Democracy Is The Only Thing That Can Destroy Democracy.

It is no secret that Democracy's greatest threat, is the inherent Freedom that is guaranteed by Democracy.

The other day, Dave Mankovsky, a former Montrealer who currently lives in Atalanta Georgia, wrote me the following:


You mention in your most recent article (October 27, 2003 – Archives), that what unifies the Arabs together to attack Israelis, Americans, UN workers and Red Cross medical personnel is a hatred of the West. Once that war is over the Arabs will internally turn against each other.

What interests me is that Western societies are supposed to be open to any and every culture or religion. So we accommodate Moslems & Arabs and let them practice their cultures and religions in both Canada & the US.

HOWEVER, they do not reciprocate because Western cultures and ideologies are not welcome in Arab countries.

How did we ever get to the point of defining democracy as open to everybody and everything. But, democracy itself is not acceptable to those we open ourselves to?

I noticed that Arabs in both the US & Canada open up cells of intrigue, espionage and terrorist activity. This is because democracy allows anyone to come in and “practice” their cultural orientations without hindrance.

Yet, an American or Canadian could not do the same in an Arabic country.

Democracy has become a one way street for Moslems. They use our system because we accommodate them, but we cannot participate in their systems.

This is my response to Dave’s letter:

Dave Mankovsky has summed it up well, leaving more questions than answers, and giving the impression that this one way street is insurmountable.

On the surface, he’s dead-on. But in reality, the Islamists and Arabs are not nearly the threat we allow or perceive them to be, much less a one way street on which we have to travel in their prescribed direction.

In places like Saudi Arabia, it is a capital crime to openly practice any religion other than Islam, and not just Islam, but rather the official Islam of Saudi Arabia which is Whabbism, practised by Al Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden.

Most people don’t know that the proselytization of Christianity in Saudi Arabia is punishable by death. And just being Jewish in Saudi Arabia is enough to be executed. So much for an inclusive society.

This despicable nation, according to successive White House administrations is America’s BEST Middle Eastern Arab friend. With friends like this . . .

Yet; as Dave Mankovsky so clearly explained, these Islamists are free not only to come to our shores with no religious or cultural strings attached, but are indeed welcome to preach their religion and the hatreds that come with it.

We don’t just allow proselytising religious and cultural differences, we encourage it through grants and government departments dedicated exclusively to the promotion of foreign cultures. I believe this is a mistake.

It is no secret that Democracy’s greatest threat, is the inherent Freedom that is guaranteed by Democracy, especially in a Republican style State, such as the USA, where individual Rights are sacrosanct and embedded into the American Constitution.

This Democratic Right makes fighting the Islamists all the more important.

If we ever decide to diminish our Rights and Freedoms because of the threat posed by Islamists and Arab TERRORISTS, then we’ve lost everything. The only reason to fight afterwards, would be for our survival, but nothing more.

Yet; it is the Secular Democratic system we established two centuries ago, that is the reason why we must fight before it’s too late.

We know who the enemy is, and where the enemy is. We know what they’ve got in their arsenal, and we know what we have in ours.

The fact that the Israelis, who are outnumbered 60 to one by their hostile Arab neighbors, were able to repeatedly kick the crap out of the combined Arab armies of the Middle East – screams volumes.

The fact that the Americans, with a little bit of help from their friends walked over Iraq as if it was just a training exercise, twice in ten years – also screams volumes.

The only reason the Islamists and Middle Eastern Arabs get away with what they do, is because we let them. The oil industry has convinced the world that we need Middle Eastern oil. We don’t!

Canada’s Athabasca Tar Sands has more oil available than all the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia. So what do we need them for?

There’s also no shortage of Russian oil, Mexican oil, Venezuelan oil, African oil, Indonesian oil, North Sea oil, Grand Bank of Newfoundland oil, and oil from places we haven’t even heard from yet.

Let’s put it into proper perspective. We don’t need Middle Eastern oil. THE MIDDLE EAST NEEDS US TO BUY THEIR OIL!

This brings us to a very disturbing reality we don’t speak of too often. If we don’t need their oil, why are we jumping through hoops for the Islamists and Arabs?

Until last year, a Canadian oil company, Talisman, helped finance Sudan’s Islamic war against their Christian minority. The backlash of this horrific endeavor became more than Talisman could handle, forcing them to sell off their interests to an Indian oil concern.

Talisman didn’t sell out because it was the right thing for them to do. They sold out only because the negative PR would have killed them on the stock exchange.

This is the same situation in the Middle East. American and European companies have so much invested in Arab oil, that it has become worth it to the USA and Europe to close their eyes to Islamist and Arab atrocities.

But it’s not just the American and European oil interests who are guilty. The Arabs are BIG spenders. And everyone wants a piece of the action.

The list of beneficiaries to Arab wealth include: arms dealers, vendors of Rolls Royce automobiles, architectural and construction companies which build palaces, designers and fabricators of magnificent personal aircraft; and on, and on, and on.

This is what it’s all about. GOOD OLD FASHIONED BIG BUSINESS GREED!

If the Americans were to take that phenomenal wealth out of the Canadian ground, Canadians would more than likely use the money to pay down, or pay off our national and provincial debts. We’d invest heavily into more and better healthcare. We’d spend on education, infrastructure and a more socially generous society; because that’s what Canada does.

So where does any of that help BIG Corporate Americans and Europeans?

Canada won’t buy Rolls Royce Motor Cars as if they were on sale. We won’t buy jet fighters as if they were going out of style. And we wouldn’t have need of American and European architects and engineers to build palaces for us. If we were so inclined, we’d build them ourselves.

In reality, making Canada rich beyond our wildest dreams in many ways would be a threat to the conservative Big Business Comes First American mentality.

Imagine, America, 10 times the size of Canada in population being a pauper nation in comparison to an oil rich, socially responsible nation just next door?

This would be enough to cause the USA to have another social revolution, much like what they went through in the 1960’s, but BIGGER.

We can pull the plug on the Middle Eastern Islamists anytime we want, without jeopardizing Democracy. We have the money, the military, the technology, the intelligence and the oil supplies to crush them like a bug at our pleasure.

The question is: Do the people who sit in REAL power really want to?

The answer is no. But that is not a permanent answer.

At one point, just like Talsiman oil, even the American and European industrialists will not be able to pretend all’s well witgh their Islamic and Arab relaytionships.

And sooner, rather than later, the hammer will fall, and the world will become a better and safer place, where the existing one way Islamic and Arab street will then travel in many directions.

Remember these words: Sooner, rather than later.

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  1. Howard, you’ve made the best decision. I think that if you were in office you would not be as effective as you are now. Stay the course.


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