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Thank You To All . . . Who Positively Commented On The Flags & The “Chanukkiah” (Chanukah Menorah).

We Still have Days Left Before the End of Christmas & Chanukah. And Before We Know-It, the New Year (2020) will be Upon us.

So much has Changed in 2019, that I too have Made Significant Personal Changes, Specifically to my Outlook on how to Portray Socio/Political Issues.


Politics . . . American, Canadian, Israeli . . . It’s All An Insider’s Game. MAYBE It’s Finally Time To Change That?

I Have Been a Conservative Party Supporter in Canada for a Very Long Time. I Participated with my Time, Money & Vote in the Choosing of a New Conservative Leader a bit more than a year ago, only to be Disappointed in the Choice of the “Conservative” Party, choosing a Pablum Candidate (Andrew Scheer), who was Essentially a Liberal in Conservative Attire.

Nonetheless, I tried to Convince all the People I knew to Vote Conservative in the Last Election because Trudeau had to go (Still Does), while I Put More of my Money where my Mouth was, But To No Avail.

Scheer & the Pretend Conservatives Insulted Me & Millions more like Me (Conservatives), by Running a Gutless Conservative-Light Campaign, which Scheer LOST and then Blamed HIS LOSS on everyone Else.

So Now He’s No Longer Leader . . . But Scheer will Still Sit in Parliament Collecting the Huge Salary, Expenses & Voluminous Perks as a Member of Parliament, while Representing the Riding which Elected him, because Scheer Doesn’t have Enough Personal Pride or Honor to Step Down.

To Add Insult To Injury . . . The Conservative Part of Canada is Having a Leadership Contest to Replace Scheer, but with Candidates who are Political Retreads, who Were Dismal more than a Generation Ago. Or . . . “Liberals” willing to Put-On the Mantle of Conservative so they Might Win Power?

I Don’t Give A Flying Frig . . . what the Conservative Party is Going-To-Do, unless they Become a Real Conservative Party with Fresh Faces & Real Conservative Ideas, with None of the Rehashed, Retreaded Shmucks from Times Ago.

So Here’s My Knew Socio/Political PhilosophySCREW THEM ALL.

The Pretend Canadian Conservatives will Not Get My Support, Not My Money, And Not My Vote . . . I’ll Vote Independent, or just Destroy my Ballot. But I Will Not Vote for a Candidate which Does Not Stand for the Things I Stand-For, only to Block a Different Candidate who I also have No Use For.


I Don’t Hold My Words . . . But I Also Don’t Make a Habit of Encouraging Civil Disobedience, as in . . . Suggesting that People Defy the Rules & Regulations Imposed Upon Society by Politicians & Bureaucrats, which the POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS CREATE More Often Than Not for their own Purpose or Sick-Mindset.

Remember . . . No Free-Person Ever Elected Or Appointed Someone To Take Away His Or Her Freedom.


No One Has The Right . . . to Take for Themselves – Or for Others, what you’ve Earned or Inherited, Unless you’re Not Prepared to Stand-Up & Fight for what is Rightfully Yours.

It Doesn’t Matter What Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez . . . or any of the Other Communists Say about Sharing Your Wealth, because Your Wealth is Not Their Wealth to Share.


You Want To Be Gay Or Lesbian? . . . That’s your Business Not Mine. You Want to be an Alphabet-Soup-Gender? – Knock Yourself Out but Stay Out of my Life and away from our Children.

You’re Offended Because Someone Hurt your Feelings? – Suck-It-Up-Buttercup, because there’s a Whole Lot Worse in this World that Can and Will Probably Happen to you Than having your Feelings Hurt.

You Want To Get A Trophy For Showing Up? . . . It’s Worth What You’re Worth. Nothing.

You Want A Safe-Space? . . . Stay Under Your Covers, as long as Someone Else is Paying for the Bed.

You Want Free-Speech As Long As It’s Just Your Speech? . . . Hundreds of Millions of People have Died for the Right to have Real Free Speech. So, unless you’re Prepared to Kill to Take away Free Speech from People who Care – I Wouldn’t be Too Quick to Shoot my Mouth-Off Telling others what they’re Free to Say & Not to Say.

As For Those Who Want To Analyze & Justify Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, Anti-Israel & BDS . . . They Can Kiss My Jewish Ass.


Wake-Up America – Smell The Coffee . . . because, even if President Trump was to have Made a Request (Threat) to Ukraine, for Information on Wrong-Doing by Joe Biden, to Enrich Either Himself or his Despicable Son (Hunter Biden), because Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States of America at that Time Prior to the 2016 Election . . . That Is Exactly What President Trump Should Have Done.

If The Vice President Of The United States . . . Was Using American Tax Dollars To Enrich Himself And/Or His Son – Is this the Man (Joe Biden) America should Want to Elect to Become the 46th President?

Besides – Even Me – A Canadian . . .  I know About Legal Due-Process in the United States of America, and that Every Person, American or Not, who is Charged with Committing a Crime in the United States of America, is PRESUMED INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty.

I Also Know . . . that Every Person Facing Trial has the Right to Know all the Charges Against Him or Her, has the Right to have an Attorney Present at all Times, has the Right Not to Incriminate Himself/Herself (5th Amendment), has the Right to Review all Evidence For & Against the Accused, has the Right to Face His/Her Accuser, has the Right to Cross Examine all Witnesses . . . and has the Right to Have all the Legal Proceedings Carried-Out in an Open Courtroom.

Forget The Media & Democrat BS . . . What Part of the Preceding Paragraph was Really Accorded to President Donald J Trump? Even More So . . . What about the Judicial Rule Concerning “Fruit From The Poison Tree” – Not being Admissible in Court?

If The Mueller Report Is True, as it Seems to be – Especially after Several (Tens of) Millions of Dollars Spent & Years in the Making, by Very Anti-Trump Partisans; and if the Horowitz Report is Accurate, also after Years & Millions of Dollars Investigating; that Candidate Trump, and then President Trump was Viciously Maligned in the Media & Spied Upon by the Forces of an Anti-Trump Cabal . . . That’s“Fruit From The Poison Tree”.

The Bad News . . . The Republicans Are Fighting Defense. The Good News . . . President Trump Is Not.

And That’s My Message . . . Become A Trump Freedom Fighter – Don’t Fight Defense. Don’t Apologize For Being A Decent Human Being Who Refuses to Feel Guilt For Success & Wanting To Enjoy The Full Extent Of All That Freedom Provides.

Don’t Explain! You have Nothing for which to Explain. They Want What You Have. You Don’t Want what they Have. Give them an Inch – and be Prepared to Surrender a Mile. So Don’t Give Them That Inch.

And Stop Watching “Entertainment-News” – Including The Pre-Evening Sell-Out Fox News Channel.

 Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Like usual Howard, you manage to put into words on paper what most of us true Conservatives think in silence or out loud. I will not wish you a happy New Year, just New Year because what’s the use, the years always end up being bad. Sorry about my pessimistic point of view but in reality, I am a realist and like you, and see the things the way they truly are.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Howard I think the Conservatives need to decide on a clear mission statement and I like Pierre Poilievre for Leader because he’s honest, he’s had the exposure. he has the charisma and the passion. Pelosi is holding the articles back to smear Trump as long as she can before the impeachment is shut down in the Senate. She doesn’t want Trump to have the fair trial to clear his name until it can affect his reelection negatively. Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. I haven’t watched any network news in over a year. I used to rely on Fox, but they are out too. I get my news from several internet sites that I trust (so far). We’ll see how things go in the new year.

  4. Howard, you nailed it. At one time a long, Long time ago, Your Views were of the majority in these once United States! That said I am a Conservative. A one time a Demo till 1972, switched to Republican, and NOW an Independent! The Lunacy I’ve seen in the DEMO party makes me glad & Proud I’m a DEPLORABLE! The lack of BALLS within the Republicans makes me a shamed! Paul Ryan convinced me of that and some!Wishing you a Safe New Year and Safe Travels.TRUMP 2020 OoRah. God’s Blessings on you & Ann.

  5. Right once more Howard, and all you say is the sad truth. I have cut my viewing time on FOX and only watch the ones I like and agree with. I hope you and Anne had a fine Christmas AND Chanukah and will have a nice New Years !!!!

  6. Right on Howard! I’ve been hearing many Dems calling in to radio shows – disgusted with the Dems and deciding to vote for Trump.I figure, for every ONE that speaks out – there are at least 10-100 more maybe thousands, that feel the same way. Just because the ‘silent majority’ isn’t polled because they don’t WANT to be.does not mean they will remain silent. The best thing that can happen to the Dems- Trump’s re-election!!

  7. Please cut an old man a break and suggest several reliable news sources I can rely on—I’m running out of my own sources—Internet is good! Perhaps your other fans are in the same wasteland for reliable sources?

  8. Hope you and your readers look up “The Real Ukraine Scandal” by Wayne Allen Root. He says, “This is Obama and Hillary’s scandal. Biden is just order-taker.” Hope you find his essay and read it entirely.

  9. “You Want To Be Gay Or Lesbian? That’s your Business Not Mine.” This group only needed one alphabet letter–“Q” instead of the ALPHABET SOUP of LGBTQ. They also love to ATTACK heterosexuals, thus HETEROSEXUALS should make an effort to PROMOTE their OWN GENDERS!Having one’s feelings HURT is one of the best TEACHERS. TROPHIES are NOT EARNED these days; they are just given away.The SAFE-SPACE people lack the courage of FACING the TRUTH. FREE SPEECH is not only for Liberals, it’s for EVERYONE!AMEN!

  10. AMEN! Another “hit it out of the ballpark “ comments!!! Thanks again!!!

  11. AWESOME & TRUE!!! Great points of what is really going on. I refuse to support the GOP!!! I am still registered as a Republican. I want to help decide who will be running for office from the GOP group. This does NOT mean that I support the GOP, I just want to help decide, IF, my vote is still good!!! The best news on TV is OAN(One America News Network). Simple, straight-shooting & YOU decide, not some pundit(s). DirectTV has OAN, Dish Net does NOT & not sure about Xfinity or any of the others.

  12. First, I just wanted to say how beautiful the flags and menorah were in the last commentary. What a great statement of national pride and faith! And today’s commentary, as usual gets right to the heart of the issue. We need to start standing up for our freedoms and stop letting the liberal/socialist/communist idiots try to control us as conservatives. We need to start acting on our convictions and beliefs!

  13. Truer words were never spoken. I am one who believes that one must stand for what is honest, ethnical, and in our Lord’s teaching. And if necessary be willing to die for this principle. Rather than lose our freedom, to a world Government. Hope Justice and Peace prevail in 2020 !!!

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