A New Peace Plan For The Middle East

If Israel should fall, and if the Jews were to be driven into the sea, or were made to live under a hostile Palestinian flag, the world, especially the Europeans wouldn't give a damn.

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, has come up with a solution for peace in the Middle East. His suggestion, is for all the Arab countries to simultaneously recognize the legitimacy of Israel, and open up normal relations with the Jewish State, in exchange for Israel’s return to the pre-1967 borders. Including the surrender of Jerusalem and the Jewish Holy places.

And lo and behold, he apparently isn’t the only one to have had this brilliant thought. It appears that Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was just about to make this same announcement when Friedman suggested it to him. How utterly coincidental.

Great ideas. Or great minds which think alike aside; this is not only “NOT” a great idea. It is in fact a horrible idea.

Thomas Friedman is a great writer, and probably knows as much about who the players are within the Middle East, as anyone. In his younger journalistic years, he was not just one of the few Western journalists who had access to Yasser Arafat during the bad old days in Lebanon, when Arafat’s PLO was busy tearing Lebanon apart on behalf of the Syrians; he was also the “only” Jewish journalist Arafat was willing and eager to see.

Friedman has written several books on the Middle East, and literally tons of news and opinion pieces. He really is ensconced in what is happening there. So much so, that I think he has lost a great deal of objectivity. In his case, he can no longer see the dunes for the sand.

Friedman always criticizes Israel for this or that, while at the same time, he espouses his support for the beleaguered Jewish state. But; in his quest to seem objective and impartial, he ignores the truth. A truth, of which I am certain he is aware: “The Arabs hate the Jews”.

Middle Eastern Arabic schools teach hatred of Jews at the youngest age. Their media airs and publishes vile anti Jewish vitriol based upon outright lies. And their religious leaders preach religious intolerance and a “Koranic” duty to kill Jews.

Friedman holds Israel up to a much higher standard than he does the Arabs. And as such, he places Israel at a substantial disadvantage. Because of the incredible double standard, it is somewhat like asking two heavy-weight fighters to go into the ring under two sets of very different conditions:

Think of two fighters who are substantially mismatched in size and ability.

First: there is a much smaller fighter, with vastly superior skills; who under the house rules, must fight with at least one of his hands tied behind his back.

Second: the other fighter is much bigger, and pretty awkward in comparison to the smaller guy. But; the big guy can swing away with both fists.

And not only that; the smaller fighter has to abide by all the rules; while the bigger fighter can also kick, bite and from time to time bring in his friends to help out.

The ultimate advantage of the bigger fighter is the duration of the fight. If the smaller fighter loses, it’s all over. There will never be a rematch. If the bigger fighter loses, it makes no difference. There will always be a rematch as long as the little guy wins.

Therefore; can the little guy ever truly win? Not really. All he can hope for is the status quo. And pray not to lose.

This is what the Israelis face day in and day out in the Middle East. And writers like Thomas Friedman don’t help matters. All Friedman is doing is giving barbaric thugocracies extended strategies and credibility they do not deserve.

What makes Friedman believe, in his wildest dreams, that thugocracies and fundamentalist Islamic states, who have nourished an obsessed hatred for Jews and Israel for as long as we can remember, are all of a sudden ready to change their heart and soul?

What makes Friedman believe that despotic Middle Eastern Arab rulers, who treat their own people and women like garbage, will treat the hated Israeli Jews with respect?

Like Friedman, I too have a solution for what can pass for a peace process in the Middle East. Israel should simply warn the Arab states that Jewish life is neither a bargaining chip; nor is it cheap. And, if the Arab population wishes to continue to murder Jews as part of their “peace process”, the consequences will be far more extreme than limited retaliation, as they, the Arabs, have thus far experienced.

If the never-ending daily slaughter of Jews in Israel is now a “normal” Palestinian and Arab policy, Israel’s response has to be far greater than simple retaliation. It is time for Israel to do to the Palestinian Authority, and their terrorist cohorts, what the Americans did to the Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. It is time to declare war. Enough, is certainly Enough.

No other country on the face of this planet would accept the pounding Israel has been taking for years; under the guise of peace negotiations, Middle Eastern Arab style. And no country on this planet, would expect any other country other than Israel to take this kind of beating without lashing out. As a matter of fact. The entire world demands that Israel should dutifully take it lying down in the interests of moderation.

If Israel should fall, and if the Jews were to be driven into the sea, or were made to live under a hostile Palestinian flag, the world, especially the Europeans wouldn’t give a damn. As a matter of fact, there would be relief amongst many nations, if not outright joy amongst most. So; under the current circumstances, what does Israel have to lose by doing what they have to do to protect their very existence?

It’s time that Israel decided to fight back under Arab rules, and untie their arm and go in for the knock-out. As far as I can see, by Arab standards, everything goes. Perhaps, after the Arab terrorists and their supporters take the beating they deserve, they might think twice about feeling that it is open season on killing Jews in the Middle East.

And then, we can all read about the big bad Israeli Jews who fought to survive. And how the poor Palestinian Arabs were once again victimized by the Jews and the West. And writers like Thomas Friedman can continue to be the ultimate apologist for Israel’s unconditional will to survive.

In the short and long term; I would much rather have Friedman, and people like him, criticizing an Israel that exists, rather than lamenting an Israel that no longer does.

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  1. Howard….I appreciate the new “post a comment” section.
    Have you ever heard of imprecatory prayers….like the prayers
    King David prayed….and his prayers were answered. We need
    to wake up and start a conversion with our Lord to stop the
    wicked who are ruining our land!

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