Obama – A Very Bad American Memory

For Obama, this time, there's no going back.

Writing about what is happening today in the Power Circle of Washington is too easy, especially amongst the people who pay attention, which are folk like you, who read this Blog amongst other Conservative Blogs like it.

I predicted with great confidence within months of Obama’s 2008 victory, that by the time the 2010 midterms would roll around, he would be a disaster and cause enormous damage to his own Party. I WAS RIGHT.

But, not wanting to sound like a self-serving egotist, making that prediction was really easy, since Obama never had the goods, other than good speechwriters and an ever-present teleprompter.

Obama had ZERO experience in running anything. And if he was such hot stuff, why did his handlers go to ENORMOUS pains to obliterate his past, which virtually included all of his school records.

There was no question whatsoever that Obama is a Narcissist and a Demagogue, not to mention a bad winner. And as the LEFT kept piling-on the accolades, such as a fawning media making him the political American Idol, and the Nobel Committee awarding him Nobel Peace Prize for what he will do later, and world leaders who craved to be seen at his side, the Narcissism grew beyond description.

What also added to Obama’s personal path to destruction . . . has been an extremely ineffective opposition, even after the 2010 “shellacking” the Democrats were delivered at the hands of The Tea Party.

But, like the age old adage has taught us without fail – “give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself” . . . applies to Obama and those closest to him in spades, because that’s exactly what is happening.

Though I have very little to no confidence in the common sense of the LEFT, even a good many of them can’t be so out of touch with reality not to see for themselves just what kind of mess Obama has made to their disintegrating America . . . but also, how he has usurped the American FOUNDATION by trampling all over the Constitution.

For Obama to screw the Constitution by giving the Something-For-Nothing-Bunch “free” healthcare is one thing. For him to do an end-run around the Constitution to create a Green Tyranny through the EPA is yet another thing. And to do the same for other LEFTIST goals seems also to be no big deal . . .

BUT . . . For Obama to render an unwarranted Executive Privilege to HIDE what is most likely a crime out of all proportion committed by his own Justice Department, with a great possibility that his own Attorney General (Eric Holder) had a hand in it, and lied to Congress, will not be lost on everyone on the LEFT.

More than that – By creating this Executive Privilege, it also opened the door to more questions, such as: Is the President protecting his Attorney General? Or is the President protecting himself?

I wrote a few editorials back, that Attorney General Holder will not go quietly into the night, nor will he allow Obama to throw him under the bus, just as Obama has thrown everyone else who proved to be an impediment to his future under the bus, INCLUDING his “TYPICALLY WHITE GRANDMOTHER”, and his bigoted self-hating American, Jew and Israel hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who Obama described as being like an uncle.

Obama had crossed the line several times, but this time, there is no walking back. From here on in, it will only get worse for Obama, to the point that the Democrats will pray that he loses without totally destroying their Brand and Party.

But . . . even at that, I think it’s too late. As I see it, the Democrats brought a cancer into their own house in the name of the highly unqualified and unvetted Obama that has already begun to METASTASIZE. And their only hope, is that the amputation of one (Obama) might possibly save the rest.

But I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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