The New Government Of The IOC

They are neither good nor noble. They are a bunch of (mostly European) money grubbers who are using their undeserved prestige to feed off the world.

Stephen Eisenberg has it right. Please read what he says in the Letters to the Publisher, under: “Stephen Thinks The Olympics Are A Waste Of His Time – August 20, 2004”.

Here’s a few points he didn’t cover.

The IOC (International Organizing Committee) is the body within the Olympic Movement that makes all the important decisions.

Who are they?

Stephen suggests they’re appointed individuals who are politically and socially connected. Many of whom hold titles such as Duke, Prince, etcetera. He’s right. What he didn’t say, is that MOST of these members are carpet-baggers and amongst the moral scum of the earth.

Who appoints them, and for how long?

Here’s the way it seems to work.

The President of the IOC appoints the members of the Committee. Therefore; he controls who gets in, who does not, and for how long. This makes him a pretty powerful guy.

But who appoints the President? Supposedly, it is by vote. However; since the Members who get to vote are ultimately appointed by the President, it seems to me that the outgoing President will decide who will take his place.

What is the IOC budget? BILLIONS!

Who do they answer to? NO ONE!

What MOST people don’t realize, is that the IOC is a totally PRIVATE concern that answers to no one. They are absolutely above the normal rules reserved for all other international concerns, and are a virtual nation-state unto themselves.

They’ve got the perfect gig.

They’re loved by everyone. They pretend to love everyone. They’re treated with the same respect (or more) as diplomats and Ambassadors. And they make money like there’s no tomorrow.

By incredible guile, and a lot of help from government leaders and their friends worldwide, the IOC has created the MYTH that they are somehow above politics and the ultimate expression in what is good and noble.

The truth of the IOC is anything but.

They are neither good nor noble. They are a bunch of (mostly European) money grubbers who are using their undeserved prestige to feed off the world.

The IOC has nations from around the world which finance, train and equip athletes who will then supply to the IOC these incredible contenders for FREE!

Now this is a great deal!

Imagine being a music promoter who convinces governments world-wide to pay all the expenses of The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Shania Twain and EVERY other GREAT performer on the planet, to come to entertain the entire world for a couple of weeks for FREE!

Now; imagine getting a city to spend BILLIONS of dollars to host this international music festival, which in addition to paying for all construction and security to the specs of the music promoter, the city also has to pay for the right to host the event.

Now imagine the revenue.

Television networks pay BILLIONS of dollars for the right to broadcast the festival. Product suppliers pay hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to associate themselves with the festival. And a percentage of all sales goes to the promoter.

Here’s the BEST!

The people (governments) competing for the right to commit BILLIONS of dollars for the right to host this festival, actually BRIBE the promoter’s Members for the honor of risking BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars.

And the cost to the promoter – NOTHING! This is precisely how the PRIVATE company we refer to as the IOC operates.

And for anyone who thinks there is purity, morality and ethics in the “Olympic Movement”, think again. It is corrupt to its very core.

And for others who think the IOC is above politics:

Remember the 1972 Olympics where Arab TERRORISTS (Arafat’s pals) murdered Israeli athletes? The games didn’t skip a beat.

Remember the 1936 Nazi Olympics that should have been canceled, but weren’t? A little thing like Adolf Hitler’s war on Jews, Communists, Trade Unionists, Gypsy’s and the mentally disabled couldn’t get in the way.

And now, in the year 2004, the IOC has included a state that doesn’t even exist. For some magical reason; Palestine – flag and all are included as a participating nation. I guess there’s no longer a need for the Road Map To Peace. Just let the IOC decide the final outcome of Israel’s territory and Right To Exist.

For the next Olympics; regions which are fighting for their sovereignty should also be given nation-status by the IOC. Several wannabe countries that come to mind are: Quebec, the Basque Region of Spain, and Corsica. Thibet actually deserves to be there but is not. I guess the IOC members do not want to offend the Chinese. God forbid.

If it’s good enough for the Palestinians; why not for others?

On a final note: The ORIGINAL OLYMPIC SPIRIT, was that all countries would come together in peace, especially warring states for a chance to mingle, have their champions show off their battle skills, intimidate each other, and make private deals that would lead to peace or new alliances. Or simply to take a break from war.

But that guiding principle and reason for the Olympics has been rubbed into the dirt by the Iranians, who refused to compete against Israel.

If the IOC had any integrity whatsoever. And if they cared one iota for the principles they boast about. They would have IMMEDIATELY disqualified the Iranian athlete (Judo) who refused to compete against the Israeli athlete, and the whole Iranian team for good measure.

They didn’t. The IOC held a meeting and decided to ignore this ultimate challenge to the ORIGINAL principle of the Olympic Movement. So; when the windbag President, Jacques Rogge, of the IOC declares his Olympics to be a symbol where all countries can come together in Peace and Unity, he can shove it.

Like Stephen Eisenberg, I too am not wasting my time watching this farce. There are far more important things for me to be doing with my life than buying into the big Olympic lie.

Shoveling horse manure is just one of them.

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  1. Can’t add much to what you’ve said except to say that I lost a lot of respect for the OPP when they turned their backs (literally) on the taxpayers of that little community called Caledonia!
    By the way, I keep threatening to move to Belize!
    All the best in your future endeavours. I don’t think that you are ready yet to give up the good fight.

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