Everything These Days Is A Challenge


I Don’t Want to Exacerbate what is Already an Untenable Situation by Making it Worse. But when this is Over, as it will be, there has to be some Serious Accountability & Consequences for People who Feed-Off the People’s Misery, when the People are all but Down & Out.

There are Great Men & Women Doing Everything they Can to Keep our Society from Total Collapse . . . Referencing Truck Drivers – Long Haul & Local Delivery. Healthcare Providers from the Bottom to the Top. Grocery Store Workers – ETC-ETC.

And Then There Are The Despicable Parasites – the Men & Women, in the Likes of Rahm Emanuel, who Famously Abide by the Obama Philosophy . . . “You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste”.

In 2009 – Obama’s White House Bailed-Out GM (General Motors) to the Tune of $50-BILLION WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Canada was also part of the GM Bailout to keep the Auto Assembly Industry Alive across the US/Canada Border. And How did GM Repay the American & Canadian People . . . General Motors CLOSED American & Canadian Plants – While Opening Plants In China & Mexico.

I Swore Then . . . As I Still Swear Today – I Will Never Buy A GM Product!

And Now – By Use Of What Is Tantamount To A Critical War-Measures Type-Act . . . President Trump Is Forcing General Motors To Manufacture Ventilators At A Fair Price, while Virtually all other Businesses are Saying . . . What Can We Do? Or are Already Doing Whatever they Can Without being Asked . . . Regardless Of Cost, Profit & Loss.


But Price Gouging Isn’t Just In What Someone Charges . . . Gouging is very much like Rahm Emanuel’s Philosophy of Squeezing Something From Desperate People who Don’t Have an Option but to Surrender.

A Perfect Example Of This . . . Are all the Democrats & RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), who are SQUEEZING Pork out of Bills in Congress – House and the Senate, which are Created to Alleviate the Suffering of the American People because of this Crisis.

It’s No Different In Canada – With Trudeau’s Liberal Government . . . Which is Doing all it Can in our Time of Great Fear, Desperation, Weakness & Need – to Garner all the LEFTIST Power it Can during the Greatest Crisis our Country has ever Known.

For Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chuck Schumer – Etc . . . to be Playing Politics in the Congress (House & Senate), while the People Suffer so Much, is not just Unconscionable, It’s No Different Than What Nero Did As Rome Burned.

As Hard As This Gets We’re Going To Get Through It . . . In Spite of all the Ugly People who Care More for their Selfish Selves, than they do for Others. And when this is Done and we Come Back to our New Normal . . . There Will Be No Shortage Of Liberal & Big Business Assholes (Politicians & Bureaucrats) Who Will Deserve A Real Ass-Kicking.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . While the Rest of Us – We The People, Do all we Can to Weather this Storm, We will Remember Who was with Us, and Who was Selfishly Only for Themselves and what they Could Get out of it.

And As I’ve Written Recently . . . When the Day of Reckoning will be Upon Us, when all of this will be Over – There Will Be A New World-Order Based Upon Real Values and a Meritocracy . . . With The LEFT – Including Big Government, Big Labor, Phony Academia, Fake News (Entertainment), Hollywooders, Singers and the Bunch who will find a Different Reception from the Real People who Pay the Shot, and have had Enough of Being Ripped-Off & Told what to Think and what Do by the Aforementioned.

SPECIAL NOTICE: I Will Write & Try To Podcast As Much As I Can.

For the Time Being . . . this will be My Number-One Contribution. But Please be Advised, because of the Amount of “Reader Traffic” coming to Galganov.com every Day, the Website has Slowed-Down Some.

To Compensate For This . . . I’ve Purchased much More Server Space with my Server Provider. And the IT Genius who Handles all My Internet (Blog) Needs is Working as I’m Writing this Editorial to Speed-Up the Blog & Give me Faster Access to the Back-Door of Galganov.com.

This Isn’t Easy For Anyone – Including Me . . . But We Will Persevere.

As Tough As These Times Are . . . Think About Tomorrow – Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. During this crisis, I haven’t experienced any price gouging at all, yet Howard insists it is happening. So I wracked my brain trying to think of an example and I came up with one: gas is selling at $1.19 a litre! With crude oil hovering at about US$22.00 a barrell, the retail at-the-pump equivalent should be about 25 cents/litre. So this is definitely price-gouging. And then I realized: most of that $1.19 is taxes! The government is price-gouging and do it even when there is not a crisis!

  2. Today, I saw a unique way of getting around the gouging laws. Unbelievably, a national chain of drug stores here in the states today was stocking paper towels for $2.49 a roll while a much smaller dollar store chain was stocking paper towels in packs of three for $1.96. I was told by an associate at the first store that they are only stocking the more expensive brand. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that brand in that store or any of the other three locations I’m familiar with.

  3. Greetings: Here in beautiful St Augustine, Florida, there are many gas stations charging $1.69 per gallon. Incidentally, a U.S. Gallon equals 3.8 Liters so for argument sake, a Gallon is 4 Liters. Why the hell is Canadian gas so expensive, you ask? Ask the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, who continues to bilk the Canadian citizens out of thousands of dollars annually! BTW, Gas in Montreal, for example is almost $5.00 Canadian!!! ABSOLUTE THIEVERY! Just another reason I left back in ‘77 and I LOVE AMERICA.

  4. Talk about gouging, there was a person on Facebook MarketPlace who was selling ” 5 squirts of hand sanitizer and 5 pieces of toilet paper in a plastic baggy for $20.00″ I guess this is part of the great new world. Another example of “NEVER let a Crisis go to Waste.”

  5. Yes and when our “in hiding” PM appeared on National TV today for his daily Update on the state of the Covid-19 Nation, the focus was Our Future- Our Children and of course CLIMATE CHANGE . No idea what this guy is smoking but it is obviously Top Grade Hallucinogens ! Every Level of Government is failing We The Stupid People who pay the bills.

  6. Thank you Howard for keeping on keeping on, and for continuing to remind us there will be and is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. Just read an article about China taking advantage of the crisis to leverage itself in many countries by sending supplies, loaning money, etc. Kinda makes me wonder if China didn’t have this all planned out from the beginning. I refuse to buy anything that is labeled “made in China”. The globalists are gonna have their hands full with China. They are presenting a bigger threat than USA, at least right now.

  8. I agreed with your comment about GM. Back then, I decided that I would never buy another American manufactured car except Ford because they didn’t take the bailout money. Keep telling it like it is Howard. There are way too few who have the gumption to do so!

  9. I have not seen any gouging in my area, if there was they would be out of business in a hurry as news like this travels fast. Why wait till this is all over to kick a Democrats ass? I’d say kick a Democrats ass now when they bad mouth Trump.

  10. I love your editorials Howard. Before we can get term limits, IMHO we need limits on campaign expenditures. The media is getting filthy rich on political expenditures through which elections are won or lost. They influence weak minds. In the USA, those not approved by the two major parties do not have a chance, because money talks. Otherwise, I don’t have a clue.

  11. I will keep it short thank you for your editorial as always, stay well you both. God bless :))

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