This Is The 1930’s All Over Again.

In Nazi Europe, Jews were slaughtered not because they were of a different religion than the majority, but rather, because on a per capita basis, Germany's Jews were extraordinarily successful.

This past weekend, on the US Sunday morning political television talk shows, which I watch without fail, I viewed Secretary of State Colin Powell as he was interviewed on Fox News.

In response to a direct question concerning Israel’s policy to remove Yasser Arafat (as an obstacle to peace), Colin Powell replied: removing Yasser Arafat would not be helpful to the Road Map To Peace.

Here’s a news bulletin for Colin Powell. WHAT ROAD MAP TO PEACE?

Was Colin Powell referring to the bus bombings, the nightclub and restaurant bombings, the roadside ambushes against Israelis, the anti-Semitism and hatred taught to Palestinian school children, or to the fact that Arafat drove his Prime Minister out of office because Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) really seemed to genuinely want peace?

Was that the Road Map Colin Powell was referring to, where innocent Jews are routinely murdered while Palestinian leaders cry that Israel is the obstacle to peace?

I watched Yasser Arafat hanging out of his window blowing kisses to the throngs of school children bussed in for the staged “I love Yasser Arafat rally” at his bombed-out Ramallah headquarters. He looked like one of the most pleased men on the planet.

A well placed bullet, right there and then would have removed the major obstacle to Colin Powell’s Road Map to Peace. But this is against the wishes of the likes of Colin Powell.

According to Powell in the same interview, he stated: the removal or assassination of Yasser Arafat would unleash a torrent of animosity in the Arab world.

The US Secretary of State seems not to have noticed that Palestinians are murdering Israeli Jews every day. What more could the Arab world do to Israel and Israeli Jews than what they are already doing? ALL OUT WAR?

Maybe that would be the best solution of all.

Israel has a “peace agreement” with the Egyptians that is as frigid as the polar ice caps. Israel has a similar “peace agreement” with the Jordanians which is equally frigid.

And as for the rest of the Arab world: all of Israel’s neighbors are still technically at a state of war against the Jewish State.

So what’s Colin Powell concerned with? What are the Arabs going to do, declare yet another declaration of war atop the one that already exists?

Will they no longer deal with Israel in a normal diplomatic manner as Egypt and Jordan already DON’T do?

Will they try harder to murder Jews?

What’s Colin Powell’s problem?

To hear him speak of the removal of Arafat by Israel, you’d think Arafat is the most important person in the Middle East.

And if this is the way Colin Powell defends this murdering Bastard’s right to exist, it is Powell who is making Arafat the ESSENTIAL Palestinian leader.

When I hear, read and watch the international and North American press report that Yasser Arafat is the legitimate “ELECTED” leader of the Palestinian people, I have to wonder what their concept of legitimate and elected really is.

Arafat was not democratically elected. His political rivals were either killed or silenced by intimidation. His supporters voted for his hand picked Parliamentarians often. And as for our understanding of polling booth legitimacy, there was none in the Palestinian election.

And who was it that voted for Arafat anyway? Was it the universal suffrage of the Palestinian people? No! It was the vote of Arafat’s hand-picked Parliament.

And what about term limits? Even if Arafat was elected democratically (which he was not), his term as President is long over. According to whatever passes for the Palestinian Constitution, new elections had to be held about two years ago.

But Arafat wouldn’t hold elections, citing the (his) Intifada and Israel’s military response. How could you have elections when you’re being attacked declared Arafat?

Also; when I hear the international and North American press quote Arafat and his ass-kissers, that they want to go back to the peace table as soon as possible, you have to shake your head in wonderment.

They want to talk peace while Jewish blood is still fresh on the streets.

This Kafkaesque debate over Palestine has nothing whatsoever to do with Palestinian rights or Yasser Arafat. It has to do with the world hating Jews. And if not necessarily hating all Jews, than certainly hating Israeli Jews.

Israel is a minuscule country with a minuscule population that surpasses what it should be capable of achieving by about 50 fold.

Without any natural resources (with the exception of the mud from the Dead Sea), Israel has an economy that is greater than just about every major economy on the planet, on a per capita basis.

Israel has a population that is ONE FIFTIETH (1/50) the size of the USA, but still has a GDP of $100 BILLION. This is without oil, gas, gold, silver, coal, iron and tens of millions of acres of fertile farm land. To name just a few resources Israel lacks.

If you were to multiply $100 Billion times 50, Israel would have a $5 TRILLION dollar GDP, still without the natural resources.

In Nazi Europe, Jews were slaughtered not because they were of a different religion than the majority, but rather, because on a per capita basis, Germany’s Jews were extraordinarily successful.

Had the German and other European Jews lived in poverty, there would not have been a Holocaust. What brought the Holocaust upon the Jews was the extraordinary success of Germany’s Jews.

If you go further back to the Spanish and French Inquisitions, the same was true.

And now there’s Israel. It’s not just the Arabs who hate the Jews. It is much of Europe as well. And my fear, is that it is also much of North America, where you can feel the hatred in how the media portrays Israel, in Israel’s life struggle to survive.

I have come to the realization, that the double standard the world employs when dealing with Israeli Jews, is not borne out of anything more, nor anything less than simple old fashioned anti-Semitism, where being a successful Jew is the worst insult the world can not abide.

When the Jews are once again crushed as they have been throughout history, the world will show some sympathy. Until then: The more that changes. The more that stays the same.


60 years ago, there was no Israel to stop the Nazis. 60 years ago, there were just countries like Canada whose official policy on Jewish immigration was: NONE IS TOO MANY!

Maybe some things do change after-all.

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  1. Howard and Gary,
    You are the example of good, kind, Godly living and acceptance of others. All people of any faith should strive for this mindset and work to live it. We all need to stand arm in arm and refuse to let the divisive race baiting liberal media/administrations tear us apart. Not only One Nation under God! Let that be inclusive and allow One international Conservative Mindset respectful of all people regardless of faith, race or nation under God. The “Golden Rule” goes a long way.

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