BRAVO BRENT TYLER – Anglo/Ethnic Quebec’s Last Man Standing.

The reason why the English/Ethnic communities NEVER proceeded in the direction you suggest is at least SIX fold.

Yesterday, one of my readers sent me a copy of an E-MAIL that was sent to Brent Tyler. He wanted to know several things.

He wondered why the Quebec English and Ethnic communities never attempted to go after Quebec with a Class Action Suit, based upon the damage Quebec’s language laws have done to the minority communities.

I also wanted him to know why there was never any real concerted fight from all the English/Ethnic communities.

Here was my reply to him:

The reason why the English/Ethnic communities NEVER proceeded in the direction he suggested is at least SIX fold.

1) The English speaking community placed all of its trust in the Liberal Party of Quebec. Wrongly so then. And wrongly so today.

The English/Ethnic communities thought (hoped) they would be treated fairly by the Liberals. They were not. And probably never will be.

2) The English/Ethnic communities also placed their trust in a co-opted English elitist leadership, more interested in being good little moderate “Anglos” than in standing up against endemic anti-English racism. The worst of all the institutions was Alliance Quebec pre Bill Johnson.

3) Ottawa went out of its way to defend Quebec’s dubious “right” to subjugate the English/Ethnic communities. It was Ottawa that championed Quebec’s rights at the United Nations in the case of McIntyre vs Quebec.

4) Ottawa’s successive language commissioners, including Victor Goldbloom have been English Quebec’s single largest government enemy. The office of the Language Commissioner could (should) have intervened from day one on behalf of the discriminated English/Ethnic communities. Instead, they piled on with the Separatists simply by being invisible when it came to “Anglo” rights.

5) And then there is the English language media. No force in the debate has done more harm and damage to the very fiber of the English/Ethnic communities than the Montreal Gazette. CJAD, Pulse News and the CBC (radio and television).

6) After all is said and done. We did it to ourselves.

The vast majority of the English/Ethnic communities never turned out to campaign for their rights. They didn’t support financially. And they didn’t support spiritually. They just sat on their asses playing the role of armchair quarterback. If they even did that.

Brent Tyler has just won leave by the Supreme Court of Canada to argue THREE of his school related language cases. If there is but one hero left in this entire mess; it is Brent Tyler – The Last Man Standing.

BRENT TYLER IS THE “CLASS” ACTION! With a very heavy emphasis on the word CLASS.

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  1. I say–do it! I will donate what I can. Good luck.

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