The Islamic Dance Before The Main Event

I do not believe for a second that the outrageous Islamic response to the Danish Mohamed Cartoons were either spontaneous or anecdotal.


Yesterday, Sunnis – or at least we think they were Sunnis, blew-up one of the Shiites’ most venerated Mosques in Iraq. It is from this particular Mosque that the 12th Imam from the late 800’s AD is supposed to reappear in order to lead the world to Islamic salvation after Armageddon.

To add to the significance of this attack, the current nut-bar leader of Iran, Shiite fundamentalist Ahmadinejad, believes that the 12th Imam is actually on his way, but can not come until the earth is ravaged with war.

What could be a better backdrop for this Islamic prophesy?

The American and European Infidel “Crusaders” have once again invaded the land of Islam, and once again they’re threatening the teachings of Mohamed.

With this belief that the Islamic world is in military turmoil, it can easily be interpreted by the Shiite Imams and Mullahs that this is the beginning of Armageddon.

The very pillar of Shia Islam has been attacked, and nothing short of outright military retribution could possibly be sufficient.

I do not believe for a second that the outrageous Islamic response to the Danish Mohamed Cartoons were either spontaneous or anecdotal.

I am as positive as I can be, that the massive international demonstrations are part of a grander Islamic design to inflame the Moslem world in preparation for the “Mother Of All Jihads”.

The Islamists know that they can never beat the Western military in any conventional war. But they also know that they can cream the West in a sustained war of TERROR carried out by home-grown insurgents in the lands of Islam and abroad.

It’s not as if this might happen, since we see it happening every day with an ever increasing intensity. The war of cultures some of us think is coming, is actually already upon us.

It’s just that most of us choose not to admit it.

In the mental prewar preparations before WWI and WWII, all parties did this dance looking for position and advantage. And like kids in a schoolyard who know they are going to fight, each belligerent double-dares the other to knock the chip off his shoulder, knowing that once the chip falls, it’s all out battle.

It’s really no different with the Islamists.

Every day that passes with more taunts and challenges to the West, are days that bring us closer to the day where insurgency attacks will become open warfare. And not just in the Middle East and Asia.

The attacks on the USA, Spain, England and Russia were not isolated instances. The strategy is clear: War has been declared by Islam on the decadent West.

The Islamists secondary goal will be to drive the Infidels out of the lands of Mohamed.

Their primary goal will be to sufficiently destabilize the West for them to be able to spread the word of Islam worldwide as the Koran instructs.

The sooner we realize where we’re at – and where they’re at. The sooner we will be able to end the dance and begin to defend ourselves.

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