Be Careful Of Which Side You Choose.

Bush was clear; and he was right when he said: You're either with us. Or you're with the TERRORISTS.

Two Italian women (aid workers) were taken by Iraqi insurgents the other day. The purpose of which, one can assume, is to hold them as bargaining chips.

As it turns out, these two Italian women are very much against the American involvement in Iraq. I guess it also means that they’re against what their own government (Italy) is doing in Iraq as an ally to the USA.

Statements released by Italian and international peace groups are begging for their safe release, and even as they’re doing so, they continue to hold PEACE NOW and ANTI-AMERICAN signs in their demonstrations.

These groups should be reminded that the two Italian aid workers were not kidnaped by Americans. And the only reason they can be in Iraq to provide their brand of care to the Iraqi people, is due exclusively to the Americans.

The mind-set that kidnapers, suicide murderers, snipers and TERRORISTS in general are the victims; while the forces of democracy who are trying to bring freedom where only tyranny reigns, are the victimizers, has become a sickeningly embedded concept amongst the Left.

It is interesting that these people who have a visceral hatred for what America is doing in the world, would have never been allowed to step foot in the countries like Iraq, where American sweat, money, blood, lives and tears are being spilled to bring freedom.

Yet; to hear it from the do-nothing do-gooders of the international Left, America is the evil empire as it opens the doors of freedom to people who know nothing other than tyranny and fear.

I feel badly for the two Italian women who were taken by the Iraqi insurgents. But at the same time, I sort of imagine that they’ve been bitten by the snake they’ve pretended has no venom.

I wouldn’t waste any time, money or effort; and certainly not any human risk in attempting to gain their freedom and safety. They chose who they supported, and now they have to live with the consequences of their choice.

Bush was clear; and he was right when he said: You’re either with us. Or you’re with the TERRORISTS.

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  1. We had our home up for sale and intended to move to Ottawa, but we took it off the market recently. Any province (Ontario) that allows 40%+ increases in energy costs is either insane or not too bright and I see no point in moving there.

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