Now That Kerry The War Hero Is Out Of The Way.

If Kerry thought, that what he did (or didn't do) some 35 years ago in Vietnam was so important to his campaign, then there is no reason why the Republicans should think otherwise.

I’ve been inundated with E-Mails concerning my editorial titled: How The Left Picks And Chooses The Truth (Please see Archives – Thursday, August 19, 2004).

Most of the responses were supportive.

Other political Web Sites, specifically in the USA asked me for permission to publish this editorial on their Sites. And then there were the few letters from Leftists calling me everything from brainwashed to an idiot.

Whenever I receive this type of reaction, I can’t help but smile at the success of the editorial. Especially since this particular editorial made no accusations other than to request that people keep their minds open when considering John Kerry for the Presidency of the USA, based upon his claims, and the counter claims of others about his Vietnam war record.

John Kerry is fighting back against his Vietnam detractors who state in various television ads that he is a phony, and has used his ill-begotten medals for his political advantage.

Kerry and his Democratic strategists are fuming and accusing Bush’s re-election campaign team of being behind these damning Swift Boat Ads. And they might be right.


Where was Kerry and his people when Michael Moore came out with his embellished, innuendo rich, and not so documentary pure Fahrenheit 9/11, that implied that Bush was an idiot, and painted him as an enemy to America, and a friend to the Saudi Arabs who are trying to kill Americans?

The same question must be asked about Where is Kerry’s voice in condemnation of this Leftist Web Site that is as vicious a propaganda vehicle against the Republicans as it gets?

I don’t recall George W Bush or his team, demanding from the Democrats, that they censure Michael Moore or the backers of

To the contrary. Michael Moore had a seat of honor beside former President Jimmy Carter at the Democratic National Convention.

The problem with the Swift Boat Ads isn’t that they’re unfair. It’s that they’re inflicting serious damage on the Kerry image and his campaign, which has thus far had a relatively free ride.

But it wasn’t Bush, or Bush’s team who made Kerry’s Vietnam experience his election focal-point. It was Kerry.

And if Kerry thought, that what he did (or didn’t do) some 35 years ago in Vietnam was so important to his campaign, then there is no reason why the Republicans should think otherwise.

The election of a US President is important to the entire world: perhaps more-so now than ever, since the world is facing a global relentless foe like none other.

Therefore; it is integral that the person who becomes President of the USA is someone whose integrity is worthy. And who is more than just smoke and mirrors.

If Kerry’s cornerstone for his election bid is nothing more than hype; it’s far better that the American voters know it before they cast their votes, than the day after.

Kerry has made an extraordinary effort not to campaign on his 20 year Senate record, or anything else he’s done while in office. To me, this is indeed very strange.

Say what you want about George W Bush: before becoming President of the USA, he stood on his record as the Governor of Texas; as he should have. He also owned up to being a drunk, and somewhat of a hell-raiser in his youth.

And he makes no bones about what he did or didn’t do in Vietnam.

The big issue to America and the rest of the world is Iraq, the Middle East, Islamism and the war on TERRORISM, which are pretty much one in the same, which is also the focus of President George W Bush.

And the lightning rod that is attracting fire from the Liberal Left.


This is what the campaign is all about. Or what campaigning should be all about.

But to Kerry: it seems that campaigning is all about what he did or didn’t do some 35 years ago. It’s about the fact that he can play the guitar, ride a motorcycle, parasail, ski and do all sorts of “nifty” things.

But what about the things he did while in office during the past 20 years? Shouldn’t that be his focus opposed to what he did or didn’t do in Vietnam?

Kerry made his Vietnam war record the issue by promoting it while avoiding his record in the Senate. And now he has to pay the price.

Whether the Swift Boat Ads are honest or not, Kerry opened the door; and with total justification, the Republicans marched right through. And they’re not done marching.

From here-on-in, things for Kerry will not get any better since the Republicans haven’t even scratched the surface of his less than stellar record in the Senate.

The Swift Boat Ads have done their job, and have neutralized Kerry’s Vietnam war hero status. Now it comes down to who is really fit to be the President of the United States of America based upon accountable government service.

When concrete deeds are measured against smoke and mirrors, I have no doubt most Americans will opt for what is real and accountable.

This is not good news for Kerry.

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