the MEMORY of all the Men (And Some Women) who Surrendered their Lives in Battle, so that People like me Could Live my Life in Freedom.

In Canada, we have no such thing as Memorial Day. Yet a Huge Number of Canadians (Millions) Willingly Went into Battle all Around the World, Many of Whom Died on Foreign Soil Fighting for the Freedoms of Others, so We in Canada would Not have to Fight for our Own Freedoms on our Own Soil.

I Too . . . Like Many Americans – Hold those who Served (Americans & Canadians), Fought & Died for my Freedom in the Highest Esteem. There Really is No Way that any of us can Sufficiently Thank the People (Military) Who Gave It Their All, So People Like Me Would Not Have To.

As A Canadian . . . I Proudly Fly the Flags of Canada & The USA, Whether on the Property where we’re at in Canada, or when Setting-Up in our Winter Home in the United States of America, Regardless of where it Happens to be – because I Realize, That If Freedom Stops Reigning Supreme In America . . . Freedom Ceases To Exist At All In Canada.


And Now – More Than Ever . . . Especially Now that I’m 70-Years Old, and have Come to Fully Realize just how Essential America is to the Freedom of the World . . . And Most Importantly to Canada, as Canada Travels Full-Steam-Ahead into the Abyss of Socialism & One World Government . . . The United States Of America – Is Without Question, Our Last Best Canadian Chance To Remain Free.


If For Whatever Reason, Joe Biden or some other LEFTIST Democrat should Win the White House by Whatever Measures the LEFT can Conjure . . . It Will Be All Over For The American Dream & Freedom.

Or . . .  if Donald Trump can Keep the Presidency, but the Senate Falls into the Hands of Schumer, or if the Republicans Keep the Senate, but Can’t Win Back the House, President Trump’s Presidency will Not Survive Another Vicious Onslaught of the LEFT and their Media Cohorts . . .

. . . Which Makes This Memorial Day – Far More Meaningful in Context, since these Brave Men & Women, who for more than 250-Generational Years of Military Service, Fought & Fell in Combat, so that America and the Rest of the World Would be Free, Would have Died for Nothing, if some 250-Years Later, the People of the United States of America, through their Elected Government, should Surrender it all Away on the Altar of the False Promise of a Socialized One World Government.

I Understand . . . Memorial Day – Home BBQ’s, Picnics, a Day at the Beach, RV Camping and a Host of other Ways & Means to Enjoy The Memorial Day-Off.

But I’m Not 16-Years Old Anymore, and I Fully Appreciate the Significance of the Price which was Paid for our Freedoms by our Forefathers . . . Which are on the Brink of Being Squandered by Men & Women who have No Concept of the Consequences we will all Pay Because of the Path they are Preparing to Follow.


The China Virus Is The LEFT’S Path To Tyranny.

Make The China Virus Far More Than What It Is. Lock-Down Personally Attended Voting. Remove ID’s From Voting. Boost Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots. Stop the Excitement of Campaign Rallies. Remove Face-To-Face Presidential Debates. Use Unending Anti-Trump Propagandized Media . . . And Use The Judiciary To Dirty-Up The President.

In The Name Of Memorial Day – Don’t Allow The Surrender By Others . . . Of What Was Paid For In Blood By Patriots.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Surrender any freedom and you never get it back…. Never surrender.

  2. It takes the warrior to take care of the wimps.

  3. We must never forget, nor allow our friends to forget. Our freedoms were bought with courage. Not some limp wrist-ed politician in Ottawa

  4. I have said that all along. If President Trump loses the election, it will have a huge impact on what little freedom Canada has now. I’m always pissing socialist Canadians off by telling them how much I like President Trump. I keep losing friends, ask me if I care.

  5. No today is not just of BBQ and picnic’s Howard we do honor our men and women on this day for they gave their lives for us to be FREE in this country. We put our Flags up for it is to honor them all that gave. I wish I could send you a video I saw today from a Dr. who is dead set against Dr. Fausci maybe I spelled his name right. There are many of us who believe this Dr. who is also against Bill Gates Soros and all of them this included Obama as well. Lord forbid I leave Hillary out.Our U.S in

  6. Howard,. your thoughts and comments on Memorial day are great and a mirror of mine – but interesting having spent about the last 50 Memorial Days in Canada, I never realized Canada did not celebrate it – granted I was in a small summer colony mostly Americans, which I am – Texas. Also curious about your recent trip to Montreal you described – I had heard QC/ON border closed – is that the 401 and you traveled back roads!?! Always love your stuff!

  7. These are desperate times and very sad that Canada has to depend on President Trump and the USA to save us from our dictator. The so called experts are scrambling to find reasons to keep Canadians locked up and suggestions of making masks mandatory plus lockdown again if there is a spike. It’s lonely being right, and we are right in the fight against One World Order. Fight, fight & fight again, never give up.

  8. As usual Howard your words are right on the money. The Freedoms our country’s enjoy must Never be taken for granted. If the left by Hook or Crook gets to control the USA, Freedom as we know it will be Lost forever. I have Faith the American people will not let these precious Freedoms be forsaken.

  9. You are not alone. Sadly, many Americans do not know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day! From my fourth grade year onward I did know because that was the year we had a family member die innservice to this country. I learned the hard way the meaning of that folded flag. From fifth grade onward, our family supported it through the wearing of the red poppies and a trip to the cemetery.

  10. It is interesting that I had to share with a few people that it was not Happy Memorial Day. I explained that it was a somber day as we remember those who have fallen in the price of Freedom. Lots of adults used it as a Vacation day to play, I can assure you none of their kids will grow up with any clue of why it is a holiday. The Souls of the fallen are shedding tears for all of us that they died protecting Freedom and we are just letting the Gov’t. take it away without as much as a fight

  11. I figure the only way Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, squad & swamp acknowledged Memorial Day was to have yet another day off. CCP is using their released coronavirus-created international economic emergencies to buy inroads to EU nations, like Italy. “EU foreign affairs chief Borrell said the pandemic could be seen as a turning point in the power shift from West to East, and that for the EU the “pressure to choose sides is growing.”” ALL=Europe has little MILITARY strength of its own so vulnerable.

  12. Howard as usual you said it all!!! I’m an Army vet and fly the flag all year long.

  13. Memorial Day is particularly significant for our family as my 6th great -grandfather at 59 yrs old endured a harsh winter at Valley Forge and died the following summer and both my maternal great-grandfather’s and paternal 2nd great- grandfather’s brothers died in the Confederate Prison at Andersonville. We revere all who have given their lives to secure our freedoms.

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