To Serve & Protect Isn’t A One-Way Street


Stupid People In The Bracket Of Defund The Police . . . Or Approve of Holding Each Cop Criminally & Civilly Responsible for Whatever Happens while He or She is Doing His or Her Job for the Benefit of the People . . . Are Going To Get A Seriously Rude Awakening . . .

Especially In Black Communities & Even More-So With Black Victims, Black Suspects Or Black Perpetrators.


If the Leaders of our Societies Can’t Understand that this Black Lives Matter BS Is Nothing But A Putsch Against Capitalism . . . They are Either Too Stupid to Govern, Too Cowardly to Stand Against the Ignorant Mob, or they’re Colluding With “Domestic Terrorists”.

This Has Nothing To Do With Anti-Black Racism . . . And Everything To Do With An All-Out Global Assault On Our Freedoms.

I Feel Badly For All The Black People . . . Who Realize that the Black Community is Being Screwed by Democrat & RINO Politicians, Media, Academia, Sports Icons & Race Baiters like Al Sharpton, and that the Black Community has Once Again been Duped By White Liberals – in this Case to be the Fake Reason for a Global Movement that will Leave the Black Community Lying in the Mud, when they are No Longer Useful Idiots for the LEFT.

If I Was A Cop Today . . . In a City or State that Wants to Second-Guess Everything I Do & How I do it, and Jump to the Conclusion that if there is a Complaint Against Me of any Sort . . . Because I Would Be A Cop, Especially A White Cop – I Must Automatically Be Wrong (Guilty) . . . Would Lead Me To A Serious Conclusion.

So – Here’s What I Would Do If I Was A Cop In A LEFTIST City/State.


If I would See Someone Speeding, Jumping a Red Light or Ignoring a Stop Sign, I’d Pull Him Or Her Over, and if He or She was Black – I’d Just Drive-Away.

If I was Called by a Store, as the Two Cops were Called by Wendy’s in Atlanta a Few Days Ago, because Someone was Sleeping in The Drive-Through-Line, and I saw that it was a Black Person, I Would tell the People who Work at the Store to Wake-Him Up. I’m Not Paid To Be Room Service.

If I was Called to a Domestic Dispute, and I Saw that it was Between a Black-On-Black Couple . . . I would just Hope they’d Work-It-Out as I Walked Away.

If I was Called to a House that was Burglarized in a Black Area – I’d Make Certain that I Wouldn’t be Able to Find the Address.

If I was Called to Assist in a WHITE LEFTIST Area, where I know the Uppity People Crap all Over the Police . . . I’d Have To Call-In Sick Or Something.

Better-Yet – And It’s Already Happening.

Men & Women Who Really Love Being Cops . . . and are Good at it, who Currently Live & Work in Places like Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore, DC, Chicago – Etc-Etc-Etc . . . they are Making Applications to Serve on Police Forces in Conservative Cities, where they Know they will be Respected, Appreciated & Backed-Up by their City/State Employer . . . And By The People They Take An Oath To Serve & Protect.

Remarkably & Expectedly – Cops Are Now Taking Early Retirement, Rather Than To Be Targets For Second-Guessers.

Explain This To Me . . . Black Mayors, Black Councils, Black Police Chiefs – Black Riots.


IT JUST AIN’T WORTH IT . . . If a Cop has to Worry Every Time He or She Had Something to Do with Black People . . . To Hear the Constant Derision & Always Being in Fear that whatever He or She Does, it Carries the Real Risk that His or Her Life will be Ruined while losing His or Her Livelihood, Career & Life . . .  WHY BOTHER TAKING THE RISK?


If There’s No Reasonable Fear/Respect For The Police – The Police Are Nothing More Than Uniformed Eunuchs.

When the LEFT Decided that the Police should Become Social Workers – Opposed to Domestic Warriors – for Truth, Justice & Safety . . . And Decided to Hold the Feet of the Police to the Fire for even the Smallest “Possible” Indiscretion . . . Was The Beginning Of Where We Are Now.

Now – Is When A Few Bad Apples Are Allowing The LEFT & ANARCHISTS To Lay A Totally Unfair Rot On The Entire Barrel.


Canada Pretends to be Much Better than Everyone Else, and Far Too Many Canadians Love to Crap on the USA . . . Mostly Because Too Many Canadians Are Simply Jealous Of Americans, but Can’t Wait to Watch American Entertainment, Dress in American Fashion, Eat American Style Food & Spend their Winters in Warm-Weather American Cities/States – like Cities in Florida.

And Even Though Canada’s Black Community Is Miniscule In Size & Distribution, Our Idiot Prime Minister Took A Knee.

Also – Even Though In Canada . . . There Is The China Virus Lockdown – It Didn’t Stop Various Governments Throughout Canada from Supporting Black Lives Matter Demonstrations . . . Even Though, In Most Of Canada – We Still Can’t Go RV’ing.


Being That Today Is The Fifteenth Of The Month . . . When On The Fifteenth Of Each Month I Ask The Readers Of for Financial Support To Help Me Do All The Many Things I Try To Do.

A Little over a Week Ago, I Shut-Down the Credit Card Collection Service (Moneris) which Relies Upon to Collect & Deposit the Support of People who Help

NO ONE IN THE GALGANOV.COM DIRECTORY WAS EVER AT RISK . . . But was Slammed with $11-Million Dollars-Worth Of Phony Deposits. The Security Breach was Resolved after Marathon IT Programming & Non-Stop Communications between Myself, our IT Manager & Moneris.

In The Final Analysis . . . The Problem Has Been Fixed With Our Back-Door Portal, which Allowed the Nefarious Buggers to get in and Reap Havoc. I have No Idea how much our IT-Guy is going to Charge for what he did over Several Days. And I Don’t yet know how Much Moneris is Going to Charge for the Paybacks that had to be Made to Master Card & Visa.

That’s Just One Of The Kind Of The Threats Receives All The Time.

And We’re Not Alone in the World of Pro Conservative Activism. And whether we Like it or Not, or Want to Believe it or Not, Every One of us Who is Willing to Fight for Truth & Justice is a Target for the LEFT.

In Essence . . . We’re At War -And the Only Way People Like Me & Mine Can Stay Safe from the Slings & Arrows from the LEFT and their Acolytes is for People like Me to Stay Silent. AND THAT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

My Weapons Are My Opinions . . .Truth & Accuracy Through My Words. Your Financial Support Is The Ammunition I Need To Keep On Fighting As Forcefully As I Can.

To Help Support . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE To See How.

Thank You In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard. Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics has a posting on his web site “Defunding Police – Is This the Right Choice or the Next Step in Revolution?” I thought you may find it interesting. The post deals with the Stages that a Society goes through on their way to a Revolution. If accurate, I found it to be disturbing and unfortunate that we are going down that Rabbit Hole. Keep going Howard. Freedom is never Free.

  2. Sit in Your Cruiser and unless you are Personally threatened ignore what is going on . Stop the odd Old White Senior for traffic violations (revenue) they are mostly harmless . Beyond that wait out your pension . KIND OF LIKE WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT. There is going back on any of this .

  3. It was NEVER about racial injustice or police brutality. Anti-capitalist libtards have brought the Bolshevik Revolution to America. Strike a blow for freedom by standing with the police, the thin blue line protecting civilized society from anarchy. PS if you do not watch Tucker Carlson weeknights you are doing yourself a great disservice. Thank you Howard for your determination to state the truth, especially when it is politically incorrect and even dangerous to do so. A cheque is in the mail.

  4. The judicial system in Canada is thoroughly corrupt from top to bottom. In contrast to the police forces in the US the Canadian law professionals, in Ontario anyway, have only a few good guys. This is no I think, this is a I Know,

  5. My grandson is a Police officer in Atla. Ga & he is leaving them to go to a smaller police force closer to were he lives and less crime there. Can’t say I plain him I cannot blame any officer who will be leaving since they are told to knee down etx etc. that is horrible. They are brave honorable men & women who protect us even the other side as well.But they have gone and fixed it they do not want to. God bless them all no matter what they decide to do. If you need a green card explain it to me

  6. I was taught to respect, be nice, and do what I was asked to do when stopped by the police. I never had a problem and I am 80 years old.

  7. When they finish destroying their areas of resident they will be headed to ours, like the zombies or the walking dead. Make no mistake, should cities and states defund the law enforcement, you will have minimal protection. Where I live there are numerous retired Military, firefighters, and law enforcement. I hear from them regularly at our lunch and coffee get together meetings. They believe as I do that before this is over it is going to get real ugly for many people, Socialism is dead

  8. Read article yesterday (w/pic) of residents of Baltimore, mind you, who were standing arm in arm in front of a line of police to protect then; & police were in riot gear. I was rather shocked (because this was in Dem-run Baltimore, one of highest crime & black-on-black cities on east coast); then my heart was gladdened & uplifted that residents (mostly white w/couple blacks) would put their lives on the line in support of their police. Not just KUDOS but GOD BLESS THEM & the police.

  9. Howard, I can tell you what’s wrong with Police – Police Unions who continue to support the few bad apples that should be fired. Our Public Service here in Canada, and in the United States, should not be allowed to unionize. Teachers Unions are the main reason schools in most black communities underachieve. Get rid of school unions and offer charter school alternatives, and watch things improve dramatically. Life, Liberty, and Levin on Fox is another great show. And Tucker Carlson.

  10. Thank You, Howard, for another super Editorial. As usual you get it right. Trouble is, I KNOW NOT-TING !!! I SEE NOT-TING !!! NOT-TING !!! – Sgt. Schultz reporting for duty :>)) !!! NOT-TING !!! { ps: whatever happened to Hogan ? }

  11. The social security card I obtained in the 1950’s states on the back “NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION” so I guess the oath of office I took in 1967 upon graduation from a law enforcement academy doesn’t apply any more either. I guess we just change the rules to fit the needs.

  12. Right on about the unions. Being employed by a railroad, and also the USPS, unionized with both, I saw many instances where dead beat employees were kept on the jobs strictly because of the union, not how they performed their jobs. Union members as a rule know that they can mess up badly and still keep their jobs. Teachers in my opinion fit the bill, at least the ignorant ones I’ve dealt with. God help America & Canada.

  13. The fact is people are brainwashed and have become complacent regarding their leaders. Look at what passes today for people’s intelligence and what they accept as leadership. To call the lot spineless and brain-dead is a compliment. We have to start marginalizing these leftist fools and stop giving them any Creedence. Because they have nothing and stand for nothing, they are flushing all of civilization down the toilet.

  14. So sick of it all. Just praying it all ends soon! I’m so sorry for what happened to you, nothing is trustworthy anymore… 🙁

  15. The Floyd event was used to implement a race war within minutes of the event. The first questions should have been how do Floyd and Chauvin know each other (they worked at the same place) and why did this become a race issue, rather than a police brutality issue in which case the cop should have immediately been suspended or fired. But the MSM and liberals focused on race instead of how police are trained to respond. Good cops are now seen as ‘evil’.

  16. For the BLM black supremacists: black conservatives don’t matter, black policemen don’t count, black business people don’t count, black poor people don’t count, working black people don’t count. The only thing that matters to them and antifa is their marxist-communist ideology and run it with fear, power and intimidation.

  17. I wish I could put likes on all these people’s comments! I agree with them all!

  18. No one will deny that BLACKS have been a TARGET of RACISM for many years. However, if “Black Lives” truly matter to the BLACKS, then WHY don’t they BEGIN their own REFORM, e. g., with their “Blackest City”, CHICAGO, vs. USING and BLAMING police officers for their LACK of PERSONAL social control. RIOTS WON’T HELP! By the way “DEFUND” is NOT not even a word! Proves that MORE education is needed! HG, try to get your GREEN CARDS ASAP because “’things always get worse before they get better”! AMEN!

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