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Joe Biden’s White House Ratings are so Low Beyond Reason, that Even with a Propagandized Media & Seriously Skewed Poll Results Created by Mostly LEFTIST Pollsters, there CANNOT be Any Question Whatsoever, as to Where the Majority of American People are Headed Politically & Socially.

Sometimes You Really Need To Fall Into The Septic Tank To Really Know It Stinks.


Pierre Poilievre . . . Canada’s Leading Conservative Candidate Is Rapidly Becoming A Conservative Juggernaut.

As Much as the LEFT and the LEFT’S Sycophant Media in Canada Love to Push this Negative Narrative that Pierre Poilievre is a Populist and is Canada’s Version of Trump-Lite . . . The More these LEFTIST Fools Don’t Realize that Being Trump-Like and a National Populist . . . Is As Good A Narrative As Poilievre Can Hope-For . . . The More the Canadian LEFT is Going to get its Ass-Kicked.

These Canadian Political Ingrates (Bureaucrats & Media Included) are so Far Removed from the People they are Paid to Serve, that they Have No Inkling What It’s Like to Live in these Hard-Times for the Massive Canadian Majority, Who Don’t Live in the Bubble Inside the Realm of “Civil Service”, where Life is a Bowl of “Protected Cherries” for the Privileged Few.

Canadians Are No Different Than Americans . . . We Also Want Our Country To Be Great Again!

We Also Don’t Want Our Children To Be Brainwashed In School & On Social-Media. Nor do we Want our Girls & Women to be Forced to Compete Against Freakish Men Pretending to be Girls & Women. We Don’t Want to be Ripped-Off with the Fairytale of Global Warming, Climate Change or Whatever else the LEFT can Conjure to Push & Pass their Own Sick Narrative.


The Canadian Government Can Also Shove their China Virus Mandates Up-Their-Ass, Since it Seems Obvious, at Least to Me & Millions of Other Right-Thinking Canadians that the China Virus is Nothing More & Nothing Less than an Anti-Constitutional Excuse for the Government to Wield Illegal & Unwarranted Power Over the People.

Canadians Are Fed-Up With Kowtowing To A Vicious Ignorant Minority Hell Bent On Our Nation’s Destruction.


Smaller Government, Less Spending, Meritocracy, Lower Taxes, Less Regulations, Traditional Education, Energy Self-Sufficiency, Canadian Home-Grown Manufacturing, the End of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Against a Bought & Paid-For Media & For More Independent Freedoms for the People.

In Essence . . . Pierre Poilievre Wants To Unlock All The Potential Of Canada As Much As Possible.


We Canadians Like You Americans Will Have To Bear With The Pain A While Longer, Until we Throw the Bums-Out & Bring About the Promise of the Values & Benefits which our Countries are Inundated with. And Whatever Trudeau & Biden will Break . . .  Respectively – Poilievre In Canada & Trump In The USA, Come 2024 Will Fix.


Every-Time I See The Stumbling, Bumbling Biden I Hold A Visceral Disdain For The Idiots Who Voted For Him.

Every-Time I See and or Hear Trudeau at Home or Abroad, Knowing that he is Canada’s Prime Minister with as Few as 20% of the Votes of all Eligible Canadian Voters, is Driving Canada Towards a Communist One World Order, It Makes Me Cringe.

But That Said . . . Trudeau’s Days Are Numbered As Poilievre Is Steamrolling-Over All His Leadership Opposition, to the Point that Even Liberals, NDP Socialists & Green Party Loons are Gravitating to Pierre Poilievre.


Here Is What I Am Sure-Of . . . No-One Expected Ukraine To Put-Up Such A Fight, Including & Especially The USA.

I’m Not Sure if the Entire Western World is Backing Ukraine, Especially the Biden Administration, Since it Seems that Much of What the Ukrainian’s have Begged-For in Terms of Lethal Military Supplies from the USA is Being Slow-Walked to the Battle Zones.

Why Didn’t the USA Authorize Polish MIG Fighter-Jets for the Ukrainians to Defend Themselves, when the Cost to the USA was Zero and the Ukrainians Begged Biden for the Right & Ability to Fightback Against the Russian Behemoth to be on an even a Slightly More Level Battlefield?

I Think The Biden Administration Expected & Wanted The War To Be Fought & Over With In A Few Days – Well Surprise-Surprise.

And Now, Because it Seems all but Certain that the Russians will Not Take all of Ukraine, or Maybe Not Even Some of Ukraine, the Entire Global One World Order Paradigm has been Turned Upside-Down & Inside-Out.


Even “Close” Friends With America Now Have Serious Doubts.

Countries Like Israel, Which Turned Heavily Towards a Sold-Out Coalition-Type Government in Partnership with Palestinians, who (Palestinians) would Love to See Nothing More than the Disappearance of the Jewish State . . . Just To Get Rid Of Benjamin Netanyahu, And Kiss-Ass With Biden . . . Are About To Get An Ass-Whooping.

We’ve Had Our Faces Pushed Into The Septic Tank . . . And Now We Know What It Smells & Tastes Like.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Its ironic how we all back Ukraine and feel negatively about Putin and Russia, when in Canada are turning into the Soviet Union ourselves. Every despicable act we associate with these awful communist regimes we in Canada are now doing ourselves. Banned protests, forced lockdowns, Police harassing citizens, banned speech, legal rulings without court dates, seizing assets based on political or social leanings, control of information, elimination of opposing parties, silencing media, etc etc etc

  2. I agree with Joe Eliot’s comment exactly. Today, again, I am writing to Anita Anand in response to her list of spend, spend, spend items while not even mentioning her boss’ coalition and the havoc it is and will wreak on our Country. While I am at it, I am again contacting our Provincial once sort of Conservative, now liberal party to voice again my displeasure. I do not, however share your optimism. I am surrounded by lieberal regressive lemmings that think they are doing a great job.

  3. Poilievre will have his hands full trying to deal with the communist soaked bureaucracy, unions, and media. Their tentacles have infected every decision maker in every corner of government. Trudeau should go to jail for bribing the media with 570 million of our tax dollars.

  4. It’s interesting how Poilievre’s competitors, our Canadian Lamestream Media, Communist Liberal Party, are all trying to paint him as the Donald Trump of Canada! We should be so lucky! He will have quite a fight ahead of him, but he is steadfast and resilient. I live for the day he becomes PMinister. Coinciding with Trump’s win in the US. This will be the death of Great Reset Globalism. Do you think Canadians are smart enough to elect him?

  5. I doubt it, Don, I’m sorry to say. The average Joe Kanuck is apathetic and ill-informed. Kanada has never had a (small-c) conservative government and likely never will. The wokestapo have taken control of all of the country’s major institutions and will lie, cheat and steal to maintain their grip on power, just like they did in the USA in 2020. SIN is the acronym for the enemy: Self-righteous, Intolerant and Nasty. That’s a wicked combination.

  6. liked your last editorial. at least there are two of us that understand what type of governments we have. Looked at the list of stuff the US is sending to Ukraaine and it is so little and looks like most of it was dug up in the Army land fills. I am ashamed of what we are doing to those people. Most of the stuff being sent looks like the stuff we used in Viet Nam! for instance the number of APCs being sent just barely will support 1 rifle company. What the hell ‘over’.

  7. Right on Howard. I, too, can barely stand the sight or sound of the idiot Biden. In fact, I’m almost physically ill when he pretends to be the President! Biden, Harris, the Dems deserve each other and should only be a small footnote in history. I want a giant HOOK to pull them off the stage whenever they show their pompous, insincere and stupid faces. What fakes and sorry asses they are. The ONLY place BIden or Harris should be is HIS dark basement!

  8. Been a public servant many times in my life. Served in the Canadian Airforce for 10 years, left on my own accord. Worked at the National Research Council in Ottawa for 14 years and lost my job because of downsizing. Worked for immigration Canada for 1.2 years and did not get renewed because justine turdgrope did not do a budget for 2 years and you need a budget to get new money to keep departments operating. None of the Billions of borrowed money was allocated for that. Starting new job at CRA.

  9. We have open borders, Trudeau, Roxham Rd. & 100s of 1000s of Afghanis. There’s similarity between US Mexico border & Canada, illegals/immigrants enjoy better & more benefits than my pension & retired seniors who paid taxes all our working lives. Strategically placed immigrants, & refugees play a very active role influencing Canadian elections. 13 such ridings carried Trudeau to a win last election. Government published a book: A Muslim guide to elections! You guess rest. Not too optimistic yet.

  10. Folks are waking up as gas, food, and utilities soar. The Rich Politicians say, “Look we just granted a tax vacation on fuel, made a .05 change in price, so we are trying to help”. Like Reagan said, the words you don’t want to hear, “I’m from the gov’t and here to help”. Musk is looking to buy Twitter, I believe he would turn it into a site for all to be heard. The drums of Civil War can be heard in the distance. As US and Canada allows ILLEGALS in by the 1000s, folks are waking up to rea

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