I Want To Slow-Dance Again


DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN . . . When We Were Young? In my Case – Some 70-Years Ago (Born 1950), when Boys & Girls Danced Until we Sweated to Rock & Roll, Slow-Danced to the Waltz – Up Close & Personal . . . and When we Could, we would Snuggle In-Close & Try to Steal A Kiss?

I’m A Guy – I Played Hard Hitting Contact Sports, with a Heavy Emphasis on CONTACT, Football, Hockey & Soccer. I Didn’t Play much Baseball or Basketball, but Most of my Friends did. And from Time-To-Time, we’d get into Fistfights, when one or both of us would Walk Away Bloodied.

I was Always Somewhat of a Germaphobe. I Didn’t Share Food or Soft-Drinks with my Friends. And even though I was a Red-Blooded Horny Canadian Teenager, I was always Careful not to Kiss Girls I Didn’t Really Know.

Even Today . . . And Even though I’m Not a Particularly Tactile (Touchy-Feely) Person, I’ll Shake Hands with People I Meet, I’ll give a Gentle Hug to Women I know well, but I’m not all that Fond of Hugging & Kissing the Cheeks of Women I just Met, which is a Traditional Way to Greet Women from where I was Born & Raised (Montreal-Quebec).


I was Never a Fan of the Disco or Bar Scene. I Loved going to see Movies until People began to be Disrespectful (Talking & Playing With Their Cell Phones), while the Movie was Playing. I Absolutely used to Love Going to Stadiums & Arenas to Watch Live Sports Events. But Not for Quite a While. And Not because of the Crowds, but More-So because of the Ludicrous Costs.

But Given The Way I Grew-Up . . . By Today’s Standards – Social Distancing and all the other Crap which has been Extended to the Point of Lunacy – I Never Would Have Enjoyed My Life Growing-Up . . . And I Want To Get Back To Slow Dancing.

When We Were Young . . . We Got Hurt & Sick. We got the Common Cold, the Flu, and Swollen Tonsils, some of us Came Down with the Mumps, Measles & Chickenpox . . . and Boys & Girls who Slept with “Dirty” Sex-Partners got a Venereal Disease.

At 10-Years Old – I Had Rheumatic Fever & Was Told To Never Exert Myself Again – I Didn’t Listen.

I Knew one Boy who Suffered from Polio. And I knew Several “Kids” who Suffered from some form of Mental Disease . . . Life Wasn’t Easy – And There Were No Guarantees For Anything. We Played, We Fought, We Danced, We Loved, We Got Sick, Some Died, and those of us who Recovered from all the Trials & Tribulations of Life . . . Continued To Live & Carried-On.

I Want To Slow Dance Again. I Want To Shake My Friends’ Hands & Hug A Lady-Friend To Say Hello . . . And Even Give Her A Kiss On Both Cheeks.

I Want To Eat In A Restaurant, just like Not that Many Months Ago. I Want to Go to Horse Shows and Watch the Horses & Riders Work their Magic. I want to See & Cheer my Favorite Team – Up Close & Personal . . . And I Don’t Want To Be Told When, Where Or How.

If Someone Is Too Scared To Be Too Close To Me . . . He or she Shouldn’t Come Close. If Someone Doesn’t Want to Eat in a Restaurant with Regular Seating – Don’t.


The Entire Nation . . . of the United States of America can Dump all it Wants to on Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia, But Governor Kemp is Doing Now what Should Have Been Done a Month Ago, before Fauci and the Others Decided to Close Down The United States of America & Subsequently the World.

What I’m Telling You Is This . . . Be Careful – Be Respectful . . . Live Your Life.

Live Your Life . . . And Let Those Who Are Too Fearful – To Live Theirs. If you Want to Live at the Largesse and the Permission of the Government . . . by all Means Do-So. But, if you Want to LIVE as a Free Person Without the Permission of the Government, without Endangering those Too Frightened or Immunocompromised, Take the Risks of Life as we Have from the Beginning of Recorded Time And Start To Slow Dance Again.

Click Here & Watch & Listen To This Song By Leonard Cohen . . . And Think About It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your post today could be nicknamed, “Word To Live By”. And indeed they would have worthwhile before the pandemic as well as for the rest of our lives. Thanks Howard. Most of us will continue to use your words from now on!

  2. Remember survival of the fittest? Most people disdain hunting for trophy animals, because it’s the trophies that carry the strongest genes to pass on to future generations. We humans are doing the opposite! I don’t advocate letting people die, but gee whiz…let’s go get dirty, let’s get some sicknesses, let’s build some strong genes again. Let the snowflakes melt!

  3. When you were born, I was in the Army. I never did any of the things u did as I was a book worm. Mother raised 6 children by herself so never learned things u did. I was independent then and now. Did not kiss a girl until I was 17 & wound up marrying her, having 7 children & she would have had a fit if I hugged another woman. she divorced me after 16 yrs 10 months. I remarried 2 years later, adopted her daughter & will have been married 50 yrs in Dec to a much better woman. We also miss freedom.

  4. Good for Gov Kemp; all need to follow. My state of Virginia is now under total control of Democrat progressives for 1st time in over 20 years. Gov has signed over 1200 new laws already & is going full blast on all things progressive/globalist. Shutdown keeps protesters away. State flipped with $millions poured in from Bloomberg & Soros. Law needs to change to remove “outside” $$ manipulation. What gives them the right to BUY states, esp ones they don’t live in? WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR LIBERTIES!

  5. Precisely said. The Chinese have forced us all to perform to the highest standards. The World as we knew it is gone. Let us all build again.

  6. life and coincidences I got an appointment to see my skin Dr, on May 4th @ 10. AM and then it dawned on me that on May 4th 1953 I was being sworn into the U,S. Army at about the same time and the same day in 1953 as the Korean war was on. Best thing that ever happened to me. @19 yrs old

  7. That video and song made me cry. It is a wonderful thing to know that you are loved and cherished by someone. It is so sad to think that there are those who have never had that kind of wonderful love. Reminds me of a cartoon character, Tikvah. Thank you for sharing that song and beautiful video of true love between a man and a woman…..

  8. Well, my comment is simply that what you wrote rang deep inside of me. I am 70 years old and how thankful I am to have known America before decency and God and commitment were desired instead of despised by so many. The video of Leonard Cohen was so beautiful but left me feeling like the air had been sucked out as I reflected on the memories of romance on the screen, in the songs we heard on the radio, and just like the video, dancing in the arms of love. Thank you for the brief escape.

  9. I’m 83, slow dancing, many people with masks getting in my way. Think Japanese, a mask if you are sick, ignore Drs. De’ath Tam & Fauci. They take direction from infamous T of Who & wrong to lock the world up. More people will die than killed by Corona. CTV news, Tam says they do not know if people who recovered will be immune. So does that mean they may still be contagious. What next to keep us locked up and threatened with fines or prison? Premier Ford big fan of Tam, 4 more weeks of lock-up.

  10. My Golly, you have done it again! What a great way of describing exactly what we should be doing as a country, as a state, as a county, and as individuals. Doggone it – you have caused me to send another small donation to your cause! Thank you Howard!! Dick Black Potwin, Kansas

  11. In my 70’s also and I so relate to everything you said! Well put and spot on! Thank you?

  12. Cried hearing that song, loved dancing still do even on my own today . Loved playing outside, helping our mom on Sat. cleaning, dad helping him rake the yard in the fall. Then we would jump in the leaves. I love to be around people to be make new friends I am a person who loves to hug & kiss. When I make U my friend it is for our life time WE played outside all day long it was so much fun. So each of us are different. U R wonderful writing and much more. Thank U for all that you do for us

  13. I agree, the old way of life was much more enjoyable. My wife and I enjoy golf, fishing, riding in the mountains and going for ice cream. We still do these things, but have to be sneaky. Social distancing is destroying our culture of friendship. And Libs simply do not care. We are cautious but do what we need to do to survive.

  14. So true Howard. I need to take more of your advice and enjoy our lives and let go of all the other crap. Life is too short.

  15. WOW ….. you and I grew up in the same time frame …. I’m 1945 …. supposedly considered now to be “mature” ….. (really?) During those days when we were kids, sure all those things were around – mumps, measles, chickenpox, and I had all of them, but did we close down the town because all the kids were passing them along?????? When we fell off our bikes (no helmets then), did we worry about the scraped knees? Good grief NO. I’m with you Harold ….. those were good, “normal” days … not so now.

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