The Truth Has Only One Language.

The PMW was created as a media balance. For example: Arafat says one thing to the Western media in English, and another thing entirely to the Arab media in Arabic.

In Saturday’s issue of the National Post Newspaper (January 10, 2004), Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, both of whom are with Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), a service emanating from Israel with representatives worldwide, wrote about what is taught to Palestinian children.

The PMW was created as a media balance. For example: Arafat says one thing to the Western media in English, and another thing entirely to the Arab media in Arabic.

It isn’t as if the world is stunned to hear Arafat say in English, that he opposes TERRORISM, while in Arabic, he praises the TERRORISTS who blow themselves up in the act of murdering Israeli Jews.

But it’s far more than just Arafat. It’s the entire Palestinian system.

In this National Post article, the authors wrote about the brainwashing of the Palestinian children, to the point, that these inheritors of lies and hate will condemn the Palestinians to a collective life of misery for generations to come.

It is no great secret that Palestinian children are taught to hate Jews literally from the time of their birth. It is also no secret that Palestinian children are taught that death through the act of killing Jews, by whatever means, including suicide bombing, is amongst the highest of achievements in one’s life.

To be killed while killing Jews, is to become a Martyr and hero, with a direct pass to Allah and the 72 dark-eyed virgins waiting in heaven.

It’s interesting how the do-nothing do-gooders, the liberal left close their eyes and ears to this outrage. Almost as interesting how the entire world politic does the same.

If someone in the democratic West would train children in our public or private schools, that the most noble of all deeds is to sacrifice your own life by murdering others, he/she would be removed from the class and locked up for a very long time.

Not only does this policy violate every standard in “normal” society, it also violates the United Nations Declaration On The Rights Of The Child, first enacted in 1959 as a result of the United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights in 1948.

In 1989, 176 nations signed onto a final document that specifically listed their moral, psychological, and physical obligations to the betterment and protection of the child.

As part of the preamble, it is written:

“Reaffirming that children’s rights require special protection and call for continuous improvement of the situation of children all over the world, as well as for their development and education in conditions of peace and security”.

I draw your attention to the two words at the end of this statement in the preamble: Peace and Security.

Where is there Peace and Security when Palestinian children are encouraged to die while in the commission of committing murder?

In Article 14, paragraph 3, it states:

“Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs may be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary to protect public safety, order, health or morals, or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others”.

Does encouraging the hatred and murder of Jews not violate the “fundamental rights and freedoms of others”?

In Article 19, paragraph 1, it states:

“States Parties shall take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, while in the care of parent(s), legal guardian(s) or any other person who has the care of the child”.

How much clearer does it have to be stated to see how violated the Palestinian children are by their own parents, politicians and teachers? More than that; they are violated and abandoned by a world which prefers to look the other way.

Remember; 176 independent nations signed onto this document designed for no other purpose but to protect the rights of children.

But most of all, one has to focus on Canada’s despicable hypocrisy.

Canada likes to portray itself as a key player in the drafting and passage of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. So why has Canada said nothing concerning the daily violation of human rights when pertaining to the treatment of Palestinian children by their own government, teachers and families?

And more appalling, is Canada’s physical complicity in aiding and abetting the Palestinian system to brainwash and abuse Palestinian children.

The Canadian government has donated millions of dollars to a sick Palestinian educational program that teaches hatred of Jews, and the glory (martyrdom) of personal death while committing murder.

Canada’s part in ignoring the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, and the United Nations Declaration On The Rights Of The Child, are only secondary to Canada’s actual involvement in the Palestinian promotion of hatred, suicide, and murder taught to Palestinian children.

Canada does not stand alone. However; Canada’s constant criticism of Israel and support for Arab and Moslem anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations does single Canada out for special notice.

Although Canada never endorsed the murder of Jews, in or outside of Israel, and never supplied the weapons including guns, bullets and explosives with which to murder Jews, in or outside of Israel, Canada did supply the books and education that was used by the Palestinians to teach their children how to hate and murder.

What Canada has done, and continues to do, is in violation of the United Nations’ two most important declarations on Human Rights.

I therefore have to suggest, that even though Canada never threw a rock at a Jew, pulled a trigger on a gun to harm a Jew, or strapped on a suicide belt with which to draw Jewish blood and create mayhem and TERROR, Canada is no less implicated in these acts carried out by the children they helped influence.

Canada knew what was written in the books read by Palestinian children that the Canadian tax payers paid for.

It is very important that we know what is being said and taught. Not the English language version which is crafted for public relations purposes by the Arabs. But rather, the Arabic version that has real meaning and influence.

There should be more services such as Palestinian Media Watch. To know the truth, is to know how to deal with the issues. Good on them (PMA).

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  1. Howard, I don’t blame you for not running. Unfortunately we are governed by party politics.
    If I had my way I’d put an end to party politics and all MPs and MPPs would be independent and represent those that elected them. Once elected they’d nominate and elect their own leader and cabinet and continue to have free votes on all issues.
    The party system has failed us and will need to crash and burn before we ever see change…..if ever and God help us.

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