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A Great Many of the Readers/Listeners of have Asked Similar Questions About Anne & Myself . . . Which Brings a Smile to Our Collective Face, Because of the Care & Interest the People Have for our Well-Being.

We Don’t Take That For Granted.

1 – FIRST & FOREMOST – Thus Far . . . Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Are Fine.

2 – Is Canadian Travel Health Insurance Cancelled? – There is a Story Going Around that if Canadians Do Not Return Home From The USA By March 23, we Canadians will Lose our Travel Health Insurance.

I Don’t know if that’s True for Canadian Purchased Travel Health Insurance. But Anne & I have American-Bought Health Insurance (Seven Corners), which will Continue to Cover Us up till our Cancellation Date of April 15, 2020.

3 – Are The Borders Closed? – I Don’t Know What all the Ramifications are for General Border Crossings (Canada-US/US-Canada), But What I Do Know – Is that all Canadians, if they (We) can Make it to the Canadian Border, will be Welcomed Home, even if We Might be Infected, where We will Immediately be Placed in what Probably is Supervised Quarantine.

However – If We Reach the Canadian Border with the Proper Canadian ID (Passport, Nexus Card – Etc), we Will be Asked if we are Infected? Do we Feel Well? Were We Amongst People who were Infected? Do we have a Place to Self-Quarantine for 14-Days? And Then We Will Enter Canada & Go About Our Business.

4 – Is There Food In Canada? – Yes. Thus Far the Shelves seem to be Well Stocked.

5 – Can we Get Prescription Drugs In Canada? – Yes. Some Drugs Might be on Back Order. But Most Drugs are Seemingly Available. My Pharmacist has Already set Aside a 3-Month Supply of my Prescription Medications to be Picked-Up Tomorrow (Friday) by a Friend.

6 – Are Canadian Banks Still Working? Hell Might Freeze-Over Before Canadian Banks Will Stop Working.


If All Goes Well – Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Will Head North On April 11th.

We Really Want to be With our Close Friends Back-home (But Not Too Physically Close), Not As If We Don’t Also Love Being With Our Great Friends Throughout the USA (Especially Texans).

And We Want To Be With Our Horses.

And because the Stable where we Lease Property (Where We Maintain Our Own RV Park) & Board Our Horses, is Closed Down to Boarders . . . Anne & I Want to be There to Help with all the Horses (Somewhere Around 50), since the Staff is now Really Limited.

Besides . . . No One Can Muck-A-Stall Better Than Anne & Myself – You Might Not Think-It – But Shoveling Manure Is A Skill.


Yesterday (March 18, 2020), I Wrote “Panic & Incrimination Are Not The Answers”. And I was Right Then . . . And I’m Right Now.

Panic will Give us Nothing but More Misery & Recriminations will Only Get in the Way of Dealing with this Mess the Best Way Possible.

Besides . . . After We Survive This Nightmare – there will be No Shortage of People, to Whom we will be Able to Look To for Blame – BUT MOSTLY OURSELVES, For Electing & Re-Electing the Bastards We’ve Been Electing & Re-Electing Over the Generations Who’ve Done Us So Much Harm.


I Am Reading . . . That Lindsey Graham (Senator – South Carolina) is Trying to Work some kind of Extended Green Card Entry (In The Coronavirus Senate Bill) to the USA for Chinese Immigrants Amongst Others.

If True – Does Graham Not Think The Chinese Have Already Done Enough . . . ?

If That’s True . . . And Not Truly Satisfactorily Explainable – Lindsey Graham Would Represent The Fools We Elect To Government.

I’ve Been Reading how Several Members of the “Squad” have all of a Sudden Begun to Sing the Praises of Donald Trump – Where Were Their Voices When It Wasn’t Their Sorry Asses On The Line?

Let Me Repeat As Often As I Can!

On November 3, 2020 . . . AFTER President Trump is Re-Elected to 4-More Years, and the Senate Stays with Conservative Republicans, and the House Goes to Conservative Republicans . . . There Will Be A New World Order – But Not The New-World-Order Envisioned By The Socialist/Communist Purveyors Of A One-World-Government.


As Much As I Want To be Generous To Prime Minister Trudeau . . . And Support The Leader – Trudeau Makes it Really Hard, Knowing that Trudeau is Incompetent, and that his Daily Press Briefings (Professionally Delivered) are Not his Words or the Result of his Policies, but Rather – the Words of Unelected Bureaucrats, who are Responsible for Much of the Current Coronavirus & Pre-Coronavirus Canadian Malaise.

Unless Things Have Changed Since This Writing . . .

Especially . . . since Trudeau Talks-A-Good-Talk, but Does Not Walk-The-Walk, Considering Illegal Aliens are still Crossing into Canada from the US Border as Asylum Seekers. And that Wealthy Immigrants From Infected Areas of the World are still Being Welcomed into Canada.

It Also Really Irks Me . . . How Trudeau is Placing a Special Emphasis on the Well-Being of the Canadian Native Community, as if they are in their Own Special Category, AFTER BASTARDS from the Canadian Native Community Blocked Canada’s Rail & Transport System for Weeks on End, Slowing Canadian Commerce to a Trickle, because the Natives Didn’t Like an Oil Pipeline Going Through their Territory.

This Coronavirus Nightmare Is Going To Be Over . . . And then there will be More than Enough Ramifications For Everyone . . .

LET THIS BE CLEAR . . . Anne & I always Try to Buy what WASN’T Made in China. And After all of this is Over, We will go Out of Our Way & Do Without or Do With Less . . . Not To Buy From China, or any Company that Produces In China.

And I Personally Want To Be In The Lead . . . Throwing The Well-Deserved Punches.

Whether The Chinese Let This Virus Go On Purpose, Or By Accident . . . At This Point It Doesn’t Matter – This Whole Catastrophe Is On China!


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. From my family to yours good luck and best wishes as you head north to the Canadian hinterlands. Drive safe. Perhaps you can box up and mail some of your very fine horse manure to the U.S. House, just in case they run short 🙂

    I Don’t Have Enough Manure From 50-Well Fed Horses To Accommodate Enough Manure Needed To Fill Either Your Congress Or Our Canadian Parliament – HG.

  2. Who can we trust if we can’t even trust republican senators? graham makes numerous TV appearances on Sean Hannity’s show, also on Judge Jeanine Pirro and sometimes on Tucker Carlson and talks with one side of his mouth while doing the total opposite with his left hand. If what you say is true, even though we need more Republicans in the house and senate, graham should be replaced.

  3. Trtudeau’s only use of covid 19 was to cancel the Premiers (eat Justin alive ) conference and close parliament in order to avoid inquiries into his impotence regarding the rail blockade. Nothing Justin announced on Covid 19 has been instituted. The borders are still open. Canadian snowbirds are fleeing back to Canada enmasse You should have seen Coutts Alberta lineups today) Illegal border crosser’s are welcomed by RCMP who provide them “face masks”. Covid testing is 50% undependable.

  4. Howard. I truly believe that there will be a silver lining in this mess, and that Canadians will now realize that Gender equality, LGBTQ. Women fighting for equal rights plus all the other self centred groups pales poorly with what is important in this world. Lets hope.

  5. Great editorial. Our Detroit-Canada Crossing (bridge & tunnel) are closed to all but commercial traffic at this time. Our local news showed the traffic and it was ALL Trucks. There are folks who live in Canada & work in the USA..I have not heard how they are faring. RE: never know what he is going to do, I swear he is ‘losing it’! Because of the VIRUS Mexico & Canada closed their borders…..No one is complaining now…are they?

  6. China must clean up before we further endanger ourselves and all by using their contaminated items. Chinese persons are not guilty, the regime is.

  7. “Being polite and trusting got us into this mess.” Yes, we conservatives got that name for a reason. We still try to be polite but the trusting part is disappearing when it comes to Congress, specifically democrats & rinos, of which Graham is one. Some times he acts like a republican, then turns around & behaves like a democrat. Unpredictable is unacceptable when stakes are so high as our national sovereignty, freedoms/liberty. Last thing we need is more wealthy Chinese buying their way here.

  8. Oh Howard, it was deliberate on China’s part I believe. They were losing in the trade talks, their economy was tanking and just like Iran, anybody in the WH except Trump. I believe we’re being played on a massive scale and it’s not going to end well.

  9. We must NOT PANIC—we must PREPARE and use COMMON SENSE, which very sadly, is very RARE these days! Most people are PANICKING which contributes to others’ MISERY! Lindsey Graham WOBBLES too much with his politics. One truly wonders if he can be TRUSTED? Yes, TRUMP will have 4 more years which is DESPERATELY needed to SAVE our Country. China has tried to slowly DESTROY America, but was DIVERTED by TRUMP. I don’t blame you & Anne for wanting to be back home with your horses! God bless us all! AMEN!

  10. As a former Soviet subject I am truly amazed at the stupidity of leftist. Can’t call them liberals. John Kennedy was liberal, people, who follow BS;s lead, are leftists.

  11. Google Chinese national arrested for trespassing at Trump’s Florida resort. The one I read was from CNN’s Political website on December 19, 2019. That incident occurred on December 12, 2019. Another Chinese woman was arrested in March 2019 for trespassing at Mar-a-Lago.

  12. Have a good trip home Howard. Like you, I have cleaned out Horse barns and you are right, not everyone has the knack to do it right. As for your comments on Trudeau. He is a disaster, I would say he is the absolute worst Prime Minister that has ever been elected in any Commonwealth of the defunct British Empire. It is hard to understand how he squeaked back in power with a minority. Of course we have to remember Toronto and its racial makeup. Those people love him and to hell with Canada.

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