Even In A Federal Election – Why Is It Always About Quebec?

It has always been a given, that Quebec's large population will carry the day for the federal politician who is most generous to Quebec's many needs. But not this time.

I went to the Conservative Party’s Web Site to see what they had to say about their platform and candidates. And it struck me that they listed two campaign offices on their Home Page. One in Ottawa. The other in Quebec.

What gives?

If Harper is going to list Conservative Party offices, shouldn’t he list them all? Or in his Party’s mind, is Quebec equal to the rest of Canada?

Why does Quebec have its own identity and place of special importance on the Conservative Web Page and not Ontario, British Columbia or Alberta, since all of these Provinces are where the Conservatives are going to either win or lose the forthcoming election?

Stephen Harper will be lucky if his Conservatives come close in any Quebec ridings, even the West Island ridings with substantial English speaking populations.

So what’s up with Quebec?

Quebec is a nearly bankrupt province existing on the largesse of the rest of Canada, especially from Ontario and Alberta. Yet; for the same “corrupt” reason that has haunted Canada since Confederation (1867), Quebec receives an incredibly disproportionate amount of national significance and political muscle.

The “corrupt” reason is power.

It has always been a given, that Quebec’s large population will carry the day for the federal politician who is most generous to Quebec’s many needs. But not this time.

The Bloc Québécois will probably win half or more of Quebec’s 75 seats, with the Liberals winning the balance. The Conservatives and NDP will most probably be shut out.

Yet all of that said; the NDP are promising to declare Quebec to be a Nation if they are elected. And the Conservatives refer to Quebec as a part somehow outside of Canada, but still somehow a part thereof.

Every time I pause to wonder if I’m being too harsh on Quebec, I rethink the realities of how they’ve played the rest of Canada for the past 137 years, and then I see what is happening before my eyes in this election.

Even political Parties with absolutely no chance in hell of getting anything from Quebec are bending over backwards to appease and distribute a level of importance to this ethnocentric, xenophobic, loser province that should not exist.

To say that I am flabbergasted is an understatement of all proportions, and leaves me politically cold. Here we have Quebec Separatists sitting in Canada’s federal House of Commons making decisions on the welfare of all of Canada.

And we have federalist Parties who are disliked by Quebec and Quebecers who want to give Quebec nationalists and Separatists more legitimacy.

I really expected much more from Stephen Harper and his New Conservatives.

The only redemption I can see for this behavior, is if the Conservatives are creating the groundwork to help Quebec more or less leave Canada.

But somehow, I don’t think the rest of Canada is going to get that lucky.

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