Michael Moore – The Man Who Hits And Runs

To really believe in what one stands for, it means to put yourself forward and in the line of fire.

I just received a short letter from a friend (who is too much to the Left) who thinks the world of Michael Moore.

He forwarded a link to me of a US Newspaper article that showed Michael Moore’s newest movie; “Fahrenheit 9/11” raked it in at its New York Opening last night (June 23, 2004).

Good for Michael Moore. All it proves to me, is the old adage, that a fool is born every day.

Here’s the inside scoop on Michael Moore: He is at best a semi-liar, a bully and a coward.

He has repeatedly turned down offers to debate live and unscripted with Conservatives. And he has refused to appear on Late Night Talk Shows to defend what he has produced.

This is not a man I would be proud to say I stand with.

During my QPAC Days, I was constantly invited to appear live, on the most pro Separatist radio and television shows to debate with some of the most despicable ethnocentric Québécois nationalists around.

I NEVER said NO!

At some of the shows like “Black-Out”, which was a French Jerry Springer type production, that was incredibly popular with the younger French market, I was warned by friends and the police not to go.

Like hell I wasn’t going to go!

This was the market I had to reach. So I took extra body guards and stood my ground. It made every difference in the world. Guess who was the pussycat and who was the lion at this show?

To really believe in what one stands for, it means to put yourself forward and in the line of fire. It means that you have to be prepared to get bruised and bloody for your convictions. It means that being scared and doing it anyway is your real reward.

I speak French like an English person trying to speak French. I am not fluent. But that NEVER stopped me from walking into the lion’s den time after time to defend my case in the French language.

Defending his case is something Michael Moore refuses to do in any language, unless it’s before a friendly audience.

Because his movie is raking in HUGE amounts of money, does not make what Michael Moore says true. Because the Leftists absolutely love this guy who absolutely hates Bush, doesn’t make their assessment of Michael Moore accurate either.

As a matter of fact, all it shows me is that the supporters (the Left) of Michael Moore are people with very poor judgement and low standards.

Michael Moore makes-up much of what he produces along the way. This makes him in my judgement a semi-liar. Others will argue that he is a complete liar. But I’ll be kind and give him the benefit of the doubt. He only lies somewhat.

After blending his truth and fiction, Moore then passes his work off as documentaries to those willing to believe anything, as long as it bashes Conservative thought.

The fact that the Cannes Film Festival gave Michael Moore their award for best of whatever, only goes to show the depths to which the French hate America, with Michel Moore as their conduit.

There are many excellent and brilliant protagonists for the Left who I read, watch and listen to, who make sense and are willing to debate their position. Juan Williams of NPR comes to mind as one of them for whom I have a lot of respect.

I don’t usually agree with him, but I respect what he has to say, because it is his honest and truthful opinion which he is prepared to defend anywhere.

In contrast; there are rabid Right Wing Conservatives who I don’t care for at all: people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for example.

But whether I like them or not. Agree with them or not. They will nonetheless debate anyone, anywhere, at any time. For their willingness to stand front and center, I have a grudging respect.

For Michael Moore: How can one respect someone who is a semi-liar, who hits and runs?

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  1. Howard, it already to late, when 40% don’t understand what you are saying, 20% aren’t sure
    Another 35% are only worried about their stuff. Can 5% make a difference? Save the day? Not

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