It Feels GREAT To Ruffle Feathers On The Internet.

Today, the Internet is becoming a voice where the traditional media are scrambling to keep up.

My last two Editorials have scored like an Israeli missile directed towards a moving TERRORIST target.

Bang! And that’s all she wrote.

The first of the two editorials (August 11, 2004) dealt with The Body Shop’s award to the Palestinians, in their fight for their Right of Return to swamp Israel and destroy the Jewish State.

I’ve received an enormous number of letters from all over the world exclaiming their outrage at The Body Shop for this despicable deed.

And after it appeared in ISRAEL INSIDER; the e-mails just didn’t stop.

How successful was this editorial?

The Body Shop is tripping all over itself to explain that they are really apolitical, and not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel. And in any case, the award was given in 2002. So what’s the big deal?

I didn’t make any of this stuff up (I never do). And I didn’t embellish on the facts (I never do). All I did was quote from their OWN Web Site, and direct my readers to where they can find out for themselves, straight from the horse’s mouth.

And if it is no big deal that this reprehensible award was given in 2002; why does The Body Shop continue to proudly proclaim their commitment to the Palestinians’ Right of Return (to destroy Israel) on their Body Shop Web Site?

As a result of this editorial, The Body Shop is taking tremendous fire from all areas of the globe; justifiably so.

What they did in terms of awarding this $300,000 fund, or part of it to people wanting to destroy Israel, would have been a non issue several years ago, since several years ago, Web Sites like mine were not well known and not widely read.

But that was several years ago.

Today, the Internet is becoming a voice with which the traditional media are scrambling to keep up. Companies like The Body Shop can still run. But they can no longer hide.

The second editorial which earned an enormous number of e-mails was published August 13, 2004, concerning the reprehensible posting of Yvon Charbonneau; former head of Quebec’s largest teacher’s union, anti-Semite, pro-Palestinian, Marxist/Leninist and Liberal Member of Canada’s Parliament, to be Canada’s Ambassador to UNESCO in Paris.

I’ve received tremendously supportive letters, and a few vile expressions from anti-Semites amongst Quebec’s ethnocentric diehards.

Remarkably, everything I received from the supporters for both articles were along the lines of: I didn’t know. I will contact whomever. And I am outraged.

All the criticism from the other side ranged between: you’re ignorant, one-sided and a dirty Jew. Some of it in English. Some of it in French.

As I write an editorial, I make great efforts to back-up what I’m writing from several responsible sources. And if I’m not certain of what I write, I don’t write it.

Sometimes though, things happen, and even I don’t always get it right. And when that happens, I remedy the situation immediately. But it happens very infrequently, simply because nothing is more important to me than the published truth.

I like to include places and dates. And whenever possible, direct quotes from the target of my key-strokes. To me, this is the only way to publish opinions and news.

To my detractors. It’s a very different story.

The more accurate my assault on what they’d prefer to keep hidden, the more aggressive and personal are their responses to me. This is when I really know I’ve hit the mark.

As always: I appreciate the letters I receive from people who are grateful for what I write. And I am even MORE grateful for the letters I receive from the people who hate me most for what I write.

Isn’t the Internet grand?

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    Jean Obrecht.

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