How’s President Hillary Doing With The China Virus?


Some Polls Show Biden Leading Trump By ELEVEN POINTS. Some by 8-Points. And in the Category of the Economy, some Polls show President Trump with a Slim Lead.

Funny Thing . . . If it was up to the Pollsters, we would be Asking President Hillary Clinton what She will be Doing to Fight the China Virus? And where was her “Magic Wand” to having Brought Manufacturing Jobs Back to America?

BUT IT WASN’T UP TO THE POLLSTERS IN 2016 . . . It Was Up To The Voters. And in Spite of Winning the Majority of Votes in the USA, which were Focused Almost Entirely on Two Major UBER-LEFTIST STATES, California & New York, of which I am Quite Assured there was Rampant Voter Fraud, The Rest Of America Voted Trump.

So What Happened With All The Polls That Crowned Queen Hillary?


The Definition Of Insanity Is A Person Doing The Same Thing Over & Over Expecting A Different Result.

Do You Remember? . . . I’m Sure You Do, that According to all the Pollsters, all the Media (Including Fox News), and all the Experts, Said that “Trump” had No Path Whatsoever to Winning the Electoral College.

All the “Experts” Unanimously Agreed with the Polls, that Donald Trump would Probably Not Win any States of Consequence, Nor would he Win the Votes of any Women, Nor Would “Trump” Win Black & Hispanic Votes Either.


So Here We Are . . . Less than 6-Months from the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election, and Once Again, we’re Hearing from all the Pollsters and from all the Experts (Fox News Included), that the DUFUS EXTRAORDINAIRE, Joe Biden is Creaming President Trump at the Polls.

Jill Biden Should Be Indicted For Senior Abuse.

I DON’T BELIEVE JILL BIDEN LOVES HER HUSBAND . . . Because, if Jill Biden Loved her Husband Joe, she would Not Participate in this Display of Extreme Elder-Abuse. Biden is a Mentally Challenged Man, who Lies, Distorts, Exaggerates & Creates Illusions of Himself.

Biden Can’t Formulate Words – And Often Can’t Remember Where He Is . . . Or With Whom He’s With. And this is the Man, who after Nearly a Half Century in Government, who has Next to Zero Accomplishments Done for the Country, is the Candidate the Pollsters & Experts Somehow Know Can Beat the Most Successful & Most Robust President in Modern American History.

Remember . . . It’s Not Just What The Pollsters Ask – It’s Also How & Who They Ask.


When Caesar Felt the Restlessness of the Masses, Caesar threw some Red Meat to the Lions in the Colosseum, Namely Christians to the Lions, or had Gladiators Fight to the Death . . . or Whatever other Blood Distraction, which would Serve to Soothe the Agitated Minds of the Masses.

I FEAR . . . That Government Insiders, the Likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and even William Barr & John Durham are Pretending to Throw some Red Meat to the Masses, since People who Should be Held Accountable, Should have Already been Behind Bars Long Ago . . . Including Hillary Clinton, Are All Part Of The Same Cabal.

With what these People (Democrats, RINOS Et Al) did with the Russia Hoax, Flynn & the Ukrainian Lie . . . which most Probably Goes all the Way to the Obama White House & Obama White House Staff . . . Was So Egregious, that it was Tantamount to the Abrogation of the Constitution of the United States of America, which is Treason, where the Remedy for Treason in the United States of America is Legal Execution.

Wrap Your Head Around This . . . General Flynn was Set-Up by Law Enforcement, which Ultimately Answered to the White House (Obama). And In What Was A Matter Of Days, Weeks & A Few Months, General Flynn was Investigated, Indicted, Arrested, Tried, Found Guilty & Arraigned for Sentencing . . . For Crimes He Did Not Commit, which Included Lying to the FBI, Since the Original Charges Against Flynn were Contrived by The FBI Under Illegal Duress.

Now Think Of This . . . The Evidence of Extreme Government Malfeasance Against the Duly Elected President of the United States of America (Trump) by the Outgoing Obama White House is Nearly Incontrovertible, Yet – Not One Person Has Been Charged, Indicted, Arrested Or Remanded For Trial.

Martha Stewart Went To Prison For Lying To The FBI . . . Yet Hillary Clinton Lied to Congress, Destroyed Evidence, Violated a Subpoena to Turn Over Evidence, Ran a Scam Charitable Foundation, Was in Charge of the State Department When $6-Billion Dollars Went Missing, Oversaw the Benghazi Fiasco & then Ran for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Comey, Clapper & Brennan All Lied to Congress . . . So – ?

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED . . . I Suspect, that the People who are Responsible for Bringing these Miscreants to Justice (McConnell, Graham & Company) are just as Dirty as the Conspirators who Created the Failed Coup D’état Against President Donald Trump.

Sleep With Dogs . . . Wake With Fleas.

I Don’t Believe . . . That a Person can be a Life-Time Politician, Especially at the Upper Echelon, and not Owe Something to Someone. When the Media Cameras are Turned-Off and the Microphones Disappear . . . And there’s No Further Need for Dramatic Politicking, Most – if Not all these Politicians Wind-Up Sleeping in the Same Doghouse, sharing the same Fleas Together.

I Believe These Politicians Have So Much Dirt On Each Other . . . That To Takedown One Is To Takedown Oneself.

So . . . If You’re Waiting To See The Treasonous Bastards Do The Perp-Walk, Don’t Hold your Breath. I Hope I’m Wrong . . . But I Figure – all we’re Going to See, will be a Roman Style Spectacle with some Limited Political Blood, where a Few Low-Level Bureaucrats will be Hung-Out to Dry to Take the Fall for the Mighty, while the Politicians Make their “Feigned” Indignant Speeches to Entertain the Masses.

I Wish It Wasn’t So . . . But In Thousands Of Years Of Politics – Nothing Changes.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hillary said something like, “If I go down most of Washington goes with me”.

  2. Quote: “The Evidence of Extreme Government Malfeasance Against the Duly Elected President of the United States of America (Trump) by the Outgoing Obama White House is Nearly Incontrovertible, Yet – Not One Person Has Been Charged, Indicted, Arrested Or Remanded For Trial.” Yesterday Trump ordered the Churches and Synagogues and after a pause even the mosques to be opened – saying “we need more prayer not less”. The Cabals greatest fear is the hand of the God they hate.

  3. If a pollster asked me my opinions, I likely would give him false answers, just to try to skew the results. I wonder if others are doing that also? It’s fun playing with politicians’ minds!

  4. Unfortunately your assessment of the swamp is correct. I have continually told my wife that the day of reckoning is coming. After reading your editorial, I am now going to keep my mouth shut!

  5. Personally, I support President Trump, and I have always admired him for being a person who tells it like it is. I believe Donald Trump is doing the best he can to serve and to protect the United States and the American people. Out of curiosity…. if there are 350 million Americans in the U.S. – how come the Democrats cannot find another JFK type (young, good looking, terrific orator, etc..) to challenge Trump in the next election? Joe Biden is the best they can do ??? God Bless America

  6. It’s a comfort to know there are a few brave souls out there (you among them) saying out loud, precisely what I’m thinking. Thanks again for truthful words. Can’t wait to vote for Trump in November.

  7. Howard, I share your dismay. How could a major political party in the greatest country in the world field a candidate for the presidency who is demonstrably corrupt and mentally deficient? It doesn’t make any sense. And then polls show this man leading a very capable president by a comfortable margin. One must conclude that the citizens are derelict in their duty: They have become hopelessly complacent and grossly misinforned by the Demorrhoid’s media allies. They better wake up soon.

    Or More Likely – The Polls Are A Joke – HG

  8. Trump will win in November that is if he can overcome the rampant voter fraud. Voter fraud will go on right in front of our eyes and the Democrats have nothing to loose if caught because a bunch of them will be sent to prison if Trump wins. If Trump don’t win all of these people who were caught doing voter fraud will on easy street with no prison time. Trump is being nice now but wait till he wins in November, it will be the end for the Democrats. However if Trump don’t win there will be WAR.

  9. I do not totally agree. I believe that there are still a few good men (Pres Trump for one) who will stand up to the stagnate corruption and see that justice is done. It will be a hard road and not all will be brought to justice. Many shall find their just reward in the deepest bowels of hell. In the mean time, we the people have to put up with the circus. Oh, and by the way, ___ the poles.

  10. Polls, schmolls. I get “pollsters” calling me as many as 3 times a week. I don’t know who sponsors them, and when I ask, I get nothing but obfuscation. I give the ALL the same answer – I don’t do polls, and please do NOT call me again. I think that many Trump supporters feel the same, and we are not counted. We are the silent majority. So the polls will go on touting Sleepy Joe, who is no more qualified to be president than my dog. And come election day, they’ll eat their words AGAIN. Surprise!

  11. As I have previously stated, Polls mean absolutely nothing unless they are blind, impartial and non political. Any legitimate pollster can select those respondents who will give them the answers they desire. They know in advance how most respondents will reply to any query because they have our histories on most any subject in their databanks. A poll could be generated showing that most respondents prefer Mustard flavored Ice Cream.

  12. I have been around a few more years than Joe Biden. He was never particularly sharp. He never accomplished anything. He was known as good old Joe.Now as a brain addled moron he is the likely democrat nominee to run for president.

  13. The only poll that counts is election day unless voter fraud is used and I’m afraid it will and will be covered-up by the leftist fake news lamestream media. Election day should be held on October 31st on Halloween because when it comes to voter fraud it’s amazing how many dead people vote. In the last election, there was apparently 5 Million fraud votes by the demon rats, and most of them where dead people.

  14. Howard, Joe Biden’s wife needs to call Visiting Angels. SAD!

  15. Keystone cops writ large. So much time and effort on the part of so many people to take Flynn out. They should have just hired a hit man and nobody would have been any the wiser for it.

  16. Been saying this forever they all have films of each other sleeping with sheep. LOL

  17. How Biden can be supported to run for President is a BIG JOKE. BUT, Biden is NOT really running for President; it will be his upcoming VP—when announced! His wife is ONLY interested in becoming the FIRST LADY, i. e., ’till the VP takes over! His MEDICAL-MENTAL condition is quite sad, however! Oh yes, “some Red Meat is being fed to the Lions [the LEFT] in the Colosseum [CONGRESS, etc..]. We’ll just have to WAIT and SEE what other INGREDIENT was INCLUDED—maybe a TRUTH SERUM? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Yes, before we know it we will be voting again for President of the U.S. the Democrats have a few more months to make up more lies about our President now Lord how do they sleep at night? President Trump does need to pay more attention to our Native Americans all of our Nations need help in many ways. Joe Biden should retire instead of running for President, The man is palling most women he touches along with little young girls go home sir go home. That goes for Hillary $ Nancy as well. Go Home

  19. Truth to the max, Howard!!! I am with you, nothing will be done since DC is totally corrupted. What I see in the future for my kids, grandkids, & great-grandkids in a US that is a socialistic state & freedom is no longer. My heart is breaking with that knowledge & there is nothing I can do except VOTE for Trump & pray!!!

  20. I have known a few Politicians personally, both sides, they are people that can spin words so that you think they are on your side and then do just the opposite. I do not trust Washington to hold each other accountable as there is too much money to be made trading deals, look at each bill passed, the pork that is added on to get it passed. Plain BS, polls are plain BS, they want the public to think I only want to vote for a Winner as the polls indicate. Lie, Lie Lie from DC and Media

  21. The only way Biden can win is by mail in ballots. Do your readers know that Democrats stole the 1960 election in Illinois?

  22. The liberal pollsters lied back in 2016 to demean and derail Trump’s success, and they are doing it again. Biden and the Dems today really are a mess. They are hardly even a party, let alone a party with dignity and intelligence. Anyone voting for them today shows either an unwillingness to learn, a serious lack of intelligence or an obsessive , deranged Trump disorder.

  23. You write about corruption in the U.S.political field and I also believe that there is similar corruption in Canadian politics. The Trudeau Liberal government bought the media to the tune of $600 million. Now we get to listen to Trudeau’s daily report on the COVID crisis. Please let people get back to work and give them credit for some ability to look after ourselves!

  24. Excellent Howard…well said. If those despicable Democrats who were entrusted with powerful roles only to repay such honorable tenures with corruption, lying, and gross immorality in the highest degree. If these despicable souls are not punished with long prison terms then the people of American should brace themselves for a continuation of such behavior in an accelerated mode.

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