Blasey-Ford All Over Again


LET ME TELL YOU . . . The Diplomatic World is a World of Hard-Core Tough Guys, where once in it, you’re Swimming with the Sharks. And if you want to Survive, you Better be as Tough and as Ruthless as the Toughest & Most Ruthless Sharks in the Water where you Swim.

You’re Probably Thinking that I’m Referring to American Diplomats Swimming in the Shark Tank of International Diplomacy – But I’m Not. I’m Referring to the Sharks in One’s Own Diplomatic Corp, where it’s Shark-Eat-Shark for Personal Advancement.

SO . . . For Marie Yovanovitch to Become a US Ambassador to an Important Country like Ukraine, in the Midst of Ukrainian National & International Turmoil – You Have To Believe That Marie Yovanovitch Has To Be A Shark Amongst Sharks.


So What’s With The Christine Blasey-Ford Soft-Little-Girl Voice?

I Don’t Know About You, since most People I Know, who have Worked for other People in one way or another, who have, in One Time in their Life been Let-Go (Fired, Replaced or Laid-Off) for Whatever Reason . . . Are not Fired Upwards or Laterally to a Golden Parachute Job with the Same Company.

But Yovanovitch Was.


If I had a Dollar for Every Time my Feelings were Hurt, or when Someone Tried to Hurt my Feelings . . . I Would Have A Whole Hell Of A Lot Of Dollars.

I Don’t Get It . . . Why Is Yovanovitch Even At The Impeachment Inquisition?

According to Yovanovitch, she Admitted Repeatedly that She Served at the Pleasure of the President, who – with Neither Cause nor Reason has the Undisputed Right to Appoint or Remove an Ambassador at His Discretion.

When Asked Repeatedly, if Yovanovitch Knew Anything First-Hand about a Slew of Accusations & Innuendo Levelled Against President TrumpHer Repeated Answers Were No.

When Asked Directly if Yovanovitch Knew that President Trump had Bribed the Ukrainians . . . Her Answer Was No. When Asked Directly if Yovanovitch Knew that President Trump Broke any Laws . . . Her Answer Was No.

When Yovanovitch was Asked Directly if the Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles were of Great Importance to Ukrainian Defense from the Russian Onslaught. . . Her Answer Was Yes.

When Asked if President Obama, the President who Appointed Yovanovitch to Become the Ukrainian Ambassador . . . Allowed the Issuance of Javelin Missiles to be Sent to Ukraine . . . Her Answer Was No.

When Asked if President Trump Gave the Ukrainians the Javelin Missiles . . . Her Answer Was Yes.


Make No Mistake About It . . . In the Parlance of my Youth, before the Politically Correct Culture Murdered Plain-Speak, Marie Yovanovitch would have been Described As One Hell Of A Tough Broad . . . Especially to Get to Where She Got to – Swimming With The Sharks.


I am Utterly Convinced that Pelosi is Ruing The Day she Capitulated to her Far LEFT Democrats, and the “Entertainment” News Media, to Begin the Impeachment Fiasco of America’s Duly Elected 45th President (Donald J Trump).

There’s A Famous Saying . . . When You’re Digging Yourself Into A Hole – Put The Shovel Down & Stop Digging. Pelosi’s Problem as I see it, is that even though I’m Certain that Pelosi Laments this Disastrous Decision to Literally Participate in this Coup D’état Of President Trump, I can’t see any Positive Resolution for Pelosi.

1 – Pelosi Allowed Her LEFTIST Base to Highjack the Itinerary of the Democrat Party, meaning that NONE of the Business of the American People has been Done for more than One and a Half Years, since the Democrats Won back the House in 2018.

2 – All the Promises Made by the Democrats – that they Would Work with the President for the Betterment of the American People if Elected, Can only be Described Based upon all that the Democrats DIDN’T DO  . . . Was An Outright Lie.

3 – If Pelosi Doesn’t Hold the Vote to Impeach, which I Believe Pelosi Won’t for Various Reasons . . . Pelosi will have to Explain to the American People, but Specifically to her LEFTIST Base, why Pelosi Allowed the Democrat LEFT to Squander More Than 3-Years, on Doing all they Could by All Means Necessary, by Hook or Crook, to Overthrow a Legitimately Elected President.

4 – And if Pelosi DOES Decide to Progress with this Impeachment Scam to the Senate, the Republican Controlled Senate will Call Every Witness Imaginable, who has even a Modicum of Information into the Real Corruption of the Preceding Administration.

Imagine Schiff being Called as a Material Witness, where Not being Truthful will be an Option, because the Consequence of Lying to Congress in the Senate, Might Not be Protected, where Schiff is Otherwise Protected in the House.

And How will the Witnesses to a Senate “Trial” Avoid Perjuring Themselves, as they Try to Explain How they DIDN’T Participate in their Orchestrated Attempted Coup D’état?

If Pelosi Doesn’t Hold The Vote To Impeach – The Democrats Lose. If Pelosi Does Hold The Vote To Impeach – The Democrats Lose. Imagine, these are the Jerks Running the Richest, Most Powerful & Thus Far Freest Country in the World.

And to Listen to the Media, Fox News Included, President Trump was Either Stupid for Tweeting that Yovanovitch was a Horrible Ambassador . . . And/Or – the President was Guilty of Threatening the Witness (Yovanovitch) with this Tweet.

It’s Hard To Watch This Fiasco & Retain Any Respect For The Politicians & The Media. But what Makes this Disgrace Somewhat Palatable, is the Fact, that The Politicians and the Media Make it Easy for me to Paint a Picture of Why The Politicians and the Media are the Unbelievable Incompetents they Really are.

And Why It Is Important To Support Blogs Like

Writing As Such . . . Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I have Finally Arrived in Spicewood Texas, which is a Hop, Step and a Jump from Marble Falls Texas, which was one Very Long Drive (2,100-Miles), which took 9-Days & Cost an Awful Lot of Gas.

But We’re Here . . . Less than an Hour from Austin, and we’re More or Less Set-Up.

During all the Travel . . . I Never Stopped Following the News, Reading, Writing & Answering Emails along the Way when we Stopped for the Night each Day.

I Don’t Have To Remind You – I’m Sure . . . That in this Day & Age, when Truth & Objectivity Amongst the Politicians and in the Media are in Short Supply, it has Never Been More Important to Read a Source, which will go beyond the Media & Political Theatrics, which Everyone in North America are Subject to, So You Can Read The Truth.

And No Matter How Tired I Was & I Am From This Long Haul To Texas, I Never Stopped Writing the things I Knew Were Important To the Large Audience of

SO . . . As I Always Request – At Or Around The 15th Of Every Month . . . And Only If You Can Afford It, And Only If You Think Has Merit & Is Worth It, Please Consider Supporting This BLOG Financially.

And Now . . . I’m Going To Take A Day Or Two To Rest-Up Some.


Thank You In Advance.

PS – The Highlight Of Today’s Congressional Disaster To Me – Was New York State Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. Perhaps A Star Was Born.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Mr. Galganov, you are a man among men. Your blog and comments ring truth. Thank you. God bless.

  2. All things being equal Trump prevails and the GOP assumes power for the next 8 years. But things are not equal. The Dems will resort to any chicanery to unseat Trump and can count on the connivance of the corrupt corporate media. As long as the media covers for them, the Dems will control the narrative and the dumbed-down voters will dutifully obey. Remember, the difference between predicting and projecting is wishful thinking.

  3. In the absence of balance and Constitutional fairness this endless impeachment Comedy is looking more like the Mad Hatters Tea party than any sane inquiry….and Schiff complete with crazy eyes and his Fatuous reasoning is emblematic of the fictional Mad Hatter while he and sleepy door mouse Nancy Pelosi press on in fear of their Queen of Tarts…Hillary.

  4. Good to hear you are in Texas! Judy & I live in Cedar Creek, Bastrop County- just East of Austin. If you have any spare time , let us know and we would like to meet you for a lunch or dinner on us. Be Blessed, SGM Raymond Williams, USA(Retired) & Judy

  5. Schiff is a power hungy “little man” who lies. When caught, he doubles down AND gets away with it. I wonder if he will EVER be re-elected. He is one I would really like to see bite the dust. Jim Jordan is a hero in the vein of TREY GOWDY. They are intelligent, well spoken and vigilant and yet….neither of them can STOP the crap going on in today’s commie world! I am sick of them ALL.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as she commented after the session close. Elsie was like a breath of fresh air – clear, concise, common sense.

  7. I am very disappointed at the Republicans. Not one asked Yovanovitch if she met with Schiff’s or his committee prior to testifying? Has she been prepared by Schiff or his staff for the questioning like the Obama people prepared her for questions regarding Hunter Biden? Not one Republican called to the attention of the American people that Schiff only read part of Trump’s tweet and that he left out the part that the Ukrainian President agreed with Trump that she was bad news. When will they learn

  8. When G-d hardened Pharoah’s heart he kept rejecting Moses request to let the Jews go. Finally he did after all the first born Egyptians were killed. It seems G-d hardened Pelosi heart she keeps going with this losing proposition of impeaching Trump. In summary, the citizens of this Country are seeing this impeachment as a bunch of huey and when the elections roll around in 2020, Trump will not only win the Presidency, but, will take both houses of Congress.

  9. Hopefully the seething Dems in Congress will choke on their on spit, figuratively and literally. I’m just glad the people are seeing them for who/what they truly are and Dems have sealed their own doom come 2020.

  10. Greetings: One good thing to come out of this inquiry is Upstate NY Rep. Elise Stefanik. She’s relentless, to the point and tactful. Schiff is just a total LOSER! And what’s with his CRAZY EYES? Hey America… this inquiry is going NOWHERE! And Yovanovitch should be kissing Trump’s ASS for retaining a position in the State department with no REDUCTION in pay!!!

  11. SO, now we are to guided and live by our “Emotions” What a Dismal, and Dark time/society we will devolve to! Coming from the Bronx, one of the common things some or most kids heard was”I FEEL like Wringing Your Neck” Did it happen, NO, why? Because it wasn’t gonna happen and was plain WRONG. What of Self Control, I would say “COMMON” Sense, but it’s not common anymore!Feelings are like a roller coaster, to by guided by them is Dangerous!Those manipulated by feelings are easily misguided & USED!

  12. I also noticed a comparison to the Kavannah hearing with the elevation to sainthood of the alleged greatest diplomat in American history. The Star Chamber dragged on and on and on and I wondered when if ever anything relevant to the inquisition would ever happen. Predictably, the American Pravda media propagated the lie.

  13. Whether one wants to admit it or NOT, men are more LOGICAL than WOMEN, and women are more EMOTIONAL than MEN! Women have fought to become more POWERFUL in our Government and they had the RIGHT to do so; however, very FEW have been able to HANDLE their POSITIONS in an OFFICIAL manner. Most of them are WHINERS and COMPLAINERS who seek SYMPATHY and RETALIATION when PROVEN WRONG! They are also more VICIOUS in their PLAN OF ATTACK [a woman’s SCORN]. There ARE exceptions, however, but very FEW! AMEN!

  14. GREAT EDITORIAL!!! You are so SPOT ON with your comments. We must remember that what is going on in the US House of Reps. is nothing more than a bad, very bad “Grand Jury”, that Prosecuting Attorneys use to determine if there truly is a case against a person, to see if they need to stand trial. However, all of this garbage is nothing but lies, lies and more lies. I can’t believe these witnesses have any truth in their statements. To me, all of this is nothing more than hearsay.

  15. HG, spot on, as usual! Another sympathetic witness. No mention of impeachment, only hearsay is all I heard when watching the hearing. On another note, happy to see your journey to Texas was a safe one for you Anne, Stryker, and April the cat and enjoy your stay in Texas!

  16. All the democrats in government do believe that the masses of democrats are complete moron idiots and are watching them and their behavior. Don’t they know that with every new president elected most if not all ambassadors are replaced by new ones compatible with the new president. Schiff with his usual arrogance made Trump look insensitive to the poor feelings of the ambassador, really!!! The two witnesses the day before were a complete joke, they grinned, wondering why they were there?

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