The Fate Of Israel Is Everyone’s Concern.

The United Nations is nothing, if not consistent in its convoluted treatment of Israel.

I love to write about many issues which I believe are important to the human condition. So when I find myself repeatedly writing about Israel and anti-Semitism, I sometimes feel as if I’m “sounding” like a one-trick pony.

But then I think about the coal mine canary, and I appreciate how important this subject is to all of humanity.

How the Jews of Europe were treated throughout the continent for generations prior to the Holocaust spoke loudly of the times.

With few exceptions, prior to World War I, in much of Europe, there were no individual freedoms. Governance was decreed either by some form of Devine right, or by military succession.

However; as more freedoms and liberalized thought took root, not only did the greater populace benefit; so did Europe’s Jews.

Jews always do better in a liberalized society, where freedom reigns amongst robust exchanges of social and political ideas.

But just like the coal mine canary which ceases to sing, and eventually dies when gas begins to seep into the underground air, so do Jews when human freedom is in decline.

Based upon this reality of history, the victory over the human condition we know of as anti-Semitism is in every free person’s best interest. Otherwise; the world will witness yet another demise of social and political freedoms.

The United Nations is nothing, if not consistent in its convoluted treatment of Israel.

We in the West have created a unique and wonderful democratic system which accomplishes two key criteria for freedom. We elect our leaders by means of majority rule. And we have subsequent laws which keep the majority from abusing their rule.

In Israel, This concept of democratic majority rule goes further than most other democracies. Israel’s system of PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION represents the purest expression of majority rule.

Israel also protects all of its citizens, regardless of language, race, culture, ethnicity, religion . . . etc, from government abuses by secular laws.

To me, this is a showcase for what democracy should represent. But to the UN, it seems to be meaningless.

During that past few weeks, a few Israeli “Insider Lefty Elitists” led by former Israeli Cabinet Minister Yossi Beilin, with no authority from the elected government of the people, decided to sit down with a group of Palestinians and negotiate an entire peace and cooperation framework within a few days.

There’s nothing wrong with this. As a matter of fact, CBC’s Hannah Gartner did something similar after the 1995 referendum on Quebec separation. And in the space of just one week, this CBC group of self-righteous English and French speakers did in a spirt of “feel-good”, what everyone else in Canada couldn’t do from the time of Confederation in 1867.

The difference between Hannah Gartner’s foolishness, and the foolishness of the “feel-good” Israelis and Palestinians, is that no one took Hannah Gartner’s group or results seriously.

In contrast, the UN, led by Kofi Annan, has endorsed the peace plan created outside of Israel’s elected government. But so has US Secretary of State Colin Powell, and others who are equally no friends to Israel.

But more than just usurping Israel’s legitimate government, these people have shown clearly, that they are also no friends to democracy.

Israel has a freely elected government which has been duly empowered by the majority of its citizens to act and negotiate on the behalf of the Israeli people in all matters. And that’s that.

For the UN, and of all people Secretary Powell, to endorse an agreement negotiated by a group of “free-lancers” is appalling.

Would Colin Powell assert the right of a group of unelected Americans, who represent a special interest, to form US foreign policy in place of the duly elected government of the USA, including his State Department?

Better yet: Would Colin Powell accept a resolution emanating from a group of anti-war American activists, and a group anti-American Iraqis, calling for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, and full cash compensation for the rebuilding of Iraq controlled exclusively by Iraqis?

The two preceding questions are rhetorical. We know the answers. And unfortunately, we also know why Israel is held to a different standard, where self appointed spokespeople take precedence over the duly and democratically elected government.

The double standards which are applied to Israel by the world body, including some of Israel’s so-called friends (Colin Powell) is reprehensible, and a foreshadow of horrible things that could come.

The Holocaust was paved not with defiance from Jewish leaders and like-minded Christians, but with the stones of good intentions from people who should have known better.

The world should understand this, because if not, the canary might once again soon stop singing. And then what?

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  1. Howard, the important thing about your decision was that you considered the impact, not only on yourself, but on your family and the other things in your life that are important. Keep fighting the good fight. I have told many of my friends that there is a Canadian blogger that would make an outstanding American President. I wish you the best in your future endeavors .
    Bob Myers,
    Corning, IA

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