Perhaps One Moslem TERRORIST Attack Too Many.

For some seemingly unfathomable reason, the good for nothing, do-nothing, do-gooders of the Left, never blame the Arabs or Moslems for anything.

The world is at war. And the sooner we all realize it, the better off we will be.

We’ve been conditioned by members of the Liberal Left, that we must always look for the best in other people, especially within our enemies, and see the worst in ourselves.

If an Arab blows up a Jewish kid waiting for a school bus in Jerusalem. Somehow it’s the Jewish kid’s fault because Israel is a successful country.

If a group of mostly Saudi Arab Moslems murder several thousand people in the USA on 9/11. Somehow it becomes America’s fault that much of the rest of the world is poor and backward, while America is rich and progressive.

The ever-defining ROOT CAUSE, celebrated by the Leftists always seems to point a condemning finger at the countries where success and freedom reign, as being the reason why Moslem and Arab men, women and their children worship murder, mayhem and TERROR as justifiable means to their end.

For some seemingly unfathomable reason, the good for nothing, do-nothing, do-gooders of the Left, never blame the Arabs or Moslems for anything.

It’s always someone else’s fault regardless of the outrage; even in countries where Arabs are killing Arabs. Or Moslems are killing Moslems. Or Moslems are killing Christians. Or Moslem men are killing Moslem women. Or Moslem men and women deal in the slave trade. It’s never their fault.

What happened in Russia this past week is nothing more, and it is nothing less than what is happening all over the world at the hands of Moslems and Arabs. It was just bigger.

Jewish kids are murdered by Arab Moslems in Israel all the time. Arab Moslems shoot infants at point blank rage while being shielded in their mother’s arms. But to the Leftists, it’s not really their fault. The big bad secular democratic Jews must have made them do it.

Moscow has intimated that it is now going to adopt the Bush and Sharon Doctrines, and search out TERRORISTS wherever they are; to get them before they can strike again.

It has also become clear that Moscow, Washington and Jerusalem will be working together, along with NATO members to defeat the Secular world’s common foe.

The Arabs and Moslems have committed the same disastrous mistake made by Japan in 1942, when they attacked Pearl Harbor. It was their beginning to their end.

This is the mistake the Islamists made this past week when they bloodied Russia.

All of a sudden; it’s no longer just Israel and the USA fighting the TERRORIST Moslem scourge of this planet. It’s everyone who wants to live in a peaceful democratic world governed by the rule of secular law.

And if this is what comes to fruition because of last week’s horror story in Russia, it’s about time.

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  1. If the Liberals or NDP are elected, we’ll be packing up as many of the family that we can convince, and head to Saskatchewan. That includes my brother and sister-in-law who are one of the few family farms left in EAstern Ontario, but with another term of Liberal laws, they will lose their farm anyhow.

    It’s not as warm as the south, but the USA is in as dire, if not worse, straits than Ontario. At least Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan, appears to have a Conservative head on his shoulders.

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