Why The Wall And Disengagement Is Best For Israel.

It is impossible to make peace with people who live with lies, distorted history and a generation of groomed Jew-haters.

Samer wrote back to me complaining about my version of history (please see archives: An Egyptian Arab’s Distorted View Of History – 4/20/2004).


Samer: We have very different versions of the same event and history of the Middle East vis a vis Israel and her Arab neighbors. I will not argue the point with you since you are as embedded with your beliefs as I am in mine.

Unfortunately for you and us – you’re wrong.

About your privacy:

Whatever someone sends to me, I feel free to publish, unless it is clearly specified to the contrary, and even then I might publish. As a matter of principle, I alway publish the name of the sender, and NEVER their e-mail address.

On your first letter to me, you said: “Get over yourselves and do away with the racism and maybe then there will be peace”.

How does Israel and Jews worldwide have peace with the Arab world when Islamic religious nuts and historical revisionists are running around encouraging and celebrating the murder of Jews?

It is also impossible to have peace, when main-street Arabs throughout the Middle East demonize Jews every day in their media, and teach their children to hate Jews from their earliest recollection.

In Israeli schools, the children are taught reading, writing and arithmetic. They are also taught languages, history, geography and the sciences. What they are not taught, is how to hate Arab and Moslem children.

Jewish children also go to summer camps where they are taught to swim, hike, and tie knots. Some Jewish children are taught acting, music and how to work computers. There are even math camps. But there are no suicide, martyr or TERRORIST camps.

Jewish children are treated as though they are precious commodities to be protected from everything. A Jewish parent would sooner throw himself or herself on a burning flame, rather than see a hair harmed on the head of his or her child.

Jewish parents don’t send their children to attack armed troops with sticks and stones.

Jewish children dress up in fun and funky costumes during the holiday of Purim. Palestinians dress their children as suicide bombers with fake dynamite belts.

Jewish leaders find better ways all the time to encourage and promote learning and understanding amongst their youth.

Arafat’s wife could only say from her posh Paris apartment, between shopping sprees with the international aid-money her husband has stolen (while “her” people supposedly starve), how she wishes she had a son so he could become a suicide martyr.

When Jews are blown-up in a suicide murder, the funerals are what you’d expect from such a sad event. There is crying and bitterness. But there are no street demonstrations led by thugs in masks vowing that Arab blood will flow in the streets, while they fire their assault rifles in the air.

I know of no books or teachings in the Jewish main-street that demonizes Arabs. However; in the Arab world, there is the continuing saga of the Passover Blood Libels, the fraudulent Protocols Of The Elders of Zion, and government school books that teach hatred for Jews based upon lies and distortions.

It is impossible to make peace with people who live with lies, distorted history and a generation of groomed Jew-haters.

Can you tell me what kind of peace you foresee under these circumstances?

That’s why I think the “Wall” is one of the best things Israel has done from its inception. There is no making peace with people who will not, or can not come to terms with their own history or misgivings. A people dedicated to the hatred of Jews.

I also can’t understand the negative Arab reaction to the Sharon pullout of Gaza and just about all of the West Bank.

I would think the Arab world would be celebrating that the Jews are leaving.


Isn’t that what the Arab world has always demanded for all these years?



The fact that Israel is building a huge barrier to separate themselves from people who want to kill them should also be a reason for the Arab world to celebrate. The Palestinians won’t have to look at Jews any longer. They can now get on with their very “productive” lives Judein Frei.

Now isn’t that worth firing AK 47’s into the air over?

I’m sorry Samer, you might be a very nice guy with a heart of gold and good intentions, but you are missing the point entirely.

Israel has been asking for Peace even before becoming an official state in 1948. But for last 56 years and beyond, all Israel has received for their efforts to make peace has been the blood of its citizens.

I will leave you to your interpretation of history, and suggest that we agree to disagree, while Jews in Israel live in whatever safety and security they can find behind their “Wall”, away from the people who want nothing more than to murder them because they’re Jews.

In good faith; no one can ask for more than that.

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  1. I wasn’t a racist before I started being accused of being one solely because I am not black. However, all of this carping on what a POS racist I am JUST FOR BEING WHITE–absent ANY overt or covert action on my part is having some unintended consequences. In order to protect myself from the potential problems of race-based litigation over some imagined slight, I no longer associate with anyone that might endanger my way of life. My hiring basis used to be best-qualified, PERIOD. Not any more.

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