If Good Judgment Was A Commodity – Paul Martin’s Shelf Would Be Bare.

I believe that Chretien was right about Paul Martin all along. Martin's sense of judgment is horrific.

President Ronald Reagan’s State Funeral will be held tomorrow, June 11, 2004. Leaders from all over the world will be in attendance, if not to show their genuine affection and respect for the former American President, than just to be there, to be seen, and to be rubbing shoulders with other world leaders.


Martin is too busy to attend. He has a campaign to run don’t you know?

So instead of representing Canada at an event that will be covered worldwide, he’s sending the embarrassment we call our Governor General (Adrienne Clarkson), and her even more embarrassing husband, John Ralston Sauls.

It boggles my mind at how bad the judgement of Paul Martin can possibly be. When I think he has made an incredibly stupid decision not to be outdone, he proves me wrong and outdoes himself.

Not going to the funeral of Ronald Reagan is a double slap in the face to the Americans. He is too busy to pay Canada’s last respects. And he doesn’t think it important enough to be seen next to the current President in a time of national mourning in the USA.

When Paul Martin first became Prime Minister (by default) not that many months ago (January 12, 2003), one of the first public commitments he made was not to insult the Americans.

He even went further by reaffirming our close and special relationship with the Americans, and our valuable trade agreements.

Martin made sure to publicly place his entire Liberal Party on notice, that none of the members, including MP’s should make any disparaging comments about the Americans or their President.

He was referring to MP (Mississauga Center – heavily Arabic riding) Carolyn Parrish’s: “I hate those American bastards” remark. And to the remark by Jean Chretien’s communication’s director Francine Ducros’ description of Bush as being a “moron”.

These are just two of the more glaring insults hurled at the Americans by a slew of Liberal members and Liberal Members of Parliament.

Paul Martin’s decision not to attend the funeral of Ronald Reagan is a repudiation of everything he committed. I have not heard one word of apology from anyone in Paul Martin’s government for the hurtful things they’ve said about the Americans. And no one was fired or publicly disciplined either.

But now that our Prime Minister has the opportunity to stand with the Americans in a show of condolence, Paul Martin will be absent. It boggles the mind.

I believe that Chretien was right about Paul Martin all along. Martin’s sense of judgment is horrific. First he knifes his leader (Jean Chretien) in the back by way of his surrogates, then he praises the man.

He then goes on to declare that he will preside over a more open and democratic Liberal Party process, and then handpicks his favorite candidates in spite of howls of protests and mass resignations from his riding associations.

He declares his absolute commitment to a unified Canada, and then appoints the co-founder of the Separatist Bloc Québécois Party as his Quebec Lieutenant.

He gets rid of tried, true and loyal Liberals who didn’t support him while his friends were twisting the knife in the back of his former leader, but he keeps the likes of Carolyn Parrish who stated how much she hated the American bastards. And how much she loves the Palestinians and hates Israel.

Paul Martin’s abysmal sense of judgment is killing him.

People like George W Bush, not because he’s a great thinker, but because he really seems to say what he means, and he acts upon it in spite of public opinion. That’s the same reason Americans are so sad at the passing of Ronald Reagan. He too said what he meant, and acted upon it.

With Paul Martin – that’s a different story entirely.

Yesterday, Paul Martin’s bad judgement, in the name of Carolyn Parrish wacked him upside the head. She went on television to call his campaign a joke. And told him to stop making it up on the fly.

Good for her. Good for him. They deserve each other.

What we Canadians don’t deserve (at least many of us) is either of them.

Go Harper Go!

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  1. I’m planning on moving to Ontario (getting out of racist Quebec). What frightens me is the insane spending and failures of the Ontario Liberal Party over the past decade. Ontario used to be the powerhouse of Canada. Now it is a “have not” province. Where does the government plan on getting money for its handouts, increased spending, and complete blunders (1.1 billion for cancelling two gas powered power plants). Taxes, of course. How many people have left because of no jobs and high taxes?

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