A Plea To Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The time for analysing and intellectualizing has long past. It is time for only one thing. The killing of Jews in Israel must come to an end!

This week, two more Palestinian suicide bombers murdered and wounded Israeli Jews in two separate attacks.

Abu Mazen quit his “token” job as the Palestinian Prime Minister, and has subsequently been replaced by yet another Arafat toady.

I fall into the same category of virtually everyone who expends thousands of words writing about Middle Eastern atrocities, in the attempt to explain and understand what is happening.

We try to use historical perspectives and Western social and political standards. We try to intellectualize the debate and the reasons for the violence. And more than anything, we try to show why the only democratic nation in the Middle East is right, and Middle Eastern Arab Islamic Thugocracies are wrong.

Perhaps this combined collection of millions of words will one day be important. But today is not the day.

The time for analysing and intellectualizing has long past. It is time for only one thing. The killing of Jews in Israel must come to an end!

Israel has everything it needs to end the so-called cycle of violence. It has the intelligence on-the-ground in the Arab world, to know who is responsible for what, and where they can be found.

Israel has the military prowess to shut down the Arab killing machines whenever Israel makes that decision. And Israel has the wherewithal to impose its own “peace” solution.

The time for talking, debating and analysing has become the time for action.

Israel can not afford to have its people picked off as if they were just so much sacrificial meat. “NEVER AGAIN” must mean something.

Israel was conceived to be a safe haven for Jews. It is not. And if the government of Israel does not live up to its obligation to provide this safe haven, Israel will eventually cease to exist, because it will have lost its reason to exist.

Prime Minister Sharon: Please do what must be done. Do to Israel’s enemies what the Americans have done to the enemies who attacked their soil on 9/11.

Instead of talking. Act!

Mobilize Israel’s awesome military (air-force, army, tank brigades and navy). Send in Israel’s paratroopers to Syria and Lebanon. And if necessary, anywhere else.

Crush Hamas, Hezbollah and all the other TERRORIST savages wherever you can find them. But not like in the past, with a few “surgical” strikes. This time, with the full and unrelenting weight of Israel’s military.

Don’t ask. Tell the Palestinians how a civilized people must live beside its neighbor. And if they won’t listen, drive them out. Or truly separate them from Israel with the wall.

Don’t worry Mr Prime Minister, about what the UN will have to say about Israel doing what has to be done. Most of the UN already hates Israel, and would like nothing more than to see Israel disappear.

Don’t worry Mr Prime Minister, about what the Western Europeans will have to say about an Israeli declaration of war against its enemies. They’ll never say anything supportive about Israel no matter what Israel does.

Remember Mr Prime Minister; except for Egypt and Jordan, the rest of Israel’s Arab neighbors are still technically at war with Israel. Therefore; going to battle, is only a part of a war the other side is committed to.

Mr Prime Minister: Do what history has tagged you to do. Provide a safe haven for the Jewish people, from where Jews world-wide can all feel a sense of pride and security.

Israel never had as much international success and respect, as it did when Israel’s military destroyed the entire combined Arab fighting force and spirit in 1967, in just 6 days. It is time to revisit history.

Mr Prime Minister: Don’t wait for the world to say that Israel has a right to exist as a normal nation. It is up to Israel to tell the world that Israel has a right to exist as a normal nation.

If Israel waits for the world. Israel will never stop waiting.

The time for talking, bargaining and appeasement has passed. For the Jews of the world, the time has come for you, Mr Prime Minister, to do what must be done.

Um Ysroel Chai

(Long Live Israel)

Howard Galganov

A Jew In Canada – A Canadian Jew.

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  1. The future of Western civilization can only be secure if the good forces of those who share Judeo-Christian values, whether one is observant/religious or not, unite to defend it against the dark forces of evil that seek to destroy our freedom and our way of life. That is the foundational driver of the Pledge Ride and may it be blessed with great success. Thank you Howard, thank you Gary for spreading that message. And on “hogs” to boot! What could be more HARAM than that !?!?

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