Why Does Colin Powell Want To Do-In Democracy?

In bypassing the legitimately elected government of Israel, Powell has bypassed the legitimacy of Israel's democracy.

The Europeans and North Americans who immigrated to Israel before, during and after the Holocaust created something out of nothing. And they did it with love, backbreaking work, incredible courage and the largesse of Jews from around the world.

They built a modern secular democracy governed by the rule of law, in a part of the world where none existed before. And other than Israel, none exists today.

The entire worldwide Jewish population numbers somewhere around 13 million, of which, 5 million live in Israel, a land from where the Jewish people came 5764 years ago, where from then until now, there has always been a Jewish presence.

Many of us had assumed that virulent anti-Semitism died with the Holocaust. We were wrong. Anti-Semitism never died. It only took a brief hiatus. And instead of European Jews being targeted, it is now Israeli Jews.

Two days ago, Yossi Beilin, Israel’s former Justice Minister, a failed politician who is trying to make a comeback, staged his huge “peace” initiative in Geneva.

Beilin wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by a host of other failed and irrelevant politicians represented by Palestinians, the USA in the name of former President Jimmy Carter, and Nelson Mandela, Africa’s first Black President and close friend to TERRORIST thug Moammar Gaddafi.

This event even attracted US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who has decided to become involved by inviting Beilin and the Palestinian freelancers to Washington for “talks”.

Who will Powell be speaking to? He certainly will not be speaking to any elected or acknowledged Israeli leadership. But he will be speaking to a Palestinian buddy of Yasser Arafat, the same Arafat the President of the USA refuses to acknowledge, and the same Arafat who personally endorsed this latest joke.

Does Powell not realize that he is circumventing the democratically elected government of Israel to be “talking” to an Israeli freelancer who was roundly rejected by the Israeli electorate and his own political Party?

Does Powell also not realize that what he is doing would be illegal in the United States, if he decided to negotiate as an American freelancer with a foreign government?

This act which Powell is participating in, is a slap in the face to democracy, and an expression of total disrespect to the Israelis, the Jewish people worldwide, and to the American people.

I can understand why Jimmy Carter is doing what he is doing. He’s a schmuck who doesn’t know any better.

As President of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter was without question a memorable leader by the sheer incompetence of his Presidency on Domestic and International fronts.

I guess he hasn’t had enough of screwing things up.

I also understand the role of Nelson Mandella. His claim to fame is entrenched solely in the fact that he was behind bars as a political prisoner for much of his life.

But what has he done aside from being a model prisoner? Has he personally made South Africa a better country since his release?

Mandella hates Israel for Israel’s support of South Africa prior to the fall of Apartheid. Mandella’s involvement is nothing other than payback.

And it should not be forgotten that Mandella is a champion of the Left, and of the “disenfranchised” led by some of the worst characters on the planet.

The UN was also very prominent in this “peace plan”, and why shouldn’t it have been?

The UN is so failed at what it should be doing, that this useless exercise adds some credibility to what has become nothing more than an extraordinarily expensive debating and social club amongst the Thugocracies of the planet.

I also understand the supportive Israeli Leftists who were in attendance in the warm and cosy hopes that they could do what is virtually undoable, simply by being nice and accommodating to thugs.

These types have always been a part of every society.

People without the courage of conviction who want so badly NOT to be portrayed as “extremists” for supporting a strong position, even if that position is right, that their angst makes them want to be so generous, as to give away just about everything, in the hopes that it will be enough.

And when it’s not enough, as it never is; and when the other side wants more; as they always do; saying no, is no longer an option.

Right to the point where Jews were being herded from the death trains into the gas chambers, there were Jewish apologists and appeasers who still believed they could make a deal. The Chief Rabbi of Berlin believed, right up to the end, that if only he could have an audience with Hitler, he could make things better.

The Israelis representing Beilin at this Geneva joke were of this mind-set. But unlike the Jews of Germany and the rest of Europe, most of whom followed their failed leaders to perdition, today’s Jews are a little less accepting of the nice guys who are willing to sell themselves and others at any price.

What bothers me most about this entirely sickening spectacle is that Colin Powell, has for some sad reason lumped Israel into the same league as Thugocracies.

In bypassing the legitimately elected government of Israel, Powell has bypassed the legitimacy of Israel’s democracy.

It is one thing for Powell to bypass an unelected corrupt thug in the name of Yasser Arafat, in the hopes of finding someone else he could negotiate with.

But to do the same to Ariel Sharon is unthinkable.

Would Powell bypass Chirac of France, or Putin of Russia, or Schroeder of Germany to negotiate life and death issues with freelancers concerning their countries, simply because he didn’t like the legitimate democratic choice(s) of their people?

What Powell is doing in his legitimizing of this phony “peace deal”, is a slap in the face to the very principle his country was founded upon.

Even the American/British goal in Iraq has become the creation of a working democracy. Forget weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda. It’s all about democracy don’t you know?

Why Powell believes that democracy is good for every country in the world, including Iraq, but is not good for Israel is beyond me.

Does Colin Powell share more of a European mind-set, than he does an American Republican mind-set?

Is Colin Powell not nearly as proficient at what he does as we would like to believe?

Or is Colin Powell swept up in the belief that Israel must be wrong because so many anti-Semites say so?

If anyone comes up with an acceptable answer, I’d like to know.

In the meantime: would Powell and the US government mind if Jacques Chirac of France, established a free trade zone between the two countries, one on one in negotiations with Hillary Clinton, excluding the President and Congress?

At the very least: Hillary Clinton was elected.

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  1. Howard, I beleive you are most effective as you are right now. I consider you a voice of conservative reason that we would not get if you became one of many politicians. We need you exactly where you are, leading the charge for conservative principles and values which will hopefully educate the masses to the wishes and desires of our Founding Fathers.

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