Cheney Versus Kerry – 2 For 2 for the Republicans

This was equivalent to Cheney bringing up Edward's wife's fat-ass, if the topic of obesity in America was introduced into the debate, with the exception that being Gay is not a life-choice. While being a fat-ass is.

In spite of what the Left leaning media seem to think, I still believe President Bush won the first debate. Not because he was quick on his feet and fluid in his speech, but rather because he never went off-track. He stuck to his record and core beliefs like super-glue.

On the other hand, Kerry spoke about “passing the global test” and then said that he would never refer to any other country to defend America. What does that mean?

When he was asked what his plan was by Lehrer; since Kerry touts his plan as if it is indeed the Holy Grail of his campaign, his response was pure Kerry: Its on the Internet.

For Kerry to win the Presidency, he has to really win the debate. Not on style; but on substance. He never came close.

If the pundits and the Kerry supporters think style counts more than substance, they should elect the jerk who plays the role of the President on the West Wing television program. He has style, and is very presidential. But I think serious Americans want more than just an actor in the Oval Office.

John Edwards was creamed last night (October 5, 2004) in style and substance. He looked like a kid who wants to be Vice President, while speaking down to a man who is the obvious Vice President. Cheney was classic Cheney. He never went off course, and he never took Edward’s bait.

More than that: Cheney answered all but two of the questions.

The two questions he didn’t answer were stupid to the max.

What about the rights for Gays to marry? He clearly said that he thinks all people should be equally free to pursue whatever sexually oriented lifestyle (within context) they wish. But he works for the President, and that’s that. He refused to speak any further on the subject. His place is not to undermine his President.

Edwards, on the other hand went into a litany of spin on how they (he and Kerry) support Gay Rights, but not Gay Rights to marry. How Gays should not have the right to marry, but how the President should not make Gay Marriage Rights Constitutionally illegal.

And then for some unfathomable reason, Edwards brought up Cheney’s Lesbian daughter in respectful hushed tones as if he was talking about a woman with a disease.

This was equivalent to Cheney bringing up Edward’s wife’s fat-ass if the topic of obesity in America was introduced into the debate, with the exception, that being Gay is not a life-choice. While being a fat-ass mostly is.

The other question Cheney didn’t really answer had to do with the appalling number of Black American Aids victims in the USA, and what was he going to do about it?

To his credit, Cheney spoke about the international fight against the spread of Aids, and for the control of the disease around the world. And how much money Bush’s government has committed to this battle.

He ended his reply on this topic by stating that the US government is doing all it can to help develop treatments and a cure. What else could he say?

That was a good answer. But, a better answer would have been:

You’re Black (to the moderator who was a black woman). What are you doing about it? What do you want this, or any other government to do about Back Americans who have unprotected casual sex, and a lot of it? What about the lack of peer and parent education in the Black communities of America? (But that’s just me).

The preceding was actually an EXTREMELY LIBERAL question that really asked:

What is the US government going to do about my indiscretions? How can the US government do for me, what I am not prepared to do for myself? That’s the philosophy of the Left.

You can also hear it in the questions about unemployment, outsourcing of jobs and Free Trade. All things the Left want to control. The FACT that unemployment in the USA is currently only at 5.5% (lower than when Clinton was in power) seems to be lost on the Left.

What is also lost on the Left is the drive, mind-set and the American philosophy that made the USA the greatest country on earth: Entrepreneurship, unfettered by government bureaucracy is the hallmark of American excellence.

No country can be great and accomplish great things, when the country impedes the independent drive of its citizens by creating a nanny-state, where government is supposed to be responsible for a public unwilling to take chances and accept full responsibility for their own actions and inactions.

What we saw in yesterday’s Vice Presidential debate was really a core expression of a competing vision of America.

From the Liberals:

1) Let’s make individuals less responsible for their own actions.

2) Let’s look to the world for approbation before action.

3) Let’s promote too expensive or less proficient American industries by closing our borders to international trade.

4) Let’s cry and complain about every American shortfall as if the Government can intervene and fix everything.

5) On Iraq. Woe-Be-Us, the insurgents are fighting back, and we’re taking casualties. We better do something . . . .

From the Conservatives:

1) Let’s give individuals more capacity to make their own decisions, including how they spend their own money by making Government less intrusive into the daily lives of the people.

2) Let’s lead the world by American values that have made the world greater than it’s ever been, instead of having deadbeats and thugs, as are represented by the UN lead us.

3) America is as great as it is, because we welcome Free Trade and a Globalizing World where we are confident we can compete.

4) Let’s extol our virtues and mend our weaknesses. Whining has never accomplished anything.

5) On Iraq. The TERRORIST Bastards are all congregating in one place (Iraq). Let’s do what has to be done. Let’s kick ass. And let’s spread freedom and democracy. We will stay the course.

Those are the fundamental differences between Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards.

As for Canadians who are Kerry and Democratic Party candidate cheer-leaders; they should understand several things:

1) When Kerry and his buddies are promising to close the door to outsourcing American jobs. That includes outsourcing to Canada as well.

2) When Kerry and his buddies are talking about Free Trade not being good for America. That includes Canada, which earns almost $100 BILLION more from America, than America earns from Canada.

So; a victory for Kerry would be a whack at Canadian jobs and at a $100 BILLION Free Trade surplus with the USA.

It’s nice to know that Leftist Canadians are just as clever as Leftists Americans. To the advantage of the Americans though. We’ve (Canada) already got a pathetic Leftist government. They still have a choice.

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