FACT – You Never Read Me Using The Word Hate


I’m Wiped from being on the Road for as Long as Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I have been Traveling back to Canada. And as I’m Writing this Editorial, Anne, I, and the Animal Crew are at a KOA RV Park in Fredericksburg Virginia, where under much Better Circumstances Years Ago, Anne & I Toured the Civil War Battle Fields and Sunken Road of Fredericksburg.

Einstein Is Credited With The Definition Of Insanity . . . By Saying That Insanity Is Repeatedly Doing The Same Failed Exercise Over & Over Again, Hoping For – Or Expecting A Different Result.

It Seems Almost Appropriate . . . To Be Here At The Location Of The Battle Of Fredericksburg . . . Perhaps The Greatest Military Slaughter By Incompetent Leadership In World History – Where Union General George B McClellan Led His Forces Repeatedly Into Slaughter.

Lincoln Was So Dismayed With McClellan – who was More of a Political General than a Fighting General (Compared To George Patton Of WWII), that After the Slaughter of Lincoln’s Union Soldiers at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Lincoln Fired McClellan and Replaced him with General Ambrose Burnside.


Abraham Lincoln Was America’s First Republican President (1860), who led the Nation into a Civil War (1861 – 1865) Focused upon the End of Slavery and the Differences between Economic Issues, Southern Independence & the very Different Culture Between the North and the South. McClelland was Lincoln’s General of the Potomac, who was at Best a Screw-up with (Contrary To Some Opinion) Neither Military Command Leadership Abilities, Nor the Decisiveness of Military Action.

Lincoln Fired McClellan In November of 1862. And as a Result of Fiercely Bad Feelings, McClellan Ran Against the Republican Abraham Lincoln as a Democrat in 1864. . . And That’s The Significance Of Where Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Are Currently At.

The Symbolism Couldn’t Be More Incredible – Here’s a Fired, Disgraced & Disgruntled Loser (McClelland), who Won the Leadership of the Democrat Party to Run Against a Republican President (Lincoln), who No One Thought Could ever win the Presidency in the First Place (1860) . . . But went on to Become the Greatest President America has Ever Known.

This Says Everything About The 1860’s Conservative Republicans & The 1860’s Pro-Slaver Democrats.


The Title of this Editorial Indicates that I Never Used the Word Hate in my Many Writings. I Really Don’t Like Nancy Pelosi, Nor Chuck Schumer, Nor the Clintons, Nor the Obamas . . . & On & On. I Mean I Really Don’t Like Any Of Them.

But – With this Chinese Pandemic, which has Uprooted our Entire Global Society, We are in Desperate Need of Real Decisive & Bold Leadership, where the Democrats are Behaving like McClelland, While President Trump is Acting Like President Abraham Lincoln.

Where The President Of The United States (Trump) has Engaged & Recruited Everyone who Really has Something to Bring to the Table . . . Pelosi & Schumer are Playing a Dirty Game of Socialist Politics, Loading-Up the Coronavirus Bill with Socialist Dreams, Denying what the People of the United States, and by Extension the Whole World, which Really Needs Great Honest Leadership to Survive, Because, as in the Past Words of Obama’s Former Chief of Staff (Rahm Emanuel) . . . This Iis Indeed Not The Time For –  “A Crisis Is Too Good A Thing To Go Waste”.


In The 1864 Election . . . McClellan Had His Ass Handed Back To Him On A Platter.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I personally think that history will remember President Trump very kindly as well and will point out what tremendous courage he showed in leading the country when virtually everyone in government was working against him and the fake news lost all credibility.

  2. I am with you all the way. I have been posting along with a comment all the news coming out of DC concerning what is happening in the House and Senate. I pray people who read my postings on FB will also share them with their friends and the public. God bless you and yours and give you a safe passage home.

  3. You hit another HOME RUN Howard! I would hope that by now the residents of California and New York would finally get Smart and DETHRONE them along with Schiff and Nadler next November !

  4. The left can no longer be considered Americans and that has been true for a good while. They spout Chines communist propaganda, stop much needed aid for real Americans including hard working people that identify as democrats. I suspect many of those currently identified as democrats will vote big R for Republican and God given Rights. Anyone voting democrat from this point forward could rightly be classified as an idiot maybe with a capital IDIOT.

  5. Howard, your hate towards the left is proving your love. For true “love HATES evil.”

  6. Howard, I hope you and your family enjoy a safe and picturesque return home. And…I CONCUR – WELL SAID!

  7. Greetings: First off HG, travel safe and arrive back home in peace. I had the LIVE news feed of McConnell addressing the Senate and I was really HOPEFUL that the Democrats would FEEL THE SHAME over their narcissistic desire to allay any and all Trump victories. Yet to spite themselves, they then showed Chuck Schumer patronizing the Senate chamber, like a teacher in school or priest in church, once again politicizing what is going on. These people have NO SHAME!

  8. I have to disagree with your analysis of Mcclellan; not that he was not the man for the job but why. According to what I have read, he was good at training, logistics and supply. He also probably cared too uch about his men, in a failed way. He was not a strategic leader who understood how to win. As you say he lead his men to slaughter because he did not understand how to fight a war. Many generals fail on this point.

  9. Mainland China is having increasing outbreaks again as residents who had been out of country are returning. With regard to Lincoln & Trump, they are a lot alike except Lincoln was a humble man; we all know Trump is far from it. Patriots to the nth degree they have in common. Glad you stated Dems were pro-slavery because for years Dems blamed slavery on Repubs.

  10. Have been off line for a few days, I am like you Howard I do not like Pelsoi, Schumer. Clintos, Obamas either I will leave out the rest you only give us 500 words to write. I do pray that you Anne, Styker, April the cat have a please drive back to your own home in beautiful Canada. Blessings to you each, and no problems with you RV may it glide home safely. God Speed to all. :))

  11. Mr Galganov. I bare your pain. My wife pointed out to me a few year ago that I hated Obama and in my heart I guess I did. I repented but I hate the evil he committed. I think I invited you last year to my retirement home. Very rural and quiet;. just take the great Bay Bridge Tunnel up Rt 13 about 120 miles and relax for a day or two. The invitation is open. You woul have a direct route to Dover then onto route 95

  12. if you really are interested in what is at play, look up an interview of “David Icke” regarding an Orwellian State. Safe driving to an open border Howard and crew.

  13. Continue to have a safe trip home, take your time, no hurry as we are all in lockdown mode here in Canada and also in the U.S.A. I hope you don’t have any issues crossing the border.

  14. I despise the despicable, disgusting Schumer and Pelosi beyond words to express. They deserve to rot in the fiery pits of hell. Note that I did not use the word HATE.

  15. For anyone to remain loyal to the Democratic party I would have to say they are not informed, not intelligent, or they hate this country. At the age of 18 when I registered to vote I joined their party. I left them years ago when their values no longer aligned with my own. Before, Trump, became President I posted on my Facebook page that he would be the greatest President that ever was, and that would ever be. THAT…am still believing. Wishing you all a safe trip home!

  16. I just saw a bumper sticker at the gas pump the other day which reads “DUMP TRUMP, STOP HATE”. These people HATE Donald Trump AND the people who voted for him. If Trump were to get voted out, would they stop HATING? NO!

  17. To me the scary part is how Nancy can by just flying in on her broom (jet) and saying the word a deal can be struck down. How does she have so much power, dimwitted politicians that is. She controls them like a wicked stepmom that will keep them from the Political Ball. Liberal thinking has given this country the most hateful people that walk the earth. Do as I say, except me for or else. Give them drugs, they can’t help themselves. On and On…

  18. Howard and Anne have a safe trip home… Howard you said it all I can’t really add anything…stay strong

  19. Well Howard, there’s a first time for everything and I could not agree with you more strongly.

  20. Excellent article, Mr. G. I try hard to love my neighbor as God commanded, but Ms. Pelosi and so very many of that ilk certainly go out of their way to make doing that as difficult as possible. Mostly, I think I feel sorry for them in their misery, and heartbroken for all Americans who suffer because of their perpetual ugliness and hatred they display every day. Wishing you all safe travels the rest of the way home.

  21. Another word for hate is DETEST! The PRINCE of DARKNESS [Satan] is truly in our midst, as proven by the LEFT’S HATRED towards Pres.Trump & their RELENTLESS PLOTTING against him! What the LEFT is doing to TRUMP is NOT typical politics—it’s a MANEUVER for them to REMOVE him & attain POWER to ENRICH themselves & change AMERICA to a SOCIALIST COUNTRY. They will live to REGRET their HOSTILITY in November! If a CRUCIFIX were placed in front of them, they’d all PASS OUT! Only PRAYERS can help! AMEN!

  22. “Time lends objectivity”. The Trump presidency has all the trappings of a great movie. I predict, years after his 2nd term, a fine movie maker (perhaps Dinesh D’souza) will cast the Dem villains (Pilosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, Swalwell, and many other hypocrites including Romney and McCain) as the true co-conspirators they are. HG, Be safe and healthy!

  23. Pilose and Schumer are nothing but snakes in the grass ….. lurking until they strike, hoping to totally throw you off the track and kill you. b

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