Screw The Apology For The Iraqi Prisoner Humiliation.

The pictures were taken not just to humiliate the "victims", but rather to use them against the "victims" to extract information.

I heard an American discuss the photos of the Iraqi prisoners being “humiliated” by American guards on US radio this afternoon. And what he said made me rethink my initial feelings of outrage.

Before I tell you what he said, I will say just this:

What the Americans did to those Iraqis pale in comparison to what Arabs and Islamists in general have done to their enemies, continue to do, and will do well into the future.

Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street journalist wasn’t just humiliated, he was butchered before the cameras. Not just once, but twice, because the first time wasn’t sufficiently gory.

Nicholas Berg wasn’t just humiliated, he was also butchered before the cameras.

As the story begins to unfold, it has become clear that Nicholas Berg was taken into custody by the Iraqi police because he had a Jewish last name, and an Israeli stamp in his passport. After being released by the Iraqis, he was told by the Americans that it wasn’t safe for him to be in Iraq.

It will take a mountain of convincing to make me believe that the Iraqi police didn’t finger Berg for being a Jew and a possible Israeli spy.

The 6 dead Israeli soldiers weren’t just blown up (May 12, 2004) in an act of war at Gaza, their bodies were desecrated, with the severed head of one Israeli kicked about by CHILDREN as if it were a soccer ball. Nice children.

Now I’ll tell you what the American on the radio had to say:

The pictures were taken not just to humiliate the “victims”, but rather to use them against the “victims” to extract information.

Instead of using physical torture, the Americans used humility in the belief that the Iraqis would say what the Americans wanted to hear, just so the photos would never be shown to their families and friends.

To the Arab and Islamist mind-set, humiliation, especially at the hands of a woman, might very well be a sentence worse than torture or death. It’s a stink that can live with them forever.

The photos were also used to show what fate awaited other Iraqi prisoners who might want to think twice about not cooperating.

So, I ask myself: What’s worse, a plate-full of humility, or a slow agonizing decapitation before the lens of a camera? No matter how hard I try, I can’t imagine the horror the victims felt at the hands of their Arab murderers.

What kind of savages can do such a thing?

The Iraqis are killing, wounding and maiming American soldiers and American non military supporters every day. Nicholas Berg wasn’t a soldier, he was there as a humanitarian who wanted to help out. For his goodness, he was murdered in an incomprehensibly horrible way for all to see.

Perhaps, if one of those “humiliated” Iraqis spilled the beans as a result of this crass American behavior towards their prisoners, Berg would still be alive. Perhaps the other 4 American non military workers who were murdered and then strung up in Fallujah would also be alive.

Maybe fewer Americans and cooperative Iraqis would be alive today too. But we’ll never really know.

Those horrible images of “humiliated” Iraqis have touched a raw nerve amongst most of us civilized folk of the modern Western world. But we’re not the ones in Iraq fighting a vicious enemy who will slowly cut off our heads as the camera rolls. Are we?

It’s easy for us to sit in judgement because we don’t have to live from minute to minute not knowing which Jihadist Bastard is going to murder us or our friends.

It’s a very different story between imagining what it’s like and actually being there.

Let the Americans “humiliate” these horrible creatures until the cows come home, if it will save just one Nicholas Berg. His life was worth all of theirs combined.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Iraqi prisoner “humiliations”. North American university frat houses do worst to their pledges.

If I was an American soldier in Iraq, knowing what could lay before me from a hostile American press, and a politicized Congress, I wouldn’t be too quick in wanting to take any prisoners.

Dead Iraqi insurgents are far less trouble, and won’t ever be able to do harm to anyone. And they can’t be “humiliated”.

The next thing we’ll hear from the world press, especially the American press and the Leftist elitists is that the Iraqi insurgents should have full Miranda Rights.

Perhaps someone should remind the media and the Leftists that America is at war where the rules of the Marquis of Queensberry don’t really apply. And to the Arabs, the Geneva Convention is nothing more than a suggestion.

I made it abundantly clear in my first editorial on this subject (May 5, 2004, please see the Archives), that the President of the United States should never have apologized, since his apology would never be accepted in the good faith that it was given., and the enemy would only see the apology as weakness.

Not surprisingly I was right. But knowing this didn’t take any great intellect. It’s just the way it is.

But now it’s time to apologize for the apology. Screw the insurgents. Do what has to be done over there. And get the troops home as soon as possible. The Iraqis are just not worth this pain.

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