Canada’s Upset With Iran. I’m Sure Iran’s Terrified.

Perhaps, this is a lesson Canada needs in order to open its eyes the next time the Moslem and Arab world tries to screw over Israel and tells the Americans where to get off.

Bill Graham, Canada’s Minister for External Affairs, at least until tomorrow, July 20, 2004 when Martin names his new Cabinet, is beside himself by Iran’s decision to close its “legal” proceedings of a Canadian photo-journalist who was murdered at the hands of Iranian police (officials).

More than that: When lawyers representing the family of the deceased photo-journalist asked to see critical evidence, the Iranian court said no.

But the final straw came when the Iranians arbitrarily decided to end the trial.

I can understand the reason why Canada should be so pissed-off. After-all; the Iranians gave us their “word” that there would be a fair an honest trial to get to the bottom of who murdered the photo-journalist.

What pisses me off though, is how utterly stupid and incompetent Bill Graham is. What did he expect from a Theocratic anti-western tyranny – fair-play?

So; to show just how angered Canada is at the Iranians, Bill Graham has recalled our Ambassador to Iran (for the second time over the same issue) and is threatening what: Sanctions? A boycott? An embargo? An invasion?

What will Canada do to punish Iran for being the religious murdering thugs they are?

With the pathetic attention the Canadian government has paid to our once respected and efficient military, we can’t at this point punch our way out of a wet paper bag. Not that we should go to war because a foreign government murdered one of our citizens.

Or should we?

We don’t sell them anything they can’t get anywhere else. And we can’t threaten to stop buying their products since they don’t produce much of anything we buy anyway. So there’s no chance for a boycott or an embargo.

And we can’t turn to our so-called friends for help, since most of them have too much invested in Iran to run the risk of aggravating them.

Except for the USA and Israel that is.

The Americans have no love for Iran. As a matter of fact, the Iranians have a lot to be worried about vis a vis the USA and its more than 100,000 battle seasoned troops just across their border in Iraq.

The other country Iran has to be very concerned with is Israel, who will most probably NEVER allow this insane religious state to create a nuclear arsenal.

It’s not as if the Israelis haven’t destroyed an Arab nuclear program before, as they did to the French built reactor in Iraq on June 7, 1981 at Osiraq.

So, here’s Canada, angry and all at a the nutsy Moslem state in the Middle East, who just gave us the “Finger”. And the only two countries with the balls, ability and mind-set to back us up, are the two countries we’ve crap on the most.

When America was looking for friends to back-up their play in Iraq, Canada sided with the enemy. When Israel needs friends at the UN who will stand with her against a hateful and anti-Semitic world, Canada votes with the thugs to condemn Israel. Or shows real “courage” by abstaining.

So, who can Canada now turn to in their moment of need against the religious thug-state of Iran? France, Germany and Russia?

Perhaps, this is a good lesson Canada. Maybe Bill Graham, his Prime Minister (Paul Martin), and the Ministry for External Affairs will get the message through this episode that being nice to Middle Eastern thugs, thieves, liars, and murderers is not the way to go.

Or just maybe, Graham and his Liberal government will send back our Ambassador after they’ve decided that Iran has been “punished” enough by his absence, and it will be business as usual.

If I had to bet the mortgage on which route the Canadian government will choose, given their history, their mind-set and their options, Canada’s Ambassador will soon enough be back in Tehran pretending nothing happened.

There’s another possibility. Maybe Paul Martin will choose a replacement for Bill Graham; someone with guts, intelligence, integrity and the sense to know who are our friends, and who are not.

Now that would be different.

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  1. I am a news junkie that is quite fed up with the news. How much can one take of the likes of Obama and his leftist gang. Other than Charles Krauthammer, you are always so accurate in your opinion. Whatever you decide for your future, please do not ever stop writing.

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