Donna Brazile On Fox News . . . More to Really Dislike


Maybe I’ve Been Somewhat Wrong About Fox News . . . Not Really – But Maybe.

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As Far As The Latest Attempt – To yet another Coup D’état (Impeachment) Against President Trump . . . THE LEFT ARE IDIOTS, and where I thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be the Biggest Shame for the Democrats . . . I Now  Believe it will be Adam Schiff who will be Responsible for the Death-Knell of the Democrat Party.


I Don’t Have To “Tell” You This . . . Because, if you’re a Regular Reader of this BLOG, you Already Know, that the Democrats (LEFT) have Nothing to Campaign-On for the 2020-Election, and a “Hail-Mary” Attempt to Create a Conspiracy (Phony) through an Attempted False Impeachment – To Give The Democrats Something To Campaign-On . . . Is What This Whole Scam Is All About.

In The Final Analysis . . . The LEFT (Democrats) Are About To Be Buried In Their Own Morass.

Every Time I See A LEFTIST On Fox News . . . My Blood Boils, I Mute the Television & Wonder why such a Successful Broadcaster like Fox News, which was Built on Honest Conservative Broadcasting, has these Lying SOB’S on their Air.

I Detest The LEFT . . . So Much So – That My Feelings For The LEFT Are Not Healthy.

I Resent The Fact that the LEFT gives me Reason to be so Pissed-Off, to the Point of Feeling Cheated, just in Seeing or Hearing the LEFT Propagate their Lies & Disinformation wherever they Happen To Be.

And it Makes me Angry to know that there are Decent Centrists & Conservatives who Haven’t Yet Figured-It-Out. That the LEFT Wants to Make us Live our Lives the Way they Want us to Live . . . OPPOSED To How We Want To Live.

And Perhaps . . . Having these Treasonous, Lying Pieces of Socialist Crap Appear on Fox News, Reminds all of us, just how Ugly & Deceitful the LEFT Really Are, such as Donna Brazile, who Lied about Giving Crooked Hillary CNN Debate Questions in Advance of the Debates, and then Lied about it Repeatedly . . . And Then Disparaged Christ by Claiming She Is A Christian Woman & Would Never Lie . . . Only To Admit She Lied.

So, every time I see Donna Brazile on Fox News Spewing her Trash, all I can think of, is how Despicable & Untrustworthy Brazile and her Like-Minded Comrades-In-Arms Really Are.

For Me . . . That Goes For All Of The LEFTISTS On Fox News . . . All of Whom are a Display of Human Detritus (Garbage), who in their Sick Minds, think they Have the Right to Tell (Force) you and me how to live our Lives according to their Decrepit Values.


The LEFT Can Take Away A Lot Of Things From Us – Even Our Individual Lives . . . But They Can Never Take Away Our Values.

And That To Me . . . Is The Message Of LEFTISTS On Fox News.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Brazile is a scumbag in the finest tradition of all the leftist scumbags. Schiff helped write the phony “whistleblower” (more like leaking traitor) and the whole thing is a scam. Name the crime. They can’t.

  2. I started watching FOX news again so I can keep up with what the puke leftists have in mind for the rest of us.keep up the good work.

  3. Quite a while ago I think I wrote his name should be Adam Schitt and finally he has been exposed. I have to mute that “My Pillow” Mike, drives me nuts along with Progressive and Liberty dumbest ads ever. Beats me why Fox would entertain such moronic advertisements and unsavoury characters as Brazille and Chris Hahn.

  4. Fox News advertises itself as being “fair and balanced”. Those leftists just give me an excuse to yell at the television.

  5. Brazile isn’t the worst, Chris Hann and Richard Goodstein are competing for that title. Howard look at it this way, Fox is showing us how stupid and corrupt the left is.

  6. Fox News is on a downward trajectory – ever since Rupert Murdoch turned the business over to his LEFTIST sons. They’re well on their way to the trash heap of history.

  7. Howard: I felt the same as you when I first saw Brazile on Fox, and even made a negative comment on FB about it. But then, I realized WHY Fox is using her: it’s to put teeth/proof into their slogan “Fair and Balanced”. In her particular case, I think she is being used to prove that the Fox brass aren’t prejudiced against minorities, and aren’t afraid to air the “other” point of view. Fox is the only legitimate, unbiased source of information we have left. Love your BLOG, Brother

  8. Ken Davies: I had to LMAO when you said “Mike the Pillow guy” because when I see his blue shirt, I jump to change the channel until he’s done. I do the same whenever I see Donna, the Obama’s, Hillary and a few more. I loved when Giuliani carved Hahn a new one. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. I think also they put some of the liberals on just to show what jerks they are and try to be fair. The first time I ever voted was for Barry Goldwater (I knew him) he was treated terribly just like Trump and he was a really down to earth person. People are pouring into Ariz. now from Calif. I am afraid this will turn the state blue. People forget why they came here. Growing up here less than 100 thousand people it was paradise and great schools also. Never dreamt we would ever be this large .

  10. Howard, I empathize with you. I am to the point where if Trudeau or May or Singh are on the news, I have to turn to another channel. I literally get sick to my stomach at the lies and stupidity coming from their pie holes! My wife was worried that I might get a heart attack. Scheer I can stomach but barely. Bernier is the only one who makes sense, and the commie TV networks won’t put him on. I will hold my nose and vote for Scheer just to cancel a Liberal vote. Sad that this what we have!

  11. Don’t forget we still have some good Conservatives on FOX News. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Mark Levin. I only watch these 4. Now for some looney left here in Canada. Climate barbie says we will all die in 12 years because of global warming & climate change but the fiberal platform for this election is we will be at zero “0” emissions in 2050 !!!! Say what ???? !!!! Why give a stupid date in 31 years when we will all be dead in 12 ???? The loony left strikes again !!!!!

  12. You are “RIGHT ON” Howard. I too feel the exact way you do about Fox News after watching them for years. They sure have put on LIARS, GARBAGE, etc LEFTISTS.. ie: donna brazile, hahn, etc. I either mute the tv or change the channel. Also shep smith and chris wallace need to GO!!! juan williams as well. ewwwwwwwww to them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You are correct! I understand FOXy’s ( method) of BALANCED, but they sure chose the wrong people. I probably use the remote more now then ever. If they can’t be POSITIVE, HONEST, FAIR.. OFF THEY GO!!! I want TRUTH & FACTS not LIES.

  14. Howard, I feel the way you feel about Fox News. When I see the liberal leftists on Fox News, I will either mute them or change the channel.

  15. I have taken to betting with myself each time one of the Fox left come on, just how out of sync with the truth and reality they will be. That way I am never surprised when what they say does not even make sense. Williams is the worst and his only job is to be a contrarian no mater what the subject. Royce Hinson SD CA

  16. The Left Tards wouldn’t know a decent value or fact if they were smacked in their smug mugs. Are these people EVER going to wake up?……Probly not.

  17. Re: FoxNews: since there is absolutely no other valid cable news, I still watch every day Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Laura Ingraham, Fox&Friends, and occasionally a very few more…

  18. The LEFT is now being CHALLENGED by the RIGHT re: the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS! Thus, the RADICALS’ NO-GOALS AGENDA is completely useless & will fail! Juan Williams is worse than Donna Brazile because he is completely DAZZLED with the LEFT’S views & candidates. Brazile is a LIAR and a liar CANNOT be TRUSTED—Christian or not! Being “fair & balanced” DOES require to display both sides of a situation. There is definitely NO DOUBT that the LEFT suffers from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS). AMEN!

  19. Great editorial! I too, feel like I’m going to have a stroke when the BS socialists appear on FOX, some much worse than others! Chris Hahn & Juan Williams disgust me, but I love how Jesse Watters & Dan Bongino laugh at them & DESTROY their blather! As for “Mike the pillow guy”, his ads are SO annoying but his products are great! I saw him when he told his life story on “Life, Liberty & Levin”. He’s also a HUGE TRUMP SUPPORTER & was at the WH a while back for his self-made, USA business success!

  20. Congrats on tweaking to what it has become…a truly great place to read the TRUTH about what’s really going on in both the USA & Canada. I haven’t watched Fox for years. I watch NEWSMAX & OANN now. The commentaries from Chris Salcedo & Brett Winterble are my faves, but they’re all good. They show clips from the Lamestream media so I still yell at my TV, but at least I know they will tell the truth. Lying Adam Schiff-for-Brains needs to go along with all the rest of the Demwits.

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