Canada’s Liberal; Party – The Rot Starts At The Top.

There are other very serious issues that are at least as important as the financial theft and mismanagement of tax payer dollars.

What is happening to the Liberal party of Canada is long overdue. But to hear, read, and see what the journalists have to say about the demise, you’d think it’s just about $100 million in fraudulent payments to Quebec ad agencies over the Sponsorship Program.

It is not!

The Sponsorship Program should have never happened in the first place. Therefore; we should be talking about $250 million (a quarter of a billion dollars), not $100 million.

But what about all of the other frauds perpetrated upon the Canadian people by these same Liberals in recent years?

The list of outrageous abuses include: the Ministry of Human Resources, the Gun Registry, the Shawinigan Golf Course Hotel, and a gazillion more debacles we don’t even know about.

And when’s the last time Canada gave your company $161 MILLION which you didn’t know about? As the current Prime Minister contends.

Should we just forget about these and slough them off as bad memories?

Paul Martin can protest all he wants, that he was not the man in charge (Prime Minister) during these fiscal atrocities, and as the Minister of Finance, he never wrote or signed cheques.

But he was Canada’s chiel financial officer, and as such, the buck had to at least pass by his desk on the way to the desk of the Prime Minister.

For Paul Martin to claim ignorance of any of these violations of trust and outright fraud, is yet another slap in the face to the people of Canada, which in my opinion is an even greater reason for him not to remain Prime Minister.

There are other very serious issues that are at least as important as the financial theft and mismanagement of tax payer dollars.

The Prime Minister’s Office has used bully tactics and the might of the RCMP to attack and intimidate Canadians whose opinions differ from the powers that be in Ottawa.

Two examples include the former president of the Federal Business Development Bank who refused to lend money to Chretien’s pal in Shawinigan, and the Ottawa Citizen reporter who blew the whistle on the Arar case.


As if the governance of this country isn’t enough of a mess and a joke, Brian Mulroney is trying to get back into the political game. I guess killing the Conservative Party once wasn’t enough.

The new Conservative Party is looking better every day, and that’s a good thing for all of Canada. What’s bad though, is Belinda Stronach and the absolutely horrible people who are pushing her towards the leadership of the Conservatives. Namely the Brian Mulroney gang.

Belinda Stronach has proven beyond any doubt in my mind, that in her few but feeble attempts to reach out to the people of Canada, she is not worthy of any kind of government leadership. Yet, Brian Mulroney might be able to buy her the leadership of the new Conservative Party, just like he bought the leadership for himself in 1983 against Joe Clark.

If successful in getting Belinda Stronach to become the leader of the Conservatives, Brian Mulroney will be responsible for killing two Conservative Parties. One in each century.

When one looks at the lamebrains, thieves and political cowards who make up the government of Canada, one has to wonder how this country continues to limp along.

It is very depressing indeed.

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