What Goes Around Comes Around.

When these animals murder Jewish Israeli men, women and children, they're called militants. But, when they kill the Arabs who've been financing them, they're called TERRORISTS.

This weekend witnessed a bombing in Saudi Arabia, carried out by Arabs against Arabs.

To just about the whole wide world, this was an atrocious act of TERRORISM where innocent lives were lost.


Here are a bunch of Arab savages who bit the hand which was feeding them. So what’s the big deal?

Where’s the world when Israeli Jews are blown to bits by the same pukes who carried out this attack?

You know; I didn’t hear one description of the people responsible for this bombing referred to as militants. In EVERY news report I saw, whether on CTV, CBC, CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, the perpetrators were identified as TERRORISTS.

What gives?

How come when these animals murder Jewish Israeli men, women and children, they’re called militants? But, when they kill the Arabs who’ve been financing them, they’re called TERRORISTS?

The only thing that could add to this hypocrisy, is if the world (UN, EU and Canada) can find a way to blame Israel for this attack and pass yet another anti-Israel resolution at the UN.

When I heard that more than a dozen (17) people were killed in a family compound in Saudi Arabia, with more than 100 wounded, my thoughts were: so what?

And now upon reflection, my thoughts are not just so what? But why not more? Why shouldn’t the creators of all this Islamic/Arab hatred, anger, murder and suffering pay the price they’ve inflicted upon the rest of the world, specifically upon Jews and Americans?

I have no sympathy for the Arab victims of Arab on Arab TERRORISM since it is a crime of their own making. My heart goes out to legitimate victims of TERRORISM who do not support, encourage and finance the murder of others.

To me, it’s just like hearing that one drug gang murdered members of another drug gang. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

So, to the “victims” of this attack on the sovereign soil of Saudi Arabia – too bad. I won’t cry a tear for you getting only what you’ve been responsible for giving.

And behind the crocodile tears of the West, and the silence of many others, I bet that I am not the only person who feels this way.

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  1. Hi Howard, take care of your family,and yourself,anything else is just switching seats on the Titanic,you might slow the rot,maybe buy us a year or two,but at what price? God bless,George KK6BBY Mojave desert.

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