The Sanitation Of Islam

Where has the Moslem voice been hiding, while people have routinely been massacred in the name of Allah and the Koran?

The developing military coalition does not want to make the impending war, a war between the East and the West, and between Islam and Judeo-Christianity.

It does not want to polarize the enemy into forming a billion person coalition of its own. But; it’s too late. Pandora’s box has been opened. And the world of fundamentalist Islam has declared war on everything that is represented by the West. Including Western based religions and our modern culture.

Since the terrorist attack, we have all been inundated with the sanitation of Islam from every corner of the world. We have seen and heard no shortage of world Islamic leaders claim that their’s is a religion of great tolerance, peace and love. And they are deeply wounded by the murder and destruction.

But; if their hearts are all so broken, and if Islam is against killing and violence; then where have their voices been for the past 30 years and more?

This past Sunday, September 23, 2001, the religions of the world came together at Yankee Stadium for a gigantic prayer and memorial service. It was one of the most touching events I have ever witnessed. Religious, political and entertainment notables spoke, prayed and performed. It truly represented the best in mankind. But something was missing. The truth.

I heard a heartwarming sermon from the Moslems, and I will take it at the religious leader’s word, that what he had to say was what he believed about harmony, respect and love for all. Even to those of different faiths.

So; I have to ask myself. How come these peace loving people have never before come forward to condemn murder and violence through racism, sexism and religious nationalism carried out in the name of Islam?

I have recently heard no shortage of Moslems who have compared the demonization of Islam to the fact that no one condemned Timothy McVey’s outrage in Oklahoma as a Christian act of terrorism, and the slaughter of Moslems at prayer at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, as an act of Jewish terrorism?

They, within the Moslem world who compare the so-called double standard are wrong.

American Christian fundamentalists with a bent towards violence are constantly demonized in the US press, on radio, on television and in Hollywood productions.

And as for Goldstein “the murderer” at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Israel, and outraged Jews all over the world could not have been more saddened and outraged by his attack against humanity. And the Jewish anger against Goldstein was not kept a secret. He, and what he did was publicly condemned by the entire Jewish world. Without equivocation.

But; where have all of these “saddened” Moslems been hiding during the non stop terror attacks that has killed many hundreds of innocent people in Israel?

I don’t recall ever hearing their outcry against this “perversion” of Islam that was responsible for the slaughter of Jewish children in schools, Israeli athletes at the Olympics, Jews and others at airports, on busses, in markets, at discotheques, pizza parlors and around the world in countries that have nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism and Israel. Such as the bombing of a Jewish owned delicatessen in Paris, and another at the Jewish community center in Argentina.

Where was even the slightest criticism from the Arab and Moslem community at the visual and public outburst of joy and celebration in the streets of the West Bank, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, while grieving Jews collected the human body parts of those blown apart by Islamic Arab fundamentalist suicide bombers?

Instead of condemnation, the Arabic Moslem children were given candy in order to enjoy the sweetness of the murder carried out in the name of Allah. Do you remember ever hearing any condemnation from anyone in the Arab and Moslem world at this vulgar spectacle?

I guess it was no big deal for Arab Moslems to be dancing in the streets in celebration of the murder of Jews. But; an entirely different thing when these same Arab Moslems danced in the streets at the murder of people in New York City, Washington DC and on those four crashed passenger planes.

How can a religion that forbids women from enjoying life as equal human beings be considered to be as loving as the current spokes-people for Islam claim?

How can a religion that orders women to be stoned to death for infidelity, or even less; and for robbers of a loaf of bread to have a limb amputated as retribution in the name of justice claim to be anything but barbaric?

Even the word Jihad all of a sudden no longer means holy war. At least to the Moslem spin doctors. But; it’s quite remarkable how every nation in Islam, especially the countries of the Middle East have shouted Jihad against the Jews and the imperialist Americans for as long as I can remember.

Even Yasser Arafat, up until September 11, 2001, spoke of Jihad. What happened?

And then there is the cry from the Arab world, that they should not be singled out for this extreme act of terrorism. They don’t want to be profiled at airports and at other areas where large gatherings occur.

Who was on those airplanes that changed the world, and caused so much grief? Were they not Arab Moslems?

Who has been highjacking airplanes, killing innocent people and blowing up buildings since the 60’s?

Who operates terrorist training camps in the Middle East, North Africa and Centra Asia?

Forgive me for telling it like it is. But; the answer to all of the above is crystal clear. Now, let me get back to the Arabs who don’t want to be profiled or treated differently because of recent events.

Where has their voice been in condemnation of those Arabs, whom for so long terrorized the world? Where has the Moslem voice been hiding, while people have routinely been massacred in the name of Allah and the Koran?

The Arabs and the Moslems who are now so vocal, were silent until today, only because it didn’t matter when the venom of their culture and religious hatred restricted their actions to the murder and terror, primarily of Jews in the Middle East.

It didn’t touch them then. But it does now. So; all of a sudden there is outrage and condemnation for terrorism from the once silent and invisible Arab and Moslem communities.

But; it is not moral outrage that has forced the Arab and Moslem communities to explain and apologize for what has just happened. It is fear of retribution.

I have quite a few Arab friends and associates whom I care a great deal about. And my heart does break for them because they are no more guilty of this obscenity than I am. And they should neither be profiled nor feared. Nothing they could have said or done would have changed anything. But; that is not true of their cultural and religious leadership.

The leaders of their communities could have said plenty before this past horror. But; instead of publicly standing up for decency, they chose silence. And now there is a price to pay.

We can only hope that from this outrage and impending war, the Arab and Moslem world will finally get the message; that what is done in their name, religion and culture will affect them with grave consequences.

I will add to what President George W Bush had to say about nations that are not with the United States in this epic battle against terrorism. If the “normal” Arab and Moslem world will not condemn those within their own culture and community who carry on acts of racial violence and hatred towards all people; including Jews and Israelis, then we must assume that they are with the perpetrators.

After September 11, 2001, there is no longer any room for silence or fence sitting.

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