Fake News On Fox Midday . . . Where’s The Surprise?


I Can’t Repeat This Too Often Or Often Enough . . . Do Not Believe Everything You Read Or Hear Anywhere, Without Really Knowing The Source Or All The Details.

Yesterday – May 18, 2020 . . . While Writing Yesterday’s Editorial, I had Fox News on in the Background, because I Wanted to Hear what President Trump was Going to Say about Opening-Up America for the Restaurant Industry.

And During the Q & A with Reporters, one of the Reporters ASKED President Trump – with a Heavy Emphasis of the word ASKED, if President Trump Took Hydroxychloroquine? To which President Trump said Yes and went on to Elaborate.

But That Wasn’t The Story – Fox News Announced . . . That Trump “CHOSE” To Announce His Use Of Hydroxychloroquine, Which Is True, But Extremely Misleading.

President Trump Didn’t all of a sudden Blurt out of Thin Air – that he CHOSE to use Hydroxychloroquine. He ANSWERED a Reporter’s Question.

Had President Trump Said No to the Reporter, President Trump would have been Accused somewhere Down the Road of Lying to the People. Or, President Trump would have been Accused of Hiding a Treatment that was Unavailable to other People.

Or . . . Had President Trump Chosen Not to Answer the Reporters Question at all, President Trump would have been Accused of Hiding in Plain Sight.

So, The President Answered A Simple Question With A Simple Answer.

To Hear It From Fox News . . . Specifically from Neil Cavuto, who seems to me, to be doing all he can to Camouflage his Disdain for President Trump, as much as he can; was that President Trump is Promoting the People of America To Die, because the President Admitted to Taking Hydroxychloroquine.

In Cavuto’s Words . . . If You Follow The President’s Advice – “You’ll Die”.

And Cavuto Didn’t Say It Once . . . That “You’ll Die” if you Follow President Trump’s Advice. Cavuto said it Repeatedly, and then Got some Grinning Doctor to Reinforce what Cavuto was Saying, For No Other Reason In My Opinion . . . Other Than To Further Disparage President Trump.

Forget the FACT, that Dozens, Hundreds, or even Thousands of Doctors, Researchers & Scientist Worldwide, Including Major Respected American Doctors & Hospitals have Promoted the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a Treatment (If Not Even A Potential Prophylactic Prevention) for the China Virus. Cavuto seems to Know that if you take Hydroxychloroquine . . . “You’ll Die”.

Understand This . . . In That Q & A President Trump Never Once Recommended Hydroxychloroquine For Anyone.


Make No Mistake About It . . . One Word Can Change The World.

Fox News Said That US Attorney General William Barr . . . Said that Neither Past President Barak Obama, Nor Past Vice President & Current Democrat Candidate to Run for President Joe Biden . . . Will Be Charged In The Durham Investigation.

NOT TRUE . . . Because that’s Not what Attorney General Barr Said at All. What Barr said was . . . Based On The Evidence We Have, It Is “UNLIKELY” That Either Obama Or Biden Will Be Criminally Investigated By Durham.

Nowhere in the Multitude of Audio, Written & Video Reports, which I Heard, Read & Saw did I Hear The Phrase NOT Going To Be:

But in Every Coverage of Barr’s Statement to the Media . . . I Heard, Read & Saw the Word “UNLIKELY” – Directly from the Lips of William Barr.

How Is The Word “Unlikely” . . . Akin To The Words Not Or Won’t?


Over the Last Few Days, several Readers of Galganov.com Emailed their Disappointment to me in President Donald Trump’s Decision to begin Financing the WHO (World Health Organization) all over again.

My Response to these People was Two-Fold. It’s Impossible for us to Know all the Vagaries of International Politics & Why Certain things Happen. And Don’t Necessarily Believe Everything you Read on the Internet.

And then I saw it on Fox News, that President Trump will Most Probably Resume Financially Supporting the WHO, but Maybe at the Same or Lessor Rate, which China Pays.

The Truth Of Course . . . Is President Trump will Continue to Suspend all Monies to the WHO for another 30-Days. And if the WHO Does Not Make Wholesale Changes to the Way it Does “Business” – Vis A Vis Favoring China over the USA, the United States of America will Permanently Cancel all Funding to the WHO.

Does That Sound Anything Like Fox News Was Reporting?


Governor Of New York . . . Andrew Cuomo, who’s Become the Day-Time China Virus Media Star, with his Daily Pontifications . . . said Yesterday (May 18, 2020) – that his First Concern, and the First Concern of the State of New York is for the Safety & Well Being of the Elderly In Nursing & Retirement Homes . . . And No One Should Be Held Criminally Responsible For The Deaths Of All The Elderly People In Those Places, Who Succumbed To The China Virus.

And Why Did Cuomo Say That? Cuomo Made the Declaration on Live Television, Because No One in New York State is or was More Responsible for the Deaths of as many as 5,000 (And Perhaps More) Elderly People in those Homes, than is or was Andrew Cuomo Himself.

And That’s The Kind Of People We Employ (Vote-In) To Take Care Of Our Societies – Heaven Help Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, as you do eloquently put it “Fox News” is turning to the “dark side “. Appreciate you and your steadfastness.

  2. I gave up on Fox. The only credible TV news is One America News Network which is channel 347 on DirecTV. I watch Tucker on the internet. I wouldn’t believe the MSM if they told me water is wet.

  3. I find myself tuning in more and more of the product offered by Newsmax rather than that of FOX. FOX to me has become the new CNN of old moving ever more with each passing day to the left and without much real “news” content. Too bad, so sad, but nothing new.

  4. Right on Howard. WHO has to go along with our minister of health Dr. Twan or what ever her name is as she is in with the WHO.

  5. I have noticed for awhile that Cavuto was showing his dislike for Pres Trump. Even Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News in house physician disagrees with Cavuto and credits Plaquinil for saving his 96 year old father. I am a 100% Trump supporter and think it is OK to criticise Trump Fairly, The Fox evening shows hard news and commentary, Behr, McCallum, Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham are all usually Fair & Balanced. Conservative Hannity is 100% a Trump supporter but will point out obvious mistakes.

  6. When Cavuto comes on I turn the channel. Can’t stand his smug, fat, face.

  7. Dan Bongino recently advised his audience not to believe what they hear on TV but wait for at least 24 hours. That’s how long it takes for the truth to come out. Trump is so masterful at the game he is playing I think or would like to think as others have said, that he continues to surround himself with fakes and phonies giving them the opportunity of revealing themselves and their true motives to the American people. Vaccines are not needed. They are guaranteed to damage our immune systems.

  8. I don’t understand why you would bother listening to Fox

    I Listen To & Read As Much Media As I Can – HG.

  9. I, too, heard the FOX comments and what you have said is all too true! They misled everyone with how they screwed the words around for effect! Non of the media can be trusted not to sensationalize even the smallest issue. Stay True and Stay safe…..

  10. You do not like Gov.Cuomo. Okay. Why does he have to be charged by you as liable for the nursing home deaths!? Is he also responsible for the other Covid-19 deaths. Thank you for clarifying your ridiculous charges against the Governor of NEW YORK. I live in NY

    This Is Your One & Only Warning NOT To Spew Liberal Crap On Galganov.com – HG

  11. There is nothing ridiculous about charges that Cuomo is responsible for multiple deaths in New York nursing homes. He is the one who ordered that Covid patients be admitted to these homes. No ambiguity here. As usual, Howard is right.

  12. Today’s editorial is a prime example as to the reason I’m happy to support you. You spell it out perfectly and honestly ,as always!

  13. I only watch Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Judge Jeanine Pirro on FOX. They at least still say the truth. In Canada, I follow The Rebel Media and True North for my news.

  14. Canadians need to insist that our Television service providers air “One America News Network”. Why can I get Al Jezeera in hi-definition but we cannot get OANN? For that matter, I pay extra to receive Fox News. My Service provider “Cogeco” still to this day will not offer it in Hi-definition. This is insane.

  15. Spot on, as usual, Mr. “G”. You’re a voice of reason in a world gone mad. Thank you for always speaking TRUTH! You’re a true patriot.

  16. Perhaps while not being a criminal act in forcing nursing homes and other care facilities to take in Covid-19 patients, the civil actions that will come out of his actions will bring justice. A meteorologist on FOX lost her in-laws due to Adolf Cuomo’s actions. May her family will be the first to sue him for negligence and indifference to a life-threatening situation. This family and hundreds more. May they destroy this modern day Hitler and his Dachau mentallity.

  17. Got rid of regular TV almost a year ago since I was watching less & less. Instead I upgraded my internet & generally watch Netflix or other free channels. I get my news on internet via various media headlines (ABC, BBC, CNN, Breitbart, OAN, Fox, etc. So it’s well rounded tho must admit I glance at CNN, ABC & Fox headlines but seldom click to read stories. I get tired of their obvious disingenuous slanting of news toward anything non-leftist.

  18. Well, Howard, the comment by Steve Cariati supports my concern about them being out there. Obviously he, as well as many others, is oblivious to the fact that Cuomo ordered released infected patients returned to nursing homes.Duh!

  19. The news is just talking HEADS that reguretate the vial garbage that is fed to them. As far as jail time for anyone in Washington, do not hold your breath. They are mostly lawyers, high paid liars that make promises they cannot keep so they can stay at the trough of our work and money. I do not believe we will see Justice for all the lies, attempts to derail this President or illegal stock trades. It is all about POWER and control, I was admonished for not wearing a mask yesterday, I said thank

  20. Just whom can you trust anymore, Howard? Just whom can you trust? It’s both disgusting and saddening. BB

  21. Howard is right, some bloggers are wrong, listen, read, sift salt from sand and pay attention to what you hear direct from the person saying it, eg Barr, Cuomo, not heresay. Fox has deteriorated, Sheppard Smith has gone and we are left with Cavuto and Chris Wallace, anti Trumpers. Fauci, Birx and Tam should all be fired along with Trudeau. The world is in a turmoil thanks to them and five other WHO’ers

  22. Whatever Meds Trump chooses to use [Hydroxychloroquine, etc] is HIS business—NOT Pelosi’s nor anyone else’s business. She claims that she PRAYS for Trump…I wonder what she’s praying for??? She should PRAY for HERSELF for being such a HYPOCRITE & a LIAR! Re: Cavuto—you said it best, HG, he is “doing all he can to Camouflage his Disdain for President Trump.” The INVESTIGATIONS re: the TRUMP ATTACKERS aren’t done. There is A LOT MORE to come. These things take TIME, but will be WORTH it! AMEN!

  23. Hydroxychloroquine is being used by most front line doctors, medical personal and an awful lot of Law enforcement. When is the last time you have heard of a lot of these front line personal as Covid Patients? – Exactly…so few it should be in the Guinness book of records for Front Line personnel not succumbing to a pandemic infections

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