Israel’s Greatest Enemy Is A Dishonest Media

To compare Arafat and Sharon, or Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the same breath, is as much an insult to journalism, as it is to Sharon, Israel, and to all the people who either read, hear or see this nonsense.

When the world media compares Arafat to Sharon, and creates whatever amount of equivalence between the two, and pretends that this is more or less a blood feud between Arafat and Sharon. And that neither of these two leaders can bring peace to the region. Not only are the media wrong. They are lying.

Ariel Sharon is the democratically elected Prime Minister of Israel, who can easily be removed by the people, and just as easily replaced with a new leader. All of which executed within the context of democracy. Therefore; when Sharon speaks or acts, he is doing so on the behalf of the Israeli people.

Arafat; on the other hand, is the leader of the Palestinians, “elected” at the point of a gun. For him, there is no successor. And that’s by Arafat and his thug army’s intention. To suggest, that this is between Sharon and Arafat, is to suggest that Sharon is a despot leading a tyranny. Just like Arafat.

Where by contrast, in Israel, it is the vote of the ballot. While in the Palestinian Authority, it is the “vote” of the bullet. Arafat has made certain that all those who dissent against him are quickly dealt with. And that’s no secret. Therefore; it has become Arafat or no one.

On this day alone, while Israeli troops are battling Palestinian “militants” throughout the territories, there are two equivocal events taking place.

One: Arafat’s henchmen have just murdered 6 Palestinians on suspicion that they had co-operated with Israel.

Two: Adam Shapiro, and other Jews, including at least one Israeli are openly embracing Arafat and his people’s cause. Even at the embattled Ramallah headquarters.

Shapiro and his other idiot friends might be shunned for their stupidity within Israel, but they will not be harmed. Certainly not by the State of Israel. Because, in Israel, freedom of speech, association and the press, as well as other individual freedoms are the bedrock of Israeli democracy.

So; to compare Arafat and Sharon, or Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the same breath, is as much an insult to journalism, as it is to Sharon, Israel, and to all the people who either read, hear or see this nonsense.

What did Yasser Arafat, his Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian people, and the rest of the world expect from Israel; other than a declaration of war after so much death and destruction which was caused at the hands of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian goons?

Had Israel been any other country, the Palestinian people, by now, would have been crushed. But, Israel isn’t like just any other country, simply because of unbelievable double standards imposed upon the Jewish State by the entire world.

According to the people who head up the UN, Israel must exist above and beyond the standards, the rest of the world imposes upon all other countries.

When Israelis are murdered by Palestinian terrorists, it is ALWAYS Israel’s fault. After-all, Israel “made” them do it, simply because Israel exists, and refuses to allow itself to be slaughtered.

When more than 20 people are murdered while dining at a hotel, there is no world condemnation of the murderer(s), and/or the murderer’s leader. But; when Israel responds to terrorist attacks and murder, the media and the International community rushes to condemn Israel for excessive violence. Regardless of the cause.

The media is in constant search to find moral equivalence between Israel and Palestinian murderers. Sharon is constantly being compared to Arafat, as an old man who is embroiled in a 20 year old blood feud, going back to Israel’s orders for its military to invade Lebanon to root-out Arafat.

The media has a very selective memory, and an incredible ability to distort history and reality. While it is true, that Sharon oversaw an invasion of Lebanon in 1982, it is equally true that the Israeli government voted upon this policy and tactic. Therefore; the invasion of Lebanon was not a unilateral decision taken by Ariel Sharon. As too many within the media would like the world to believe. What is also true, is that it was not Sharon’s decision to make since he was Defense Minister and not the Prime Minister. (But; why let a little accuracy get in the way of a good media story?)

When Israel makes a decision to either go to war, or to declare peace, it is done within a democratic framework. Therefore; it is utterly disingenuous, and an outright lie to pin the Israeli invasion of Lebanon upon Ariel Sharon.

The media also seems to have conveniently forgotten why Israel went after Arafat in Lebanon in the first place. After being driven out of Jordan by King Hussein, Arafat found a kinship in Lebanon with the Syrians, who were busy destroying the Middle East’s only other Western style gem.

And from Lebanon, Arafat’s terrorists rained rocket fire upon Israel, as his PLO used their Lebanese territory from which to raid Israeli settlements for the purpose of murdering Jews.

It seems as though the entire world has forgotten how Arafat’s PLO was responsible for murdering Israeli Children on their way to school, or while at studies in school. Or how Arafat’s PLO murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, where the games didn’t even skip a beat as a result. The media have forgotten the many airplane highjackings and the bombing of Lod airport in Tel Aviv. All at the blood stained hands of Yasser Arafat.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is a Sabra, an Israeli born Jew who has served his country well; as a soldier, a cabinet minister, and now as its Prime Minister. And the only “crime” the world’s media refuse to forget, is Sabra and Shatila, the two Palestinian refugee camps, where Lebanese Christians entered to carry out a genocidal attack against its inhabitants.

What the world ignores is that the perpetrators of this crime were not Jews, Israelis or Ariel Sharon. They were Christian Arabs, who so hated the Palestinians for what they did to Lebanon, that they wanted to exact their revenge. And after all the terrorist attacks carried out on Israelis, I can somehow understand why the Lebanese Christians felt so compelled to react upon their rage.

Also; what the media refuses to remember, is that the Lebanese forces which entered the camps, did so with the understanding that they were going in to find PLO gunmen and armaments.

Nonetheless; Ariel Sharon did not order the Lebanese Christians into the two camps, nor did he allow his own troops to participate. And after word got out as to what was actually happening, even if it took three days; Ariel Sharon ended it.

Unlike the Arab world, Israel came down hard on Sharon for “allowing” this atrocity to happen by not intervening to stop it. It is quite remarkable, how Jews in the Middle East are not only responsible for their own actions, but also for the actions of others. That said; Israel still found Sharon culpable.

It is remarkable, that after so many years, since 1982, the media continues to blame Sharon for a murderous act carried out by Christian Arabs.

The media also seems to forget that Sharon was the key to Israel’s and Egypt’s peace agreement. Without Sharon convincing Prime Minister Menachem Begin, that the return of the Sinai to Egypt would not endanger Israel’s security, there would have been no peace agreement. Also; it was Sharon who was responsible for the forcible removal of Israeli settlers in the Sinai.

And if anyone cares to remember, it was Ariel Sharon, who single handedly saved Israel by leading his troops across the Suez Canal with his tank brigade in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when everything for Israel was more or less lost. And instead of annihilating the Egyptian Third Army which he could have easily done, he let them surrender and retreat.

So; when the media describes Sharon as being an ultra hardliner and intractable, they either know not of what they speak, or they just don’t mind lying.

Now: for that murdering little cowardly Bastard Yasser Arafat, who no one holds responsible for anything.

Arafat is his people’s own worst enemy. He was never elected by anyone to lead anything, other than by his hand picked insiders and enforcers. Yet, as far as the whole damned world is concerned, he, Arafat the thug, is a legitimate national leader, on a par with democratically elected Israeli Prime Ministers.

Arafat is also an absolute coward. Unlike Sharon, who led his troops and his people from the front, Arafat leads from the rear. He sends children out to blow themselves up at restaurants and bus stops, or throw stones at battle hardened Israeli troops in the streets. He murders his own dissenters. And he never places himself in harm’s way. Even now, as he is surrounded by Israeli troops, he buffers himself with his body guards, the media and idiot peace activists.

If Arafat had one iota of courage, he would take his oozi machine gun, walk out of his destroyed headquarters, and fight the Israelis as any great leader would do. He would die. But; at least he would die with honor. Instead, this little vermin cowers amongst his goons telling the whole world how he is willing to be martyred. What a joke!

Arafat was given yet another chance to lead, when Israel accepted him as a peace partner in 1993 at the Oslo peace conference. And true to form, he squandered this opportunity to lead his people to peace and prosperity.

Instead of taking the billions of foreign aid dollars to build a social structure for his people, he invested it in eight separate police (para-military) forces with more than 40,000 members, armed to the teeth. He purchased helicopters and a fleet of Mercedes Benz automobiles for Chairman, President, General, Yasser Arafat to use at his pleasure.

And with the rest of the money, he set up a media propaganda system that encourages the Palestinian people to hate Jews, and extol the virtues of the suicide bombers who murder Jews.

And instead of teaching the Palestinian children to learn the 3 R’s, his leadership encourages them to worship terrorism and ascribe to becoming terrorists. His idea of summer camp for Palestinian children is to dress them up as Fatah, and play at killing Jews with mock Kalashnikov rifles.

If the media want comparisons. All they have to do is look at the way Israel teaches and nurtures their children, compared to how the Palestinians raise their own.

Arafat was a terrorist, is a terrorist and will be a terrorist until the moment he dies. But; until then, he will be Israel’s, and the Palestinian people’s greatest enemy. With him at the helm, the Palestinian people and that part of the Middle East will never know anything but grief.

For the media to compare a despot such as Arafat, to a democratically elected Israeli leader, is an insult to the concept of a responsible press.

The Media has also forgotten, that before Sharon, Arafat had Barak to negotiate with. And his response to Barak, and the most generous offer the Palestinians could have ever hoped for in the name of the Clinton Camp David proposal, was nothing short of a knife in Barak’s back, and a total return by the Palestinians to a reign of terror. Hence Ariel Sharon.

Which part of any of this, can the media not understand?

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