Plain & Simple – BDS IS JEW-HATRED . . . PERIOD!


Ha Tikvah Is The Israeli National Anthem. It Means “The Hope” – I’m Beginning To Think That Trump Means “Ha Tikvah”.


For People – Including LEFTIST Jewish Sellouts . . . Democrats & Republicans Lecturing Israel – that it was a Mistake For Israel Not to Allow Jew-Haters Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib to Enter Israel . . . they should Take their Opinions & Shove Them Where The Sun “Don’t” Shine”.

These Politicians Aren’t Living In A Country, that has from its Re-Inception . . . from More than 2,000-Years Of Exile, had to Fight for its Very Survival, and Not just from Arab Neighbors, but also from Moslem States Worldwide, Including Closet & Not-So-Closet European & North American Anti-Semites.

There Would Be Very Few Tears If Israel Disappeared.

Only A Fool . . . would Invite Someone into His or Her Home, whose Open Intention is to Destroy His or Her Home, which is Exactly what these Two Pro-BDS Anti Semites Wanted To DoIN THE NAME OF THE US CONGRESS.

And even if Pelosi & Others Amongst the Congressional Democrat Leadership Rejected the Premise that these Two US Congresswomen Spoke for the US Congress, that Rejection would have Fallen on Deaf Ears, had these Two Anti-Semites Entered Israel to Spew their Anti-Jewish Hatred, since the Islamists & Jew-Haters would have Banged The Drum . . . That these TWO were Important Members Of The US Congress, who Sit on Influential Congressional Committees – Who would have Spewed all the Lies these Two Anti-Semites, who Wanted to Convince the World of – Giving “Legitimate” Context To The Extremely Anti-Semitic BDS.


And Now The Democrats – Including LEFTIST Jewish Democrats, the Likes of Eliot Engle, are Studying how to Censure Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer . . . & America’s Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

“The Exodus” . . . Freedom Came For Jews More Than 1,300-Years Before The Birth Of Christ.

Moses Led The Jews From Egyptian Bondage More Than 3,300-Years Ago. And After the Exodus – More Than 2,500-Years Ago the Babylonians Destroyed the First Temple some 500-Years Before the Birth of Christ. And then the Battle Against the Syrian/Greek Hellenizers some 200-Years Before the Birth of Christ, to the Destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans during the Epoch of Christ . . . to the Exiled Jews from Jerusalem also during the Epoch of Christ.

Then Came The Conquerors . . . The Islamists & the Crusaders, to be Followed by the Inquisitions, the Pogroms, the Holocaust, the Arab Wars Against the REBIRTH of Israel – To Now . . . The Not-So-New Anti-Semitism In The Guise Of BDS.

And To Add to the Lies of the Anti-Semites, comes a whole New Written Charge to the Anti-Semitic Lies of the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion & the Matzos Blood Libels – To The Latest Trope – Tying Prominent Jews To Jeffery Epstein . . . As The Latest Jewish Conspiracy To Control The World Through “Mossad” – Called The “Mega Group”.

If It’s True, that all Jews are Rich & Own the Banks, the Media – Etc. Then What The Hell Am I Doing Wrong?

I Worry More Than Just Somewhat, Because, as De Tocqueville Wrote more than a Century Ago, No Matter How Charismatic A Leader Might Be, He (She) Cannot Lead A Nation In A Direction The Nation Is NOT Prepared To Follow.

Is America Prepared to Follow The Anti-Semitic LEFT?


China Is A Horrible Country Where Freedom Is Only What The Government Says It Is.

Hong Kong might very well be the Bravest Place on Earth, Standing Tall Against the Tyranny of one of the Most Powerful & Evil Nations on the Planet, which will end in One of Two Ways . . . Great or Dreadful.

Taiwan . . . A Minuscule, Free Island-Country, Separated from Mainland China, Won’t Cave to the Chinese Monster, while Arming Itself to the Teeth, Especially with the Help of Israel & President Donald Trump, who has just Approved the Sale of State-Of-The-Art F-16 Fighter-Jets to Taiwan.


We have Plenty to Worry About with North Korea, Russia, the Dissolution of the European Community (EU), Brexit, the Tension Between Pakistan & India, the Knowledgeable Lack of World & National History . . . And The Encroaching Political Successes Of Socialism – AKA Communism.


I Have Great Trepidation For The Peaceful Future Of The Planet . . . Since the Planet is being Torn Inside/Out by People of Ill Repute & Incredible Ignorance.

What Does Give Me Some Hope . . . Believe It Or Not – Is President Trump, because President Trump Might be Only Global Leader with the Strength, Courage & Conviction to Stand Up To The Global Mob.


All Hell Might Break Loose . . . But At Least In Trump, There Is A Champion Willing To Fight!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • “If not now…”

    Sue & Dick McMains, Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States
  • Thanks Howard for another insightful commentary. Unfortunately the old adage: “Things will have to get a lot worse before they get better” will prevail as sheeple have chosen not to connect the dots of reality, thus Freedom will be the victim.

    PAUL WILLIAMS, CLEARWATER, Florida, United States
  • All this hate against Jews start with the muslims because deep inside and since childhood, all muslims are taught to hate Jews and since a lot of middle eastern countries have a huge reserve in oil, it is with oil bribery money that most politician and bureaucrats in the western world spew the hatred of the Jews. Money talks, shit walks. Without all that bribery money, I think that the hatred would remain in the middle east and not be in western countries. Explain if I’m wrong. I accept feedback

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Right on about Donald Trump…..the John Wayne of politics, curtailed the leftist insanity. We wonder if there is a follow-up act. If not it is going to be a chaotic slide into oblivion for democracy and freedom. Canada has no John Wayne, and on the steep part of the downslope as we speak.

    Ben Eby, Calgary, AB,
  • The two congresswomen were scheduled to visit Israel two weeks prior with a group of 50 bi-partisan congressman & women which the Israeli government approvd. But the Palestinian congresswomen Tlaib realized that she will not have a chance in that setting to spread her message of hate in the Palestinian territory , so she elected in the last minute not to go with that group and requested a solo visit so she could “visit her Grandmother”. Now will all know that Israel was being setup. Great move!!

    Zafi Gamlieli, Scottsdale, Arizona,
  • I just thought of Trump as a John Wayne of our time yesterday. Thank heaven for President Trump and you Howard.

    Linda Timmes, Queen Creek, Arizona, United States
  • Heaven help us! The people who elected Tlaib,, Omar, and Cortez are guilty of a very dangerous kind of ignorance. Chuck

    William & Vickie McCoy, Leander, Texas,
  • And to your point: During the Jeopardy Teachers Tournament last week two of the three teacher contestants couldn’t answer a simple world history question regarding the Cold War… Need I say any more?

    Mark Hall, Seattle, WA,
  • When using initials ( BDS), please state what they stand for.

    Loma Hobson, Cat Spring, ,
  • BDS=Boycott, Divest, Sanction…………………In other words….GET RID OF THEM. Trump won’t allow it and neither will I.

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • Agree with your thoughts on Hong Kong & Taiwan. Also totally agree with your conclusion statements. The evil powers have shifted into high gear & the stage is set for economies to crumble, world-wise chaos to ensue and one world order proposed with a single leader. In one form or another, all has been prophesied in Old & New Testaments of the Bible. It is time to get right with God to be ready for death because it will only get worse; & if this is God’s time of the end, it cannot be stopped.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • I am so thrilled that those nutty women did not get to go to Israel, Lord have mercy what kind of dirt they would have spread among the people of Palestine are to anyone who might listen to them. Once again Howard thank you for your Editorials to we the people. God bless you and Anne family.

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Omar and Talib are the first elected members of the Islamic Brotherhood in Congress. They visit more with CAIR and known Islamic Brotherhood members than they do with their own constituents. The Islamic Brotherhood is the rebranded Middle east Baathist Party founded on 1930’s Nazi beliefs immediately after WWII. Subsequently Talib and Omar default to being Nazis and suddenly everything makes sense.

    David MacKAY, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • To my surprise, I heard that HBO’s leftist ‘host’, Bill Maher, actually stood up FOR Israel. He called the BDS ‘BS” and more astounding -the entire audience loudly clapped in agreement with him. He derided those Congresswomen also. They should be recalled from Congress. AOC has had only TEN people supporting her from her district. She needs to go too!. Hang in there Howard. ‘WE’ have your back!! Thanks.

    Beverly Coleman, Wilmette, Illinois, United States
  • Howard, I always said BDS supporters were anti-Jewish + anti-Israel. They could put any spin on it that they want to… but they are nothing but bastardly anti-semites. I thank you Howard G, for telling it like it is….you always have….you always do….and you always will. If you ever decide to run for Prime Minister of Canada….you’ve got my vote… and Julie’s too !!! Prime Minister Galganov…got a nice ring to it, eh ??? :>) – Brucester

    Bruce Sutton, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Howard, I agree with your comments and are disgusted with the anti-Israel comments from the LEFT. However as History will attest, this is not a new attitude toward Jews from some person or persons and origizations. Greed, dominance over other people is the partial culprit in many cases.

    Lee R. Hodges, Largo, Florida, United States

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