Why We Don’t Trust The System – Courts And All

We in fact may very well be served by some of the worst politicians and jurists in the modern Democratic world.

Canada is a dysfunctional country that is cheated out of greatness everyday by our politicians and legal system.

We in fact may very well be served by some of the worst politicians and jurists in the modern Democratic world.

I know that many of my American readers and listeners will disagree with me, thinking that their politicians and jurists are the worst, but after hearing today’s Broadcast, I think they’ll change their minds.

Dennis Kozlowski, CEO of Tyco Industries was the first stock swindler of the 21st century in the USA to be sentenced for stealing. He received a jail term of up to 25 years of hard time in a maximum security prison.

His CFO, Mark Swartz, received a similar sentence.


And then there’s Canadian justice:

Paul Coffin, Canada’s first convicted, and self-admitted advertising agency executive thief, who stole more than $1.5 MILLION dollars from Canada’s tax payers in a federally sponsored advertising scam, was sentenced to giving speeches to university students about ethics. No jail-time.


Worse: men who stole even more from Canadian tax payers in the same advertising scam will probably receive no more of a punishment than Paul Coffin.

And even worse than that: the politicians and political Parties who received massive kick-backs from the dishonest ad agencies in this Quebec inspired scam will probably not even be charged, let alone be prosecuted.


Quebec’s newest Parti Québécois (PQ) Separatist wannabe leader, Andre Boisclair, has admitted to being a former cocaine addict and a proud Homosexual. I couldn’t care less about his sexual preference unless he decides to make it part of his campaign.


It’s not as if Boisclair did cocaine in his youth, or before entering politics; it seems that he was busy snorting this crap while he served Quebec as a Quebec Cabinet Minister in the last PQ government.

The joke is that he will probably win the leadership of the Separatist Parti Québécois, and become Quebec’s next Premier, and Canada’s newest Ethnocentric Québécois Nationalist headache.

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